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RUSH: My friends, I have mentioned countless times that the Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass of people that cannot take care of themselves, that will always vote for the government to take care of them. That means voting for the Democrat Party. They need that permanent underclass continually refilled. Well, the Trump administration Monday night announced a new census question that the left is fit to be tied over.

They’re gonna ask people about their citizenship — and liberal Democrats in California and other blue states, are petrified. They think just asking this question is gonna reduce the response rate because illegals will be afraid to answer. And then they see a terrible domino effect from undercounting illegals: Fewer Democrat seats in Congress and state legislatures, fewer blue state electoral votes, and less money in federal handouts for blue states, because all those things are based on census counts.

Now, the Constitution requires an actual enumeration of people living in every state be conducted every 10 years. It does not determine the kinds of questions to be asked, and nobody could be penalized for answering the questions truthfully. But the Democrats don’t want any part of this because it’s going to expose the fact that their support for illegals has nothing to do with compassion, nothing to do with caring for people in poverty; it has everything to do with getting as many votes as they can from people who cannot even speak the language.

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