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Mar 13, 2018


“So much of what I say eventually comes true. So much of what I predict eventually happens. Today is one of those days.”

“I think Trump is hitting his stride, and I think that he’s putting people in key positions to help him get his agenda moving and accomplished. I think he’s leaving people in the dust here, folks.”

“I’ve always liked the name ‘Rex Tillerson.’ It’s a great name for a CEO of major oil company. I don’t know if it’s a great name for secretary of state, though.”

“I think Trump is totally capable of making up his mind on things. He doesn’t rely on advisers or strategists nearly as much as the Washington establishment is used to.”

“I think Trump’s learning a lot about liberalism that he didn’t know — I think Trump is learning a lot about leftists that he didn’t know — because Trump is becoming more conservative instinctively as he goes.”

“Mike Pompeo. Do you know he finished No. 1 in his class at West Point?”

UKDM: Trump dramatically Fires Rex Tillerson on Twitter Without Telling Him Personally – Leaving Secretary of State Baffled at Sudden Replacement by CIA Boss Mike Pompeo
The Hill: Tillerson Did Not Speak to Trump Before Firing
Daily Wire: No, Trump Didn’t Fire Tillerson Because Tillerson Said Mean Things About Russia
American Mirror: Hillary Slips Down Stairs in India — Despite Two Men Holding Her Up
FOXNews: Hillary Clinton Blames ‘Pressure’ from Men for Why White Women Voted for Trump
Daily Wire: Hillary Says Racist Poor People Voted For Trump, ‘Optimistic, Diverse, Dynamic’ People Voted For Her
New York Times: Gina Haspel, C.I.A. Deputy Director, Had Leading Role in Torture
CNN: Unlike Tillerson, Trump says Pompeo ‘Always on Same Wavelength’
Boston Globe: Trump is Breaking All the Rules, and That Could Be Great for America
Washington Free Beacon: Former New York Times Editor Carries ‘Little Plastic Obama Doll’ in Her Purse for ‘Comfort’
Wall Street Journal: Trump’s Personal Assistant Fired Over Security Issue
Washington Examiner: House Intel Releases Verdict in Russia Probe: No Collusion
NewsBusters: Nets Give Less than a Minute to House Committee’s ‘No Collusion’ Findings
Bloomberg: Mueller Weighs Putting Off Trump Obstruction Decision
Politico: Schwarzenegger to Sue Big Oil for ‘First Degree Murder’
AP: Joy Behar Apologizes for Anti-Christian Comments
Entertainment Weekly: Homeland recap: ‘Active Measures’
New York Magazine: The World Is Better Than Ever. Why Are We Miserable? – Andrew Sullivan
Reuters: In Bow to NRA, Trump Throws Gun Purchase Age to States, Courts
The Hill: Feinstein: Trump ‘Completely Caved’ to Gun Lobby
Washington Free Beacon: Rex Tillerson Fired Over Rogue Bid to Save Iran Nuke Deal
IJR: Joy Behar Slams Clintons as Bad for Dems, Calls Bill “Radioactive”
Daily Caller: Obama Used Fusion GPS Investigate Romney
NewsBusters: Joy Behar Finally Publicly Apologizes for Anti-Christian Comments on ‘The View’


Things I meant to get to at some point, but there’s never enough time.


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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