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Mar 9, 2018


“This is not some cyclical recovery. This is not a cyclical rebound. This is a policy- and confidence-driven, substantive economic turnaround, and it would not have happened had Hillary Clinton been elected. And it probably wouldn’t have happened if 90% of the Republican field in the primaries had been elected.”

“The open-borders aspect of the Obama administration — flooding the job market with people who cannot speak the language, cannot read, do not have any skills, all of this — was oriented towards stagnating the U.S. economy.”

“Donald Trump — in less than a year and a half — has more than made up for the stagnation and the decline that was the United States economy for the entirety of the eight-year Barack Obama presidency. This is remarkable.”

“The media is now the exact opposite of what their sacred constitutional requirement is. They’re supposed to be there holding truthful and powerful people accountable. Instead, they have been suborned, controlled and taken over and subsumed by the very people they’re supposed to be looking out for.”

CNBC: Nonfarm payrolls increase by 313,000 in February vs. 200,000 est.
CNSNews: 155,215,000: Record Number of Americans Employed
Bloomberg: U.S. Added 313,000 Jobs in February; Wage Gains Cool to 2.6%
Washington Examiner: Black Unemployment Falls to Second-Lowest Level on Record in February
CNSNews: Manufacturing Jobs Up 31,000 in February; 263,000 Since Trump Took Office
Washingon Free Beacon: Pelosi Appears to Walk Back ‘Crumbs’ Comments: ‘Certainly We Love When People Get a Bonus’
AP: What Could Go Wrong? Pitfalls Pose Risks in Trump, Kim Talks
NewsBusters: Category Five Stormy: CNN Primetime Spends 149 Mins Ogling Porn Star
FOXNews: Home Depot Pledges $50 Million to Train 20000 Skilled Laborers, Military Veterans Wanted
Washington Examiner: Red Robin Layoffs Show How Minimum Wage Hikes Put Millennial Jobs at Risk
CNN: WashPost Prepping Story About CBS
Daily Wire: Come At Me, Bro: How Trump Pulled Off His North Korea Gambit
USAToday: Jobs Report: U.S. Employers Added 313,000 Jobs in February
RealClearPolitics: United Steelworkers’ Leo Gerard: Members Won’t Forget What Trump Did, He Stopped Wealth Transfer
The Hill: Stormy Daniels Records ’60 Minutes’ Interview
Daily Wire: Steel CEO Says He’s Adding 500 American Jobs Due To Trump Tariffs
Washington Examiner: CNN Anchor: ‘There’s No Way Around’ Trump Being a ‘Great President’ if Deal Reached with North Korea
New York Times: Obama in Talks to Provide Shows for Netflix
CNN: Obama’s Legacy: He Sparked Hope — and Got Blindsided
Washington Free Beacon: Pelosi Appears to Walk Back ‘Crumbs’ Comments: ‘Certainly We Love When People Get a Bonus’
FOXNews: Mexican Presidential Hopeful Campaigns in California, Slams Trump and Backs Illegal Immigrants
Deadline: Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel Rush Response To Kim Jong-un Invite
Daily Caller: After A Week Of Drama, Former Trump Aide Appears Before Mueller Grand Jury
Daily Caller: Democrats Divided Over Whether To Condemn Anti-Semite Farrakhan


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