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Apr 10, 2018


“From the moment Trump won the election, tampering with his transition, creation of the Steele dossier, use of the FBI and the DOJ and the entire apparatus of the Washington establishment, to appointment of Mueller as special counsel, the whole purpose has been to reverse the outcome of a fair and duly constituted election many in the Washington establishment do not wish to accept.”

“The worst thing Trump could do is start firing people. That’s what he’s being goaded into doing.”

“What if Trump pardons Cohen? What if Trump pardons anybody he wants in this mess? What if Trump pardons himself?”

“The lie and the myth is that Donald Trump, after colluding with the Russians, figured that wasn’t enough. Trump then had to steal your data from Facebook via Cambridge Analytica in order to have a chance to beat the only woman who should be president ever, Hillary Clinton.”

“This collusion story is so baseless its foundation is made out of balsa wood. It is embarrassingly, insultingly dumb for this belief to survive as it has and to be the reason for this much tumult and chaos in the United States of America.”

Daily Wire: Here Are 8 Things You Need To Know About The FBI’s Raid on Michael Cohen’s Offices
UKDM: ‘A Total Witch Hunt’: Trump Tweets Blistering Aarly Morning Attack on His Own Justice Department and Says ‘Attorney-Client Privilege is Dead’ After the FBI Raids His Lawyer’s Office for Stormy Daniels Hush Money Files
NewsMax: Tom Fitton: DOJ Is ‘Out of Control,’ Mueller ‘Ought to Be Shut Down’
The Hill: Schumer: It’s Time to Vote on Legislation Protecting Mueller
National Review: Stormy Daniels: The Crime and the Cover-Up – Andrew McCarthy
Washington Post: Michael Cohen is in Serious Legal Jeopardy
Washington Examiner: Robert Mueller Investigating $150K Payment to Trump Foundation from Ukrainian Billionaire: Report
NKNetwork: ‘Caravan’ Tells CNN They’re All Going to America
Bloomberg: This Is America’s Richest Zip Code
Breitbart: China Blinks: Xi Jingping Offers Concessions on Autos and Intellectual Property to Avoid Trade War
NBC: Arizona Supreme Court: No In-State Tuition for DACA College Students
CNBC: Trump’s Top Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert Resigns a Day After John Bolton Starts as National Security Advisor
HotAir: Super News. Boston Marathon To Allow Men To Compete Against Women
The Hill: Dershowitz on FBI Raid of Trump Attorney: ‘Dangerous Day Today for Lawyer-Client Relations’
Breitbart: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Will Not Be Under Oath Before Senate Committee, But Compelled by Statute to Tell The Truth
USAToday: Facebook a Big Contributor to the Committees in Congress That Will Question Mark Zuckerberg
Daily Beast: Zuckerberg Gaslights Congress Before The Hearings Even Start
New York Times: Raid on Trump’s Lawyer Sought Records of Payments to Women
CNN: The Biggest Black Lives Matter Page on Facebook is Fake
Washington Examiner: Emails Show Clinton Denied, Then Met with Ukrainian Donor
Washington Times: DHS to Build 20-Mile Wall Along Border in New Mexico
PageSix: CBS Execs Are Freaking Out Over Looming Charlie Rose Exposé


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