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RUSH: Now, after that, the second narrative is: Gotta destroy Facebook. Have to destroy Facebook. The Drive-By Media has made it a primary objective to destroy Facebook. Does that bother you at all, Mr. Snerdley? You use Facebook. (interruption) I know a lot of people that do. It might upset them, but it’s obvious that — well, look, if you’d let me get there. I know where my syllables are going. You don’t need to put thoughts in my mind. I have plenty on my own. Don’t need any little helpers here.

As I was saying, the Drive-By Media is targeting Facebook. Facebook’s stock value’s taken a $24 billion hit. I think that’s $24 billion with a B is what I see here. It may be million. It sounds like a lot of money. They’ve taken a huge hit to the stock price. But, if you look at the irony here, Facebook did everything. This little Zuckerberg did everything the left asked him to do! He turned over his whole database to the Obama campaign. He did everything to get Hillary elected!

But now because a Trump unit found a way to legally use Facebook data, Zuckerberg is considered a traitor because where social media is concerned, folks, the left owns it. Social media, Silicon Valley, is the exclusive property, the exclusive political property of the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media and the American left. And the rage over the fact that Trump’s team, Cambridge Analytica, figured out a way to leverage Facebook data into contributing to their election victory, this angers them almost as much as losing the election!

This constitutes in their minds one of the most outright, egregious thefts that has ever occurred, because I’m telling you, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, instant chat, instant whatever, they all are owned by the left. I’m not talking about corporate ownership. I’m talking about political involvement. The left owns them exclusively. Social media is used to advance liberal ideas and the Democrat Party, and it’s also used to stifle, to silence, to eliminate conservative voices.

And I can’t tell you the degree, the anger that the left felt when they discovered that Trump’s group and the Mercers found a way to basically steal what they think is theirs, i.e., Facebook user data, and leverage that into helping their presidential victory just got them so mad they can’t see straight. In fact, they’ve almost forgotten the Russia collusion thing for a half hour.


RUSH: There’s a headline here on the Drudge Report, “Feds Probe Facebook.” That’s a Federal Trade Commission investigation. Already. Folks, I’m gonna have to reiterate some things. Facebook’s not a victim here. The second headline: “Zuckerberg Hides.” A Facebook lawyer and somebody else is gonna participate in a meeting with the staff at Facebook to try to explain what went on. I don’t even know if leaning in Sheryl Sandberg is gonna show up. You know, she’s the CEO. She can do no wrong, by the way. As far as the left, Silicon Valley, high-techs, Sheryl Sandberg can do no wrong. She’s the CEO. Zuckerberg — well, I think she’s the CEO. Zuckerberg’s the founder and he writes code and some stuff in there, buys property in Hawaii, builds walls around it. He went on a listening tour.

Remember that? Zuckerberg went on a listening tour to where cornstalks grow ’cause he’d never seen corn. He wanted to go out and see what people who live among the corn do and he went out to introduce himself. Everybody thought it was a prelude to seeking the presidency. I doubt it now.

But here’s the thing about all this. Big Data and Big Government. We don’t need any more regulation of Big Data. We don’t need any more regulation of Big Data or any of that. What we need is more separation of Big Data and Silicon Valley from Big Government. That’s what’s needed here.

Right now social media at the corporate level, the people that run it and the associated companies that feed into it, you know, social media is as big as it is because Apple makes and sells so many iPhones. Samsung comes in way, way back in second place, but without those devices, social media wouldn’t have nearly the usage does. So there’s a lot of Silicon Valley outfits involved here, and they are all tied at the hip to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are still tied at the hip to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and they will be tied at the hip to Kamala Harris or whoever is the Democrats’ nominee for president in 2020.

And that’s where we need separation. Mark Zuckerberg is a proud liberal. He has to be. He went to Harvard. He dropped out to further develop Facebook. It’s become the largest social media platform in the world. To make it work, to be accepted by those he admires, he must be a proud and public lib. Why isn’t he demanding massive regulation of his business? He demands massive regulation of everybody else’s business. That’s what libs do, is it not?

Liberals want the government regulating everything. And especially things they don’t control, they want more massive regulation. When it comes to things they do own, you don’t hear them demanding so much regulation. As far as Mark Zuckerberg is concerned, whoever runs instant chat, Snapchat, Instagram, all virtue lies in government. No virtue lies in the general public. All virtue lies in the government, right? That’s what leftists say. That’s what they believe when it suits them.

According to good liberals like Mark Zuckerberg, government should regulate the entire health care sector. Mark Zuckerberg’s right in there with Obama in helping him. And so is Apple. Everybody’s all-in helping Barack Obama regulate, administer, and run the entire American health care sector. Why? Well, because they think all virtue resides in liberal controlled government. All virtue relies in liberalism and individual liberals. And so they are happy and proud and eager to have government regulate the entire healthcare sector. And they want the government to regulate banking, consumer finance.

They want the government to regulate student loans. They want the government to regulate cable TV. They want the government to regulate satellite TV. They want the government to regulate student loans and utilities. They want the government to regulate the internet. That’s called net neutrality, ironically enough. They want the government regulating everything.

Well, somebody should ask Mark Zuckerberg why he hasn’t invited government to tightly regulate Facebook. I mean, after all, if it’s okay for the government to regulate the internet and regulate the health care industry and regulate student loans and banking, then why couldn’t Facebook be made all that much better if the government, run by libs, was regulating it?

Somebody should ask Zuckerberg why he hasn’t invited the government to tightly regulate not just Facebook, but Twitter, since government regulation is the answer to everything. I suspect that Zuckerberg loves the cozy relationship of working behind the scenes, working behind the scenes with Democrats. But he doesn’t want a hands-on relationship with bureaucrats. He wants to be above the bureaucratic level. He doesn’t want to have to be relegated to the plebes. He wants to deal with the top dog, a cozy relationship with the people that run liberalism and the Democrat Party.

And I’m gonna tell you something. Mark Zuckerberg is gonna find himself regretting that he ever tried to get in bed with politicians like Barack Obama. A powerful centralized government run by a bunch of libs believes it owns everything. As in you didn’t build that, as in Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama saying to entrepreneurs who built successful businesses (imitating Obama), “You didn’t build that. You couldn’t have done that without us. We built the roads. He with built the toilets. We built the sewer. You didn’t do that.”

Well, up ’til now, Mark Zuckerberg’s been exempted from “you didn’t build that” ’cause he was a loyal soldier helping Obama get elected, helping Obama’s community organizing do what it wanted to do: Promote Democrat and leftists and screw Republicans and conservatives. And Zuckerberg was a loyal soldier, and still look what they’re doing to him. After all of this loyalty, after everything Zuckerberg did to help Obama and Hillary, now look.

Because Cambridge Analytica found a way to have access to 50 million of Facebook’s near one billion users, Zuckerberg is toast. Zuckerberg is an endless, wandering shred of human debris who’s no longer useful. And in fact he’s gotta be destroyed so as to send a message to anybody else who might think, who might try to let the Republicans use social media to help them get elected.


RUSH: Yeah. The Facebook stock plunge of $24 billion? Zuckerberg has lost $5 billion in portfolio value since Monday. However, it could have been worse. Zuckerberg sold about $900 million worth of Facebook stock so far this year, and let’s see. He sold some late last week. That was fortuitous, but still he’s down $5 billion. Facebook is down $24 billion in this plunge. Look at how the left turns on its own with one — just one — perceived act of disloyalty. He’s gonna wish he never got in bed (figuratively speaking, of course) with Barack Obama, because Obama’s government, Hillary’s government, the left, they own everything.


RUSH: I want to get back to this Facebook stuff, because, folks, this is really, really, I think, a teachable moment.

And I think it’s highly informative, because the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party has turned on Facebook. And it’s remarkable because Facebook was one of the protected entities. Facebook and Barack Obama, Google and Barack Obama, Facebook and Google and Hillary Clinton and the entire the Democrat Party was a purposeful strategic alignment to promote the perpetual power of the Democrat Party and the American left and using social media to promulgate fake news, to lie about conservative and Republican opponents and groups.

And I’m telling you, the fact that Cambridge Analytica, a company associated with the Mercer family that had worked with Trump coming in and literally hijacking what the left has thought was an exclusive province has just angered and enraged them, and they are livid at Zuckerberg for having let it happen. Zuckerberg is on the outs. Facebook is under assault, $24 billion in stock loss.

Now, to protect themselves from fellow leftists, let’s talk a little bit about Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey at Twitter and all of their lieutenants, the CEOs at Apple, the executives at some of these other Silicon Valley companies. Even though they are in bed with people like Obama and Hillary, they are still capitalists. They have to publicly profess their support for socialism and dominant liberalism and the people leading it like Obama and Hillary, but what made them rich is capitalism, entrepreneurial capitalism.

Instagram, Snapchat, insta-chat, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. So in order to protect themselves from people like Obama and other leftists who are not crazy about capitalism. These young moguls have publicly professed their love for high taxes. They support massive government regulation of everything but them, as we are seeing now. They are all on board with this climate change, global warming hoax. Whatever they have to do to stay up close and personal and in bed with the liberal ruling hierarchy they will publicly do.

And all the while, they hope they will never become ensnared in the kind of government control they claim to love. They don’t want to be regulated. Facebook literally doesn’t want to be regulated but now he’s caught between rock and a hard place because he’s advocating regulation everywhere else. And now with this so-called breach, which it wasn’t, all that’s happened here is that a Republican group has found a way to leverage Facebook data. So now Zuckerberg is on the outs and the left does not want this happening again. And they want total control over these social media outlets via regulation.

This is exactly the kind of thing Zuckerberg did not want to happen. This is exactly why he did cozy up to all these people. This is a great example of corporate cronyism, corporate socialism, crony liberalism, whatever. You get close to the big dogs so that they’ll leave alone when they start regulating everybody else. As long as you stay loyal and advance their cause, you’re gonna be protected, but Zuckerberg at the moment is not protected.

Jack Dorsey, Zuckerberg, all these other people hoping they would never become ensnared in the kind of government control that they vote for, that they publicly support and claim to love. They had a ready friend in Barack Obama. Obama could give them political cover. They could provide Obama with information to control election results, to control public opinion, to stifle opposing news. They did all of that, they turned over their entire user database, Twitter, Facebook, in toto, to Barack Obama. And they were prepared to do the same thing to Hillary Clinton.

But because the Republicans found a way to use Facebook data, this cozy relationship is going to end in massive regulation. You can see it. It’s in the cards. FTC, Congress, the Senate, they can’t wait — well, Congress is the House and Senate. But Washington, they can’t wait. There’s a race now to regulate Facebook because the Drive-Bys have blown this up into something that it isn’t.

So your average, ordinary low-information voter thinks social media is out of control, that everybody’s hacking it, their data isn’t safe, they have no idea what’s really happened here. But there wasn’t any hacking. Facebook willingly provided avenues to all of their user data if you paid the price, which Cambridge Analytica did.

Cambridge Analytica is not protected leftists. They are the enemy. So now they’re gonna end up with massive regulation, which is gonna be the end of rapid growth and innovation, when the government’s regulating everything they do, and why would government want to regulate Facebook? To deny access by conservatives and Republicans and any other opposition. And that’s gonna be the beginning of the end because Facebook needs Republican members. They need conservative members.

But we’re gonna end up, if Trump’s not careful here with the administering of the deep state, we’re gonna end up with a bunch of brand-new government regulatory control over social media.


RUSH: This is Martin. Martin in Bell, Florida. Great to have you. Where is Bell, Florida, Martin?

CALLER: Bell is west of Gainesville.

RUSH: Oh, okay.

CALLER: Nice little country spot so I’m out here relaxing in the wind and listening to you. But I wanted to touch on Zuckerberg being thrown under the bus. It’s just another example in my mind of the nature of the relationship between the liberals and the media. They completely own the media whenever anybody steps out of line. And people that are thoughtful and pay attention and have memories don’t have to think very far back to Weinstein and all of the other so-called, you know, perpetrators that they were — and they are, but they were allowed to run roughshod and do what they wanted to do however they wanted to for as long as they were — the establishment liberals were okay with it.

But once Hillary lost, our girl Friday lost, then they had to change the narrative. And so they vilified and feasted upon their own. And now that this narrative regarding data mining and Facebook has turned against them, they are feasting on their own once again, and it is quite obvious to a thoughtful person exactly how complicit and corrupt the relationship is between the media and the liberal establishment.

RUSH: Well, the media is the liberal establishment. That’s the dirty little secret. But you’re right. Like Weinstein. He got away with it, he was promoted, heralded, until he wasn’t. Until some woman went public and forced the liberals — I mean, the liberals, they’re all out there promoting the feminazis and feminaziism and all this stuff. And then one of their big donors and bundlers, contributors, power brokers, is revealed to be a pig, well, they had to throw him overboard. There’s no way that Weinstein can exist as he is with the Democrats remaining solidly on the side of the feminazis. So Weinstein had to go.

Zuckerberg has to go. But I think there’s much more even — and you’re right about everything you say, this bond that they have. But I think it goes even deeper than that, because people like Zuckerberg, when Facebook is growing and is becoming big, especially at what it does, collecting information on people, which is the primary objective of political organizations and parties, then of course Zuckerberg has to set aside whatever he might really think and sidle up to these people publicly.

And he has to end up endorsing everything they’re for, like massive regulation of the health care industry and the takeover of it and massive regulation of energy ’cause of climate change and all this, which means massive regulation of his business, if he’s to be intellectually honest and pure. But he doesn’t really want them regulating his business. But now that’s what’s gonna happen, all because of a perceived act of disloyalty. And it really is no more complicated.

If you’re Obama — and make no mistake. Obama remains the king of the hill of all of this. There isn’t anybody else. You know, Biden’s not got the juice to enforce all this stuff. And Hillary, I mean, they’re finally running away from her like she’s the plague. And there isn’t anybody else out there. It’s still Obama and the people that worked for him who are the enforcers. And as long as Facebook and Twitter are loyal to the Democrat cause, that’s fine.

But once something like this happens with the Trump organization coming in and utilizing the same database for the same purposes, i.e., electing Trump and doing damage to the Democrats, they own this stuff. In their minds, they own social media. They own Facebook. This is Obama, Valerie Jarrett, the whole organization, Michelle, they own Facebook, it’s theirs. Twitter is theirs. And interestingly, Facebook and Twitter are now in the process of eliminating as much participation by conservatives on their websites as they can.

Conservative posts are considered hate speech and Twitter is canceling them. Facebook’s doing the same thing. Obama and the Democrats, the American left, the media, whoever, they own Twitter, they own Facebook, they own instant chat, they own Instagram, they own Snapchat, they own Apple, they own I don’t think Samsung, that’s South Korea. But they own Silicon Valley. It’s theirs. Like they own Hollywood. And this is a massive, massive breach of protocol.

So whereas Obama and his team are praised as geniuses, now all of a sudden exactly what they did is being said to be criminal because the Republicans engaged in it. So we’re witnessing the criminalization, or the ongoing criminalization of conservatism or Republican Partyism or what have you.


RUSH: Now, remember something about the Weinstein business. They knew about Weinstein for months — in fact, years. The New York Times was working a story. NBC had a story on Weinstein (Remember Ronan Farrow’s?) and they spiked it. They didn’t unload on Weinstein until Hillary was no longer a viable candidate, and they dumped Weinstein so as to be able to use sexual misconduct on Trump. Now, another interesting item of distinction here. Cambridge Analytica had to kind of fudge things with Facebook because Facebook would never give data to a Republican candidate or one of his organizations like they happily did for Obama.

And that’s why Cambridge Analytica had to construct this, “We want you to take a test — a psychological test — and have your friends take it,” and that opened up Facebook’s data via the users that Cambridge Analytica used. But when it came to Obama, Facebook happily gave them everything! Now Facebook is screaming in its defense, “They lied to us! Cambridge Analytica lied to us! They lied to us!” But you can bet they gave Obama and they gave Hillary and any other Democrat who asked whatever data they wanted.


RUSH: Logan in Charlottesville, Virginia. I’m glad you called, sir. What’s up?

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I just wanted to put point out that I think these guys at Twitter, at Facebook, they actually know their analytics better than anyone. What they want is to not be AM radio. They know that the political sphere is dominated by conservatives. I mean, CNN almost wouldn’t have responses if it weren’t for conservative responses. And the liberal responses come from Kardashian tweets. So the conservatives have their own stars, guys like James Woods but also small, uh, people like (unintelligible) that get, you know, tremendous retweets and likes. Um, and, you know, if they don’t tamp that down, the conservatives will just take over. And, you know, how many AM radio listeners are liberals versus conservative?

RUSH: Well, I know what you’re talking about because I am AM radio. Let’s just, you know… As Hillary would say, “Y’know, let’s acknowledge this,” and I know what he means. They’re hell-bent on conservatives not taking over. You know, they can’t… They haven’t been able to stop talk radio, and it bugs the hell out of them. They can’t compete against it; they can’t find a way, and they are hell-bent… I know what you mean when you say they don’t want Facebook or Twitter to become the equivalent of AM radio, and that is an owned, conservative technology. I wish I had more time to spend on this, but I don’t. I have to go.


RUSH: Bloomberg is reporting that Cambridge Analytica has suspended its CEO, a guy by the name of Nix.

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