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RUSH: Jeremy in Clinton, Kentucky. Quickly. What’s happening? What’s up?

CALLER: Afternoon, Rush. I have a serious question for you. This Syrian conflict is very, very, very bad, and I want to ask you a question that our collective representatives are not asking. What is America’s security interest in a Syrian conflict, especially when it risks conflict with Russia? Because, Rush, I didn’t vote for Syrian conflict. I voted for fair trade, immigration control, and nonintervention.

RUSH: Yeah. You know, your question is fascinating in a lot of ways. But in one way, we are taking action against Russia here, and everybody thinks that Trump and Russia are buddies, colluded to steal the election and how can this happen? I think that this is a U.S. issue because of ISIS and Iran. Iran is also a client state of Syria. And I think the gassing, the use of chemical weapons on people is something that is abhorrent to people here. But your question deserves a more detailed answer than that, and I will provide that tomorrow.

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