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RUSH: Hey. Grab sound bite number 28. I meant to mention this earlier in the busy broadcast. The latest bombshell in the Mueller investigation today is apparently there’s a story that involves — I don’t know how to pronounce this. It’s S-e-y-c-h-e-l-l-e-s. I’ve never heard it pronounced. It’s France. I’ve gotta guess at it. So I look at it and say “seashells.” I know it’s not “seashells,” but that’s how it looks to me, Seychey or some such thing.

Nobody knows where the Seychelles islands are. They’re actually off the coast of India, part of the subcontinent. If you’re gonna be in the American State Department or if you’re gonna run for president, you have to know what the subcontinent is. And when you’re talking about southern India, you don’t say southern India. You have to say the subcontinent. That’s how Bush proved that he was worthy of being elected, because Condi Rice confirmed that Bush knew what the subcontinent was. I’ll never forget it.

Anyway, that’s where Mueller’s investigation has gone now, to the Seychelles islands off the coast of India. The Washington Post is reporting today that George Nader, the guy that nobody ever heard of until this week, George Nader is telling Mueller’s inquisition that the Trump team via Erik Prince, who is the former CEO of Blackwater — and you know what Blackwater is.

Blackwater is that evil mercenary bunch that was doing all kinds of behind the scenes deals in Afghanistan and Iraq, basically paid military muscle, Blackwater. They were teaching us how to torture and they were doing torture and all that, and they were hated and despised. Well, Erik Prince ran the organization.

And so the Washington Post says that George Nader is telling Mueller’s inquisition that the Trump team by way of Blackwater held a meeting in the Seychelles just a week before the inauguration to try to establish a back channel to the Russian government. Sound bite 28. Here’s Pencil Neck. He’s all hot about it. He’s all hot, Adam Schiff. You need a jockstrap here to keep the guy contained.

SCHIFF: It would be my hope that we could have Mr. Nader, special counsel permitting, come before our committee at the appropriate time and that we also have Erik Prince come back before the Intelligence Committee so we can determine which account is accurate.

RUSH: All right. Let me put this in perspective for you. Okay, so the Washington Post today says Erik Prince, Blackwater, somehow set up a meeting a week before Trump was to be inaugurated between Trump officials, George Nader and the Russians in the Seychelles islands. (gasping) For what purpose? Did you hear what they said? To set up a back channel for communications to Russia.

Now, somebody needs to explain something to me. Why are we supposed to believe that Trump, who colluded with Putin for a year and a half to steal the election from piano legs Hillary Clinton, Trump is working with the Russians behind the scenes for a year and a half, succeeds in stealing the election, but a week before the inauguration needed to set up a back channel to the Russians?

It would seem to me that they already had the back channel if Trump had been colluding. So this story in the Post tells me that there hasn’t been and wasn’t any collusion if they’re trying to set up a back channel a week before the inauguration. And I’m not even saying I believe that; don’t misunderstand. I’m just saying this is all caca now. Every bit of it is.


RUSH: I’ve now been informed the correct pronunciation is “Say-shells,” not “Say-shay.” Seychelles. It’s Indian out there. This idea on this meeting with Erik Prince to set up a back channel between Trump administration and the Kremlin, there are conflicting dates where this meeting took place. One date is one week before the inauguration, and another reputed date is in January of 2017.

One is preinauguration; one is after Trump has been inaugurated. And I think everybody’s missing the point, if they want to look at it as, “Oh, my gosh. This could be like a Michael Flynn thing! Oh, my God. When he talked to the Russian ambassador, Trump was in transition and (sputtering)!” Would somebody explain to me, if Trump had been colluding with Putin — which is what all of this nonsense is about, is it not? — then why the hell would they need a back channel a week before the inauguration or afterwards?

What would be the point of having a back channel? It seems to me that they would long ago have had a back channel. In fact, they’d’a had a whole bunch of back channels if Trump was colluding with Russia. But this is all absurd. Hillary was colluding with Russia! The Democrats were colluding with Russia! Fusion GPS was colluding with Russia! Christopher Steele was colluding with Russia! The law firm Perkins Coie was colluding with Russia! John Kerry.

We have learned that John Kerry had some involvement in the Steele dossier when he was secretary of state, during the second Obama term. This is all such nonsense, and it’s all coming from this Nader guy who also has Clinton ties, as does this Australian ambassador. In fact, let me jump forward to that for just a second. This is a story from LifeZette.com. “FBI’s Aussie Trump-Russia Tipster…” This is the guy was talking to Papadopoulos when Papadopoulos had consumed too much adult beverage.

He was running off at the mouth and said something about Trump that this Australian “tipster,” the ambassador… “Alexander Downer — the Australian diplomat whose tip to the FBI about a London pub conversation led to the massive probe of allegations of collusions between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia…” This guy is “closely tied” not just to the Clintons. This guy had donated $25 million from the Australian government to the Clinton Foundation.

This guy is a source for the FBI against Trump. But not only that. He “is himself closely tied to a [ChiCom] firm experts say is deeply involved in espionage against America. Just last month, all six top U.S. intelligence [agency heads] warned Americans against using digital telecommunications equipment produced by [ChiCom] smartphone producer Huawei.” Now, that is spelled H-u-a-w-e-i. For those of you in Rio Linda, it may be easier to think of it as “who-away.”

But the correct pronunciation is “Wah-way,” and they do make smartphones. They do Apple knock-offs, in many instances. They are inexorably tied to the ChiCom government, and all six intelligence heads in America said this. “‘We’re deeply concerned about the risks of allowing any company or entity that is beholden to foreign governments [like the ChiComs] to gain positions of power inside our telecommunications networks,’ FBI Director Chris Wray told members of the Senate Intelligence Committee during a Feb. 13, 2018, hearing.”

The point is, Huawei is deeply involved in security, deeply involved in spying, and they are deeply involved in the ChiCom government — and this Australian diplomat is on their board, and this guy is giving FBI tips that’s leading to the investigation of Trump! This is such a disaster. I don’t mean disaster for Trump. It’s just… It’s a scam. This whole thing is a giant scam; that it lives on every day continues to frustrate the hell out of me. This thing should have never started and it should have been put to bed shortly after it did, because even today there is no evidence.

Now, the story about the Seychelles meeting. “Mueller Gathers Evidence that 2017 Seychelles Meeting Was Effort to Establish Back Channel to Kremlin.” This is supposed to be the big news of the day from the Russian front! But I think it undermines the entire collusion story, because it’s about a back channel that Trump tried to set up in January before he was inaugurated or shortly thereafter, and it literally makes no sense. He would not need a back channel.


RUSH: Hey, one more thing on the Seychelles meeting that is big news today, the big news on the Russian front today. That supposedly the Blackwater guy, Erik Prince, met with somebody in Russia and set up a back channel for Trump on the eve of his inauguration or shortly after.

You know, they’ve already tried this once before. All the way last May, last May, we’re coming up to 10 months ago, there was a story that Jared Kushner had met with Kislyak, the Russian ambassador at the time, in December of 2016 after the election, and it was for the purposes of setting up a back channel.

This is what we were told. There were news stories. It wasn’t part of the Mueller investigation. It was just series of news stories from the usual suspects. Kushner and Kislyak supposedly met up in December to set up a back channel. If that happened, then what was Erik Prince doing setting one up a month later, and why were either happening if Trump colluded with Russia? There would have been an existing back channel for a year and a half.

They’re now recycling these allegations, folks, and putting different people in in different time frames. And it is the biggest crock. It is an embarrassment to American law enforcement, what these people are doing.

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