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RUSH: Well here it is, folks, right on schedule. The New York Times has published a story, “Who is the bomber in Austin, Texas?” I’m not gonna mention the clown’s name. But the New York Times does, and they ask who is he? And the New York Times has been turning over every rock. The New York Times has been doing everything they can to find out who the Austin, Texas, bomber is, and they found him.

Do you know who he is, Mr. Snerdley? He is a conservative, and he is opposed to same-sex marriage. And let’s see what else here. He loves the death penalty. The guy sounds like a perfect caricature of what they hope every mass killer is. New York Times on the case. Remember they lie. Remember they make it up. Remember Brian Ross after a movie massacre in Denver tried to tell us all that the guy was a member of the Tea Party.

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