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RUSH: Did you see — it’s in the immigration Stack today — California has granted driver’s licenses to one million illegal aliens or immigrants. You know what that means. When you have a driver’s license, nobody’s gonna take the time to run numbers on you. When you have a driver’s license, you’re quite a way down the road to being perceived as not an illegal immigrant.

I mean, this is utter defiance of the United States system of law and rule of law, and it continues unabated in many of these left coast states, led by California. It’s heartening to see a number of California communities joining lawsuits against California cities that are operating in defiance of federal law as sanctuary cities. But it’s quickly becoming almost a separate country, California is, in terms of following federal law. And it’s strictly liberalism refusing to conform, liberalism refusing to compromise, liberalism refusing to accept the outcome of an election.

I’m thinking, folks, at some point California may be gone, but this stuff is ultimately gonna boomerang on the left and on the Democrats. I don’t know when, can’t predict that, but as the Millennials love to say, this stuff is unsustainable.

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