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RUSH: This looks like Fabian in Jamaica, Queens. Great to have you, Fabian. How you doing?

CALLER: Great. Mega dittos. Now, my question — and I need your help here. Maybe I’m wrong; maybe I’m right — is why now? Why is the FBI raiding Michael Cohen’s office here in New York now? In Syria we have President Bashar al-Assad has just again used chemical weapons on his own people, and again the world is turning to the president of the United States, Donald Trump, to take action. And just as he’s about to make this decision on what to do, suddenly Michael Cohen’s office is getting raided, all the attention goes there, so when President Trump does make that decision on what to do in Syria, it’s gonna be looked upon as he’s trying to divert attention away from the Mueller investigation.

RUSH: That is an excellent point. And I want to actually thank you for reminding me of this. This is one of the initial things that had me all worked up and I did not make a note of it. There’s another aspect of that too. This is a great observation. For this to happen while everybody’s waiting for Trump’s decision on Syria, even beyond that, the fact that we’re in the midst of doing something serious against Russia, against Russia — remember, this whole thing is about collusion with Russia and what Trump is doing and the things he’s saying to Putin prove there isn’t any collusion.

Putin could prove the collusion if he wanted to after Trump provocation if there was any, and he could totally embarrass Trump and shut down whatever Trump’s doing vis-a-vis Syria against Russia. But beyond that, look at the lengths to which they will go to undermine this presidency, even to do this at this time.


RUSH: The last caller Fabian, Jamaica, Queens had a great point. So Trump announces a plan of action in Syria that he’s gonna reveal sometime, hasn’t revealed it yet, supposedly 24 to 48 hours from yesterday. And the caller makes a point, see what happens now, the investigation ratchets up with this raid of Trump’s lawyers office, home, and hotel room and then if anything happens in Syria, Trump could be accused of trying to distract and use a bomb or some kind of military action in Syria to distract from whatever Mueller is doing.

Chris Matthews already raised the question last night, PMSNBC, “Will Trump bomb Syria to distract from Mueller?” This has also been done. Bill Clinton did it in the middle of the Lewinsky investigation. He bombed an aspirin factory in the Sudan. And he bombed an office building in Baghdad on a Saturday when only the janitor was in there, the custodian.

So the left knows how to play the game, so Chris Matthews already asking, “Could Trump do this to distract from Mueller?” And he’s got it ass backwards. The real question is, why is all this happening while we’re in the midst of this serious action against Syria? We all know the answer. The answer here is to take down Trump.

But I want to make one other point about all of this business in Syria. If there were collusion between Putin and Trump on the 2016 election, Vladimir Putin could himself end Trump’s presidency today. The elephant in the room in all of this is the simple fact that if Trump had colluded with Russia, Putin could end Trump’s presidency with just one statement. All he would have to do is say, “Yes, in fact, I did collude with Trump to beat Hillary Clinton.”

The media would not demand any proof. They wouldn’t even want proof. It would be enough and Trump would be impeached and removed. So why doesn’t Putin do it? Especially now when Trump is about to bomb his client state, Syria, once again? And when Trump is on the verge of rescinding the nuke deal with another Russia client state, Iran, not to mention the sanctions Trump has imposed on Russia and many of Putin’s top oligarch.

The point is Trump is taking action that Putin abhors. Trump is taking action against Russian client states in Syria and in Iran, in addition to putting new sanctions on top Putin oligarchs in Russia. So if there was collusion, if Trump was doing something here to really tick Putin off — remember, the reason for the collusion would be to be able to blackmail Trump. The reason for the collusion would be Trump would owe Putin, Trump would not take any action as president detrimental to Putin. And yet Trump is and has.

So if there were collusion between Trump and Putin, Trump right now would be double crossing Putin. And if Putin wanted to end Trump’s presidency, he could announce that there was collusion, and he could even provide some evidence. And nobody in this country would question it. The media wouldn’t question it. Mueller wouldn’t question it. They would happily accept it and we’d be finished, we’d be done.

Why isn’t that happening? Don’t think for a moment that Vladimir Putin would not take out a United States president who threatens him, if he could. Do not think he wouldn’t. This collusion story is so baseless its foundation is made out of balsa wood. It is embarrassingly, insultingly dumb for this belief to survive as it has and to be the reason for this much tumult and chaos in the United States of America. There are people in this country trying to, on a temporary basis, do great damage to this country in hopes of that damage getting rid of Donald Trump.

And I think announcing this raid or conducting this raid of Trump’s lawyer’s office when everybody involved knows that a serious confrontation with Syria might be on the verge of happening with Russia as a client participant here, is on its own face its own version of outrageous. But it makes total sense if you understand the objective, and particularly if you’re sympathetic to it, i.e., getting rid of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump poses the greatest threat to life as they know it to Washington establishment people as any other outside, external threat ever could. And they’re treating Trump and reacting to Trump accordingly. Got to get rid of him. They don’t think they’re gonna be held accountable for anything they do even if they fail. They obviously don’t. They obviously think somebody will circle the wagons around whoever is ending up exposed here, if this effort to get rid of Trump doesn’t work.

And I’m sure none of them think they’re gonna be held accountable. I mean, Strzok and Page haven’t been fired. They were just reassigned. They were just moved to other areas of the FBI. McCabe was fired, but that was because the internal FBI investigator suggested it, not because of Trump.

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