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RUSH: Elaine in Newburyport, Massachusetts, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m glad to talk with you. I was told to get to my point. My point is that Rosenstein, Comey, and Mueller and his group were set in motion because of Sessions. If Sessions hadn’t recused himself, this hunt to remove Trump from office would have never taken place, and he would have done Trump a favor after he recused himself to resign as AG. He was a great statesman, okay, but he is not an administrator.

RUSH: So are you — I’m going to infer things that you may not be implying. So let me see if I’m right. Are you suggesting that Sessions purposely —

CALLER: Not on purpose, but he set this in motion.

RUSH: Because if he hadn’t recused then it would not have been Rosenstein to come up with the special counsel —

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: — and we wouldn’t — right.

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: Well assumes that — yeah. We don’t know if Sessions would have — you know, Rosenstein, whether he buckled to pressure — you know who asked for the special counsel is the Democrats, who are the minority in the House and the Senate. They’re berating the DOJ. They’re berating Rosenstein. Rosenstein, and Comey, by the way, facilitated this by leaking memos that he had written about.

Remember, he’s got this friend named Benjamin Wittes at some website called Lawfare, whatever, and Comey said that he wanted Mueller appointed special counsel after Trump fired him. So he leaked some memos to his lawyer buddy, and those memos then did trigger the need somewhere for a special counsel, and they all got what they wanted. So your theory, if Sessions had been there when all this has had happened, then this wouldn’t have happened?

CALLER: Right. Because Mueller was appointed after Sessions had recused himself.

RUSH: Of course. Absolutely.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: You may have a point, but can I ask you one other thing?

CALLER: Hm-hm. Yes.

RUSH: Thank you. You said when I greeted you, you said you were told to get straight to the point, and you did. But it implied there was something you wanted to say other than the point. Is there anything else you wanted to ask or discuss?

CALLER: Well, I think with Comey, too much is focusing on Comey. To me he’s like a wart on somebody’s nose. I mean, he’s just so unimportant. And the same thing I think with Comey and I think also with Mueller. Okay, they have such a background of failing in prosecuting people that, in some cases I wish the news media or even Fox News, would concentrate on what they have done in the past. I think some of what they have done, okay, I think with Mueller four people went to jail, and then after a year they were recused.

RUSH: Right. Right. There is a story and it didn’t make the cut yesterday, but she’s right, somebody has written a story about the overzealousness of Mueller prosecutions, how innocent people end up being charged and convicted, and then later get released. I know the story you’re talking about. Can’t recall the details.

CALLER: Right. And also, you know, in Massachusetts I forget what he was involved in, and I get so confused as to whether it was Comey or Mueller on Amtrak. I mean, it goes on and on. And I think now that they’ve got the tapes on Cohen, I don’t know why he recorded this information. They’re doing their best to try and remove —

RUSH: You know what the theory is?

CALLER: — Trump from office.

RUSH: I’m glad you brought that up. Let me tell you what the Drive-By or leftist or Democrat theory is on why Cohen recorded conversations. And just stop and think of that. Here’s a lawyer, attorney-client privilege, recording things and obviously keeping them. Now, who, as an aside here for a moment, somebody leaked to the Washington Post that he did this. Who would have done that? Somebody has to know Cohen.

This is the most amazing thing, that a lawyer is recording his conversations with everybody, clients and whoever else. We don’t think how long he keeps them, we don’t know what they got, but we do know that it was part of the evidence trove turned over by the search warrant. Now, the leftist theory to explain why Cohen did this — are you ready? — people in-the-know say Cohen developed this almost as a habit. The origins were not stated or not clear, but that Cohen, just as a personality type, made it a habit to record conversations, both in person and on the phone.

The leftist theory is that he was doing this — are you ready? — he was doing this under orders from Trump, that Trump would tell Cohen that an employee or a contractor or vendor was doing things Trump didn’t like, and Trump would dispatch Cohen to have conversations to accuse them of this or that, and then take it back to Trump so that Trump could then have clear-cut evidence that he either was dealing with a traitor or a bad employee or somebody trying to cheat him.

And then it evolved into Cohen actually secretly recording every conversation he had with anybody in the Trump team is that if he ever found a traitor or somebody that wasn’t all-in on Trump, he would take it, play for Trump. Rather than tell Trump, he wanted to have the evidence of what he was reporting to Trump that this person was a traitor, that person was a bad actor, this vendor was trying to cheat him, because it was much easier to present Trump the actual recording evidence rather than just for Cohen to say, “Mr. President, I heard somebody say,” because Trump would have demanded more than just hearsay.

So the bottom line is the leftist view is that Cohen was only recording things ’cause that creep Trump hates everybody, doesn’t trust anybody, knows he’s getting screwed and was sending Cohen out to find the evidence of it. These people have got Trump on the brain so much it’s getting ridiculous. He’s living rent free in every leftist head in this country.
I think their brains are slowly being eaten away by this acid of hatred that they’re swimming in day in and day out. You talk about sustainable, this simply isn’t sustainable. At some point there has to be some kind of emotional payment for swimming around in this crap. And it’s not gonna be pretty whenever it shows itself. I’m convinced that it will at some point. I don’t know how, but you simply cannot live obsessed and consumed by hatred that turns you into a consistently irrational thinker and survive that. It has to have a deleterious effect on you at some point. I predict that it’s going to.

This Comey book, I’m gonna predict again. I think it’s gonna end up backfiring on him. Already, we mentioned this in the first busy broadcast hour today, already a bunch of Drive-By types at the networks are expressing sadness and disappointment that there’s nothing in here that they don’t already know, and the new stuff is what Comey thinks of the way Trump looks. And they think that’s kind of petty, given what they were hoping for.

There’s nothing new and, see, they thought, I’m gonna tell you again, they all think it. When I say leftist, anybody you see in the media, any of their media panels of leftist lawyers and leftist campaign strategists, they all think, and they have thought so for two years, they all think that there’s this smoking gun, that there’s this poison pill, this silver bullet out there somewhere that is going to convict Trump on the spot once it’s discovered.

This is the kind of thing that this poisonous hatred can do to you. You live in it so long, you actually think what you hope for is there. It’s just that nobody can find it, but somebody’s going to someday. They get up every day thinking that day is going to be the day. Comey’s book was supposed to have all this juice in it. And they’re let down that it doesn’t.

There’s another analogy. It was another similar story. There was — it might have even been Comey, somebody will remember the details. Somebody was gonna testify, and I think it’s about Trump, this investigation, somebody was gonna testify before a congressional committee, and the Drive-Bys breathlessly reported it for a week in advance, so-and-so’s coming up to testify, and they all thought that this testimony was gonna have the smoking gun silver bullet in it. And it didn’t. There was nothing new in it, and they were all let down.

And I remember remarking at the time that I was genuinely surprised that all these Drive-By people who talk to these witnesses all the time think that somebody’s been holding back. Nobody’s been holding back. What they’re looking for isn’t there. They thought Comey’s book was gonna have it.

And there’s maybe a legitimate reason they think so, because these are the people that embed themselves in campaigns and they do learn smoking gun stories about candidates, and they withhold that news. They don’t report it during the campaign. They withhold it for after the election, for their book, where they can make money selling it. So they thought Comey might have been doing the same thing, withholding the silver bullet smoking gun for his book, but it’s not there.


RUSH: The Mueller story that our caller from Massachusetts was referring to, I remember it now. It was four people. Mueller put four people in prison for years in the Whitey Bulger investigation — mob boss, crime boss in Boston — and the four turned out to be entirely innocent, and they were released. They were entirely innocent. Mueller put four people in jail. The four innocent men were in prison for more than 30 years, folks, which resulted in an eventual settlement of more than $100 million for false imprisonment.

Two of the men died before they were freed and exonerated. But get this. It was discovered… This is the key. It was discovered the FBI withheld evidence from the court of their innocence in order to protect their informant. The men would have been cleared but Mueller and the prosecutors withheld evidence from the court to protect their CI [confidential informant]. Thirty years in jail, four innocent people, from the man of impeccable integrity inside the establishment swamp.

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