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RUSH: Remember, my friends, as you digest every new bit of news, every update on this story, remember its purpose. The objective of all of this is to get rid of Donald Trump. If Trump really wanted to tick these people off, he would start issuing pardons today for Michael Flynn, for Carter Page, for Paul Manafort, for Michael Cohen, and — for good measure –Trump could pardon himself. He could pardon Stormy Daniels. He could pardon Karen McDougal.

If you want to see a firestorm, if you want to see meltdown, they’re trying to goad Trump into firing Mueller. That’s what they want. Because they think that will be the nail in the Trump coffin. They think the American people will abandon him because Trump will be obstructing justice and all that. What’s the difference in that and pardoning people? Well, there’s precedent for it. As I say, George H. W. Bush pardoned six people and shut down a special counsel investigation of his buddy Caspar Weinberger in 1992.

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