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RUSH: In early polls for the 2020 presidential race, guess who shows up as the Democrat front-runner?

None other than Joe “Bite-Me.” And a bunch of Democrats are worried about it. I’m talking about Joe Biden here, a military guy called him that once and I liked it.

So this week, Politico Magazine ran a mild hit job on Biden, which is no accident if you understand how Democrat power politics works. And I, of course, do.

The article checks off Joe’s strong points: As Obama’s former Vice President, he’s got a great resume. He has access to big donors. He has high name recognition. He’s a fighter. And he’s a great plagiarist.

Then come the “buts.”

Senator Biden was an architect of the 1994 Crime Bill. It was popular back then, but now Democrats blame the law for locking up too many minorities. Biden also voted to send troops to Iraq under President Bush. That’s a big red flag with today’s wacko Democrat base.

But here’s the main reason Joe “Bite-Me“ is considered out of touch with post-Trump Democrat Party people. Biden connects with the white working class. And Democrats say working-class whites “aren’t essential” to the party’s future. Politico says they don’t even want to try to win Trump’s voters back.

Democrats think this is a winning strategy: “We don’t need any of you stupid voters who gave Trump 304 Electoral College votes.  We don’t need you and we don’t want you.”

And I say good luck with that. Full speed ahead, go for it.

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