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RUSH: What I would say to you is don’t get distracted. The real scandal here is not Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. That’s not the scandal. The real scandal is and remains Barack Obama spying on the Trump campaign. Barack Obama collecting data on Mitt Romney. Barack Obama spying on domestic enemies of his Iran deal using the American intelligence community to do so. That remains the real scandal, not Zuckerberg, not Facebook, not Cambridge Analytica.

The scandal isn’t selling data consumers have willingly given to advertisers. That’s not what the scandal is. The scandal is the government choosing sides and misusing information it should not have. The scandal is illegal surveillance. The Mueller investigation is essentially a cover-up of all that Hillary and Obama did during the campaign to spy on Trump and to try to engineer a Hillary win so as to get essentially a Barack Obama third term.

Robert Mueller is a perfect example of how all this works. He’s unaccountable. He’s working for the Democrats. He has access to anything he wants. He has access to whatever money he needs to go get whatever he wants. And he can use it any way he wants, including creating new crimes to charge people with. Andy McCarthy’s piece on Saturday in National Review Online makes the point of how Mueller is doing that, all the while being able to protect favored politicians.


RUSH: Moments ago, breaking news, breaking news! There was a Senate Intelligence Committee press conference. The chairman, Senator Richard Burr (Republican-North Carolina), had this to say about his committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation. Listen carefully…

BURR: We’re now at a point that we have wrapped up one piece of our investigation, which deals with election security. Let me say this with a great deal of confidence: It is clear the Russian government was looking for the vulnerabilities in our election system and highlighted some of the key gaps. There’s no evidence that any vote was changed.

RUSH: There you have it. We could have told you that before spending all the money and time investigating. “No evidence a single vote was changed.” Inspector Mueller, Special Counsel Mueller, did you hear that? Now, what’s little Adam Schiff gonna do? He’s not on the Senate committee. He’s in the House committee. Not a single vote was changed. Not a single vote. There is no evidence that a single vote was changed.

Well, what the hell was this all about, then?

It was all about finding out how Putin worked with Trump to steal the election.

The only way you can steal an election is have control over the votes.


RUSH: Okay. Time to go to the phones. I have concluded here with my diarrhea-of-the-mouth monologue of the first hour. This is Vinny. Ha! It’s Vinny in Long Island. Vinny, you’re traveling all over the great Northeast. How are you doing today in Long Island?

CALLER: Doing great, Rush. Listening to you as always.

RUSH: Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Don’t know where to start but I’ll just start and Robert Mueller should have been fired a long time ago. Really, I say, “Enough already. Throw caution to the wind here,” because it just doesn’t matter anyway. Trump has done nothing. But Mueller has and we’ll say otherwise. This entire special counsel episode has been really — in my opinion, anyway — to paralyze the GOP Congress, not necessarily the president because he’s about the only one moving along on his agenda.

RUSH: You know what?

CALLER: He has had —

RUSH: Vinny, hang on. That is a very shrewd and crucial point, and there’s another thing that the Republicans are relying on now to slow down and stall the Trump agenda, and that’s Stormy Daniels. We’re almost back to where we were in the first year, where the Republicans said, “My gosh! If this guy is actually gonna be gone because of this Russian collusion stuff, we don’t want to get too tied to him,” and so they held back because they really thought that this has happened and that Trump was gonna eventually get caught and be sent packing. Now they’ve got… From what I’m told, they have the same fears over this Stormy Daniels stuff, that something’s gonna come out of this that’s gonna prove highly embarrassing and present real trouble for Trump continuing. But the point is, they’ll latch on to anything to slow down.

CALLER: I agree with you a hundred percent. Unfortunately, when the media gets a hold of whatever Mueller says or does — you know, as much as we may or may not want to admit it — it adds legitimacy to it. There are too many people out there that still listen to the mainstream media and are going to follow suit. You and I know better and people like us know better, but, you know, we’re getting our own drip, drip, drip of waterboarding here every day.

RUSH: Vinny, what are you really saying here? You want Trump to fire Mueller as a way to end this ’cause that’s…?

CALLER: Yes. ‘Cause it… Yes, a hundred percent, because it doesn’t matter. We’re getting hurt by this anyway, so get rid of him. Suffer the slings and arrows for the next week or so that the media’s gonna throw at you, have a closed-door meeting with the Republicans, lock the door and say, “Hey, guess what? I’m the president, and this is it, and if you guys want to be in the majority in 2019, you better get in lockstep with me, because it’s just you and us against the media and against the deep state.”

RUSH: What about Lindsey Graham today?

CALLER: Who cares!

RUSH: He was on the air with Hugh Hewitt, and he was asked if Trump should be impeached if he fires Mueller, and Lindsey Graham said (summarized), “Hell, yes, if he does it without cause.”

CALLER: I don’t care about Lindsey Graham. He’s a back-bencher in my opinion. Okay? He’s a John McCain acolyte as we all know, and I don’t really care what he says.

RUSH: Well, but the point is it goes to your point about getting the Republicans in the room and Trump trying to get them all aligned behind him. If he fires Mueller, you know there’s gonna be some — like Flake and the rest of these guys — who are gonna flake off and they’re gonna join the Democrats in these demands that Trump be impeached or forced to resign or whatever the hell they would try to pull off.

CALLER: I think they do that periodically depending on what scandal Mueller brings to the forefront. I mean, we’ve seen this before, and then they’ll gravitate back and maybe they’ll get behind Trump for a little while. I just think this is hurting us. It’s demoralizing us — and, you know, it even demoralizes people like me who know better. Still, it’s disheartening to get up every morning and listen to what Robert Mueller has now conjectured (sic) up. And I mean you just blew the lid off this yesterday for me when you said he’s now making up charges, which is incomprehensible to me.

RUSH: He is. He made up a charge, something about “conspiracy to defraud the United States.” There’s no such charge in the book. He’s just making it up, and he’s not charging people with offenses that he’s finding them to have violated. Making something else up. If you want to read about it, Andy McCarthy’s column at National Review on Saturday detailed that. Vinny, thanks, as always.

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