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RUSH: Trump backs out of the Paris accords. Oh, do we have news on climate change today based on what happened in a courtroom in California. Let me give you the bare upshot of this. There’s a lawsuit being filed against the fossil fuel companies like Exxon and Texaco and — there’s five of ’em. And the suit has been brought by environmentalist wackos.

They claim that all of these fossil fuel companies know that they are destroying the planet and are hiding the evidence. They claim in their lawsuit that they know that their business is creating the circumstances that cause climate change. So they filed this massive lawsuit. The judge in this case decided to have a little seminar before the trial actually began. And the climate change environmentalist wackos thought, “Oh, my God, this is a godsend. We’re gonna get to go in and we’re gonna rip these people a new one even before the trial begins.”

But what happened was the judge is an educated and informed person when it comes to climate change, even though the judge is in California. And the upshot of it is that the environmentalist wackos were made fools of. They demonstrated they are lying.

For example, one of these they said they had was a smoking gun memo, a smoking gun memo at Exxon and some of these other fossil fuel companies where they admit to themselves, internal memo, that they are destroying the planet, that they are engaging in activities causing massive amounts of C2O, causing greenhouse gases and the planet only has so much time.

So the judge said, “Well, let me see. You say they’ve got it. Where is it? What does it say?” And the fossil fuel companies eagerly produced it. You know what it was? It was a slideshow from a U.N. presentation on the international committee of planetary whatever, the IPCC, whatever that stands for. It was simply a slideshow that the U.N. put together, that the environmentalist wackos have been lying about claiming it’s a smoking gun memo from the fossil fuel companies.

The judge just made mincemeat of these people, demonstrated they’re lying, demonstrated they don’t know what they’re talking about and that there is no substance to their allegations at all. This is before the trial even began. And the trial has not yet begun. This was a preliminary stage.

So the wackos have to go back now and reformulate their whole plan since their basic approach has just been nuked in court, since they have been exposed as lying, making things up. And, of course, everybody that believes in climate change believes what these wackos have been saying, so the world thought that these companies were gonna have their hats handed to ’em even before the trial began. And what ended up happening was the judge exposing the slime tactics of the environmentalist wackos.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier in the program that the environmentalist wackos had their lunch handed to ’em in court out in California. I want to give you the details of this. ‘Cause any time there is a win, I’m gonna tell you about it. Any time there’s a reason for optimism, I’m gonna tell you about it. Any time the left takes it on the chin, I’m gonna tell you about it. Now, the Drive-Bys have reported the story, but they haven’t gone anywhere near what is really salient about it.

I have here a column in the Wall Street Journal by Phelim McAleer. “Climate Alarmists May Inherit the Wind — They likened a courtroom ‘tutorial’ to the Scopes Monkey Trial. But their side got schooled.”

Here’s the upshot of this story. “Five American oil companies find themselves in a San Francisco courtroom. California v. Chevron is a civil action brought by the city attorneys of San Francisco and Oakland, who accuse the defendants of creating a ‘public nuisance’ by contributing to climate change and of conspiring to cover it up so they could continue to profit.”

Again, civil action, not criminal, meaning there would be damages if Big Oil is found liable here. And essentially the Drive-Bys and the environmentalist wackos thought they had stumbled across a brilliant maneuver, and that is to have global warming and climate change codified in law by having a court acknowledge that it exists and find these defendants liable. That was their plan.

There was no date for the trial so far. However, on March 21st, a mere 10 to 11 days ago, “the litigants gathered for a ‘climate change tutorial'” that was ordered by the judge. The judge’s name is William Alsup. Now, the environmentalist wackos thought this was a gift from nirvana, since they don’t believe in heaven. They couldn’t believe their good luck, a climate change tutorial.

You have to remember who these people are. The biggest obstacle that we’re up against in America, aside from the cultural rot, but I think the reason the cultural rot is taking place is we’re up against genuine stupidity. Too many generations have literally been taught nothing, including how to think. And so we’re up against — you may want to call it ignorance, but we’re up against genuine stupidity. And even among these environmentalist wackos and these city attorneys, they believe all of this claptrap that they have been saying about climate change all of these years, even though there isn’t any evidence for it.

There isn’t any warming. All they’ve got is computer model predictions, folks. There isn’t yet any empirical evidence for their claim that greenhouse gases even cause temperatures to increase. There isn’t any empirical data for that. All of this is based on the come: Oh, my God, this is terrible, we can’t afford not to wait, we have to stop it.

But there isn’t any truth. Not to mention the fact the last 15 years there hasn’t been any warming. Also, NOAA has been caught cheating and altering the annual temperature charts to show more warming than there has been, but it doesn’t matter. Because all of these environmentalist wackos and everybody who believes them and their city attorneys, they literally believe this stuff, just like they literally believe all the things they hate Trump for, they literally believe this.

Like they believe Russia colluded with Trump, but it didn’t happen, there isn’t any evidence, but they’re convinced, they believe it. They’ve been saying it so long, thinking it so long, it’s gotta be true. So they walk into this courtroom, and they’re thinking this is it, this is where they’re gonna win every case. They’re gonna have a firmly established by a judge now that there is climate change. And once a court says it, that ends it, it doesn’t matter what other scientists say, it’s over. And that’s what they thought they were on the verge of, they were so excited. They could not contain themselves.

But they didn’t know about Judge William Alsup. The environmentalist wackos were so excited about this that they had spectators, they had a giant crowd gathered outside the courtroom at 6 a.m. on March 21st, urged on by the advocates and their websites. And there were all kinds of signs, “Buckle up, polluters! You’re in for it now.” And they said this is gonna be the equivalent of the Scopes Monkey Trial.

But in the end, it did not go well for the environmentalist wackos. And not for lack of legal talent. “Steve W. Berman, who represented the cities, is a star trial lawyer who has made a career and a fortune suing corporations for large settlements, including the $200 billion-plus tobacco settlement in 1998.” He was one of those lawyers.

Michael Burger of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University, told one of the websites getting the crowd to show up, “Until now, fossil fuel companies have been able to talk about climate science in political and media arenas where there is far less accountability to the truth.”

Now, wait just a minute. Before we go further, stop and think of this line: “Until now, fossil fuel companies have been able to talk about climate science in political and media arenas where there is far less accountability to the truth.”

In other words, if you want truth, do not involve journalism. If you want to find the truth, do not go anywhere near politics or journalism, because there isn’t any accountability to the truth in journalism. That, to me, is a humongous indictment, and that comes from a pro-climate change lawyer.

“Judge Alsup started quietly. He flattered the plaintiffs’ first witness, Oxford physicist Myles Allen.” Judge Alsup called this physicist from Oxford a genius. He set him up. This guy’s standing there feeling his oats, he’s a genius, climate science genius, judge knows it. But then the judge reprimanded this physicist “for using a misleading illustration to represent carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and a graph ostensibly about temperature rise that did not actually show rising temperatures.”

So the wackos, they brought their charts, and they brought their graphs, and their charts and graphs are made up BS. And they always have been. And the judge called an Oxford physicist, I mean, the epitome of a white lab coat scientist. And this guy was chopped off at the knees. The judge chastised this guy for using a misleading illustration to show carbon in the atmosphere.

In other words, there wasn’t nearly as much in the atmosphere as this guy’s chart showed. And his graph about temperature increase did not show temperature increase. He just brought a complicated bunch of charts and graphs, said this is what it represents. The judge said, “Wait, what is that? What is that? What is that?” The judge illustrated that they were using bogus data so now they’re thinking, uh-oh, we got somebody who knows what we’re talking about here in the form of a judge. They thought, a San Francisco judge? This is gonna be a cakewalk.

“Then the pointed questions began. Gary Griggs, an oceanographer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, struggled with the judge’s simple query: ‘What do you think caused the last Ice Age?'”

Now, stick with me on this. “What caused the last Ice Age?” Remember, they are there to claim that all of these oil companies are causing uncontrollable warming. The judge says, “What do you think caused the last Ice Age?” The professor — you ready for this? — the professor said, well, there was a wobble in the earth’s orbit. And he went to describe the period, quote, “before there were humans on the planet,” which “we call hothouse Earth.”

“‘That was when ‘all the ice melted. We had fossils of palm trees and alligators in the Arctic,’ Mr. Griggs told the court. He added that at one time the sea level was 20 to 30 feet higher than today. Mr. Griggs then recounted ‘a period called “snow ballers,”‘ when scientists ‘think the entire Earth was frozen due to changes in things like methane released from the ocean.'”

Remember, these accounts of two apocalyptic climate events occurred naturally from a witness for plaintiffs hoping to prove that oil companies are causing warming and he was forced to admit that both warming and cooling happened in catastrophic ways long before there were oil companies.

They were forced to deal with their actual claims, and a judge made mincemeat of them! They finally had an opponent who was informed and not sympathetic like the media is, and they were so embarrassed, and maybe more so than they even have the ability to understand.


RUSH: One more thing about this tutorial in the San Francisco court with the environmentalist wackos suing five American oil companies for causing climate change and knowing it, polluting greenhouse gases and knowing it. The judge handed lunch to these people.

The environmentalist wackos were humiliated and embarrassed in one other way. The plaintiff’s lawyer made a claim that there was a smoking gun document that the oil companies had, a memo that they had sent and read, prepared for each other that admitted they were polluting, admitted that fossil fuels as a business caused climate change. So the judge asked to see it.

“The plaintiffs alleged that the oil companies were in possession of ‘smoking gun’ documents that would prove their liability,” and one of the lawyers, Theodore Boutrous, “said this was simply an internal summary of the publicly available 1995 IPCC report,” which is a U.N. organization.

So the environmentalist wackos claimed there is a smoking-gun document that proves the oil companies know they are polluting. The judge asked to see it. What it turns out to be is nothing more than a United Nations-written internal summary of the publicly available U.N. 1995 International Panel On Climate Change report. The oil companies didn’t write it. It’s not a smoking gun. All it was was a political document written by the U.N. that was available publicly. It was a summary, you know, like two pages to summarize what’s in 500 pages.

They got caught lying! The environmentalist wackos were lying claiming there was a smoking gun memo and document when it turns out it was nothing more than a U.N. summary of a report they had written in ’95 blaming the oil companies.

“The judge said he read the lawsuit’s allegations to mean ‘that there was a conspiratorial document within the defendants about how they knew good and well that global warming was right around the corner. And I said: “OK, that’s going to be a big thing. I want to see it.” Well, it turned out it wasn’t quite that. What it was, was a slide show that somebody had gone to the IPCC and was reporting on what the IPCC had reported, and that was it. Nothing more.'”

There was no smoking-gun memo. The lawyers for the environmentalist wackos had totally made it up and lied about it. So they were on notice. The judge said, “If you want to respond, I’ll let you respond. Is there anything you want to say?” And the lawyer for the wackos said, “No.” Whereupon the judge adjourned the proceedings. This is all before the trial even starts, folks.

And so they were smoked. They were exposed as the frauds that they are. It was shown how they’re making things up and lying, how the media simply regurgitates it because they even admit here, the media is nowhere to go for accountability to truth. Little steps, little steps.

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