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Mar 20, 2018


AP: McCain Rips Trump’s Congratulatory Call to Putin as an Insult to Russian People
Fox News: Dems’ Town Hall on Income Inequality: The ‘Hypocrisy’ Goes On — Sanders, Warren, Moore Slam “Rise of Oligarchy.”
Fortune: Police Say Uber Is Likely Not at Fault for Its Self-Driving Car Fatality in Arizona
Newsmax: Liberal Millionaires Sanders, Warren, Moore to Lecture on Wealth Inequality
Huffington Post: Bernie Sanders’ Economic Inequality Town Hall Draws 1.7 Million Live Viewers
Gizmodo: Chinese Citizens With Bad ‘Social Credit’ to Be Blocked From Taking Planes and Trains
The Hill: Comey Charging “Roughly $100 Each” to Attend Book Tour
NRO: Jeanne Ives – Illinois Governor Endorsement
NRO: Primary Eve in Illinois: Fire All of Your Guns at Once
CNN: Illinois Primary: What to Know and How to Watch
CBS: Trump Meets with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
Daily Beast: Trump Lawyers, Mueller Team Met for First Time in Person
Daily Beast: Dems Desperate for Bill to Shield Mueller from Trump
CNN: Graham: Trump Firing Mueller Would Be ‘the Beginning of the End of His Presidency”
NY Times: Trump Considers Reshuffling Legal Team as He Takes On Mueller More Aggressively
NY Times: Trump Assails Mueller, Drawing Rebukes from Republicans
Fox News: Hannity on ‘Fox & Friends’: I Expect ‘Criminal Charges’ Against McCabe
NY Times: Fox News’s Hannity Suddenly an Expert on Trump and Mueller
NBC: 2 Students Hurt, Shooter Dead After Maryland School Shooting
U.K. Guardian: Where’s Zuckerberg? Facebook CEO silent as data harvesting scandal unfolds
CNBC: Facebook Stock drops After Reports of FTC Probe and U.K. Summons of Zuckerberg in Data Scandal
FastCompany: Mark Zuckerberg Lost $6 billion and His Head of Security in One Day
Washington Examiner: Former Assistant FBI director: High-Ranking People Throughout the Government had a Plot to Protect Hillary Clinton from Being Indicted
D.C. Whispers: Former Assistant FBI Director: High-Ranking People Throughout the Government Had a Plot to Protect Hillary Clinton from Being Indicted


Things I meant to get to at some point, but there’s never enough time.

“Bloomberg reporting that Cambridge Analytica has suspended its CEO, a guy by the name of Nix.”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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