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RUSH: The National Rifle Association has “benefited from a spike in donations following the deadly shooting last month” at the Florida high school.

The NRA’s Political Victory Fund brought in less than $250,000 in January. After the shooting, donations more than tripled to almost $780,000. The Hill is reporting a spike in online ad spending by the NRA, which has to infuriate the left.

Now, there is more bad news for liberals. During the big “March for Our [Liberal] Lives” event in Washington, the number of searches for “NRA Membership” spiked on Google.

But let’s unpack the not-so-subtle message that the NRA “benefited” from the school shooting. Nobody “benefited” from the school shooting. Unless you count the activists who seized on this whole thing to advance their anti-Second-Amendment political agenda.

And there was nothing spontaneous about these protests, in which only 10% of participants were under 18. That well-organized march in D.C., the bus trips to Florida’s capitol? All of that was funded by groups who remain in the shadows.

Mostly it’s the women members of “the resistance,” people who voted for Hillary. The NRA donations were a reaction from people who saw the organization being unjustly attacked, both in the Drive-By Media and by a bunch of supposedly apolitical kids. The NRA defends Americans’ Second Amendment rights, and now Americans are defending the NRA. It’s that simple and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

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