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RUSH: The Drive-By Media has two primary narratives today. The first narrative is that Trump is gonna fire Mueller, and then he can be impeached. No matter what they say at the White House, no matter what Sean Hannity said. Hannity went on Fox News yesterday and assured everybody Trump is not gonna fire Mueller. And Trump tweeted and promoted Hannity’s appearance on Fox & Friends, his favorite show.

He wouldn’t send Hannity out there to say Mueller’s not gonna be fired and then turn around and fire Mueller. Trump wouldn’t do that. He’s not gonna fire Mueller. But the Drive-Bys are obsessed with it. I don’t care where you go, the Daily Beast, the New York Times, CNN, Trump is gonna fire Mueller, and it’s gonna be Watergate all over. There’s a Daily Beast story saying get ready, it’s Watergate all over and it’s gonna lead to Trump either resigning or being impeached.

Lindsey Grahamnesty was on the radio today and he was asked, “If Trump fires Mueller, is that an impeachable offense?” And Lindsey Graham said, “Yeah, if he does it without a just reason.” They’re obsessed with Mueller. Meanwhile, everybody in the White House says it isn’t gonna happen. Newt Gingrich says it isn’t gonna happen. No, I’m not making light of it. Sean was on Fox & Friends yesterday morning, and among the many things he said was that Trump is not gonna fire Mueller.

Now, Trump promoted that appearance. Trump tweets make sure you catch Hannity on Fox & Friends today. Trump is not gonna send Hannity out there to say that he’s not gonna fire Mueller and turn around and fire Mueller. It just isn’t gonna happen. But they’re obsessed with it. Can you see Trump doing that? Could you see Trump sending Hannity out there to assure everybody that he’s not gonna fire Mueller, and turn around and do it? (interruption)

What are you laughing at?


Does the whole thing sound funny to you?


I think it’s a legitimate question. He wouldn’t put Sean out to dry like that. But even before you get to that, I mean, the idea that — oh. And there’s diGenova. Trump’s hired diGenova and now CNN, the media’s berserk because they’ve hired a conspiracy theorist lawyer to be on Trump’s team, specifically diGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing, are out there basically saying that the FBI and the CIA, the deep state have been framing Trump on this Russia collusion stuff. And diGenova has been predicting that the FBI was gonna blow up for about a year, and that hasn’t happened yet. McCabe’s gone. That doesn’t constitute blowing up. But man, keeping up with these people.


RUSH: This is Vinny. Ha! It’s Vinny in Long Island. Vinny, you’re traveling all over the great Northeast. How are you doing today in Long Island?

CALLER: Doing great, Rush. Listening to you as always.

RUSH: Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Don’t know where to start but I’ll just start and Robert Mueller should have been fired a long time ago. Really, I say, “Enough already. Throw caution to the wind here,” because it just doesn’t matter anyway. Trump has done nothing. But Mueller has and we’ll say otherwise. This entire special counsel episode has been really — in my opinion, anyway — to paralyze the GOP Congress, not necessarily the president because he’s about the only one moving along on his agenda.

RUSH: You know what?

CALLER: He has had —

RUSH: Vinny, hang on. That is a very shrewd and crucial point, and there’s another thing that the Republicans are relying on now to slow down and stall the Trump agenda, and that’s Stormy Daniels. We’re almost back to where we were in the first year, where the Republicans said, “My gosh! If this guy is actually gonna be gone because of this Russian collusion stuff, we don’t want to get too tied to him,” and so they held back because they really thought that this has happened and that Trump was gonna eventually get caught and be sent packing. Now they’ve got… From what I’m told, they have the same fears over this Stormy Daniels stuff, that something’s gonna come out of this that’s gonna prove highly embarrassing and present real trouble for Trump continuing. But the point is, they’ll latch on to anything to slow down.

CALLER: I agree with you a hundred percent. Unfortunately, when the media gets a hold of whatever Mueller says or does — you know, as much as we may or may not want to admit it — it adds legitimacy to it. There are too many people out there that still listen to the mainstream media and are going to follow suit. You and I know better and people like us know better, but, you know, we’re getting our own drip, drip, drip of waterboarding here every day.

RUSH: Vinny, what are you really saying here? You want Trump to fire Mueller as a way to end this ’cause that’s…?

CALLER: Yes. ‘Cause it… Yes, a hundred percent, because it doesn’t matter. We’re getting hurt by this anyway, so get rid of him. Suffer the slings and arrows for the next week or so that the media’s gonna throw at you, have a closed-door meeting with the Republicans, lock the door and say, “Hey, guess what? I’m the president, and this is it, and if you guys want to be in the majority in 2019, you better get in lockstep with me, because it’s just you and us against the media and against the deep state.”

RUSH: What about Lindsey Graham today?

CALLER: Who cares!

RUSH: He was on the air with Hugh Hewitt, and he was asked if Trump should be impeached if he fires Mueller, and Lindsey Graham said (summarized), “Hell, yes, if he does it without cause.”

CALLER: I don’t care about Lindsey Graham. He’s a back-bencher in my opinion. Okay? He’s a John McCain acolyte as we all know, and I don’t really care what he says.

RUSH: Well, but the point is it goes to your point about getting the Republicans in the room and Trump trying to get them all aligned behind him. If he fires Mueller, you know there’s gonna be some — like Flake and the rest of these guys — who are gonna flake off and they’re gonna join the Democrats in these demands that Trump be impeached or forced to resign or whatever the hell they would try to pull off.

CALLER: I think they do that periodically depending on what scandal Mueller brings to the forefront. I mean, we’ve seen this before, and then they’ll gravitate back and maybe they’ll get behind Trump for a little while. I just think this is hurting us. It’s demoralizing


RUSH: Just to amplify or maybe explain what Vinny from Long Island was saying, Vinny thinks that every day you wake up and there’s some new leak or revelation about the Mueller investigation, that some new morsel of information’s been found, some new lead is being tracked down. And his belief is that Mueller’s got nothing, never has had anything on the original purpose for creating this investigation, i.e., collusion between Trump and Russia.

His theory is that all of this is a continual, purposeful drip, drip, drip, drip, drip of news designed to dispirit all of you Trump supporters. But more importantly, to paralyze the Republican Party, to continue to make them face the possibility that Donald Trump may in fact be sent packing. And if that’s the case, why engage in any legislation that Trump wants if he’s not long for the presidency.

And so Vinny says, “Just can the guy. It can’t get any worse what the Drive-Bys are doing to Trump every day. It can’t get any worse than if he would just go ahead and fire Mueller.” And I think there’s a component to this — I’ll tell you, when I started the program today there were two primary media narratives. One was destroying Facebook today because of their traitorous behavior in allowing a Republican group to use their data to help Trump win.

And the second media narrative is that Trump is gonna fire Mueller. And actually that was all over last night, ’cause I was doing show prep last night, everywhere I went, every website I went somebody had a blog post or a column on Trump’s gotta fire Mueller, it’s happening, and they would give the supporting evidence, like hiring Joe diGenova, adding lawyers, or this supposed request from the Trump legal team to meet with Mueller so they can wrap this up. The Washington-media complex, the media-political complex is thus breathless with the idea that Donald Trump is going to fire Mueller.

Now, Snerdley was laughing when I was going through something at the beginning of the program. And let me restate something here. Yesterday on Fox & Friends, Sean Hannity appeared. And I watched it. I was here. It was about 8:15 or 8:20, and Hannity was assuring everybody that Mueller was not gonna be fired. Now, Trump had promoted Hannity’s appearance on Fox & Friends, and Fox & Friends is supposedly Trump’s favorite show on Fox News.

And I said that I don’t believe that Trump would send Hannity out there armed with the information that he’s not gonna fire Mueller if only to then turn around in a few days and fire Mueller. I didn’t think Trump would do that to Hannity. So Snerdley starts laughing. I said, “What are you laughing about?” He said, “Sent him out there?” Folks, let’s not be naive here. I mean, if the president is gonna promote an appearance by Sean Hannity, wants you to watch Sean Hannity and listen to what Hannity has to say, isn’t it logical to assume that the president knows what Hannity is going to say? It’s all I meant.

And so if Sean’s gonna go out there and say with ontological certitude that Mueller is not gonna be fired, he’s not making that up. Sean’s not irresponsible. He’s not gonna make something up he doesn’t know. And he’s not gonna say with ontological certitude if he has any doubt about it, so I’m just assuming. I mean, Trump and Hannity are friends from way back, at least through a couple divorces. They go way, way back. They’re both New Yorkers and this kind of thing, and they’re very tight. And that’s no mystery to anybody.

I love Hannity. Hannity was my first guest host. I’m simply saying, over here you’ve got this Drive-By Media narrative here. I mean, they’re all over it today. That Trump is gonna fire Mueller. But over here on Fox News yesterday was Hannity saying, “No, Mueller isn’t gonna get fired. Trump’s not gonna fire Mueller.”

Just like, look, it doesn’t happen, but if Trump were to call me and say, “Look, would you just tell everybody I’m not gonna fire Mueller.” And I would say, “You’re really not firing Mueller?” “Yeah.” I would not then think two days later that Trump’s gonna turn around and fire Mueller. Trump’s not that kind of guy to his allies. That is all I, your beloved host, was saying. (interruption) Snerdley’s laughing again in there! What are you laughing about now?


RUSH: I mentioned here at the beginning of the big program today that the Drive-By Media had two narratives, and one of them is that Trump is gonna fire Mueller, and they have not let go of it all day. No matter who denies it, they can’t let go of it. And so we have a couple of sound bites here.

This afternoon, the press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the daily press briefing, and this question from Fox News radio White House correspondent John Decker. And he said to Sarah Sanders — oh, and by the way, Paul Ryan’s out there, he had a press conference. “Look, I have been assured that Trump is not firing Mueller. I have been told in no uncertain terms that Mueller is not gonna be fired.”

And every time one of these guys goes out and says so, the Drive-Bys turn it around and say it’s confirmation that Trump’s going to. So the Fox News radio White House correspondent John Decker says, “Lindsey Graham said that if the president tries to fire Mueller, it would be the beginning of the end of his presidency. What is your response to what Lindsey Graham said.”

SANDERS: As White House counsel Ty Cobb said earlier this week, the White House yet again confirms that the president is not considering or discussing the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller.

RUSH: By the way, that was a sneeze that you heard in there. Somebody in the press corps sneezed right in there. But, I mean, you heard her. As White House counsel Ty Cobb said earlier this week, the White House yet again confirms the president is not considering or discussing the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Doesn’t matter. There’s a piece in The Daily Beast by some clown named Tamasky, Michael Tomasky or Tamasky or whatever. It’s gonna happen, and it’s gonna be worse, it’s gonna be bigger than Watergate, which means to them it’s gonna be even more exciting than Watergate. And they can’t wait for it.

So after that answer, the Drive-Bys continued to badger and start asking, “Well, why won’t he fire Mueller?” Just listen. We have here White House correspondent CNN Pamela Brown. “Can you provide more clarity?” So she just said, “The lawyer said he’s not being fired. We’re not discussing it. There are no plans.” So this babe at CNN, “Can you provide more clarity on the president’s tweets toward Robert Mueller, calling him out by name? What was behind that?”

SANDERS: I don’t understand why it’s hard for anyone to process. If you had been attacked mercilessly and continuously day in and day out every single second while you’re trying to work hard to do good things for this country and literally every day you wake up to an onslaught of people saying that you’re there because of reasons that are completely false, that’s frustrating and certainly I think fair for him to be frustrated.

BROWN: Why doesn’t he push for the firing of Robert Mueller if he thinks the probe shouldn’t have begun in the first place, if he thinks the whole thing is a witch hunt?

SANDERS: We continue to be cooperative and we would like this to wrap up soon. We don’t feel like that’s the most productive step forward, but we would like to see this come to a conclusion.

RUSH: So not only are they reporting that he’s gonna fire him, when it’s denied, “Well, why not? We want him to fire Mueller! Why doesn’t he fire Mueller?” They get on this, and they think they’re journalists.

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