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RUSH: The New York Post: “Rudy Giuliani Joins Trump Legal Team, Hopes to End Russia Probe in ‘A Week or Two.'” He said that. Now, full disclosure, I know Rudy Giuliani. I play golf with Rudy Giuliani. We sometimes talk politics while playing golf. No, he’s never sent me a bill. I’ve never asked Rudy for legal advice.

In fact, we did meet one time at the Havana Club in Manhattan when he was thinking about running for president, and he was asking me what I thought would be important in his agenda for reaching out beyond the Northeast. And I told him. But he did not send a bill. I did not send a bill. I’m telling people this ’cause I know Rudy.

I’ve attended water volleyball games with Rudy Giuliani. I have known Rudy for many, many moons. And I have played golf. I have given Rudy cigar lighters. I have given Rudy a cigar holder for the golf cart. I’m not making excuses because I’m gonna tell you what I think some of this stuff means, and it is rooted in the fact that I know Rudy and some other things in addition.

First, here’s Mark Meadows, Freedom Caucus, House of Representatives. “These Comey memos were supposed to implicate President Trump? Really? On page 13, POTUS appears to instruct Comey to investigate and find the truth about whether his campaign team did anything wrong. There’s nothing in here even approaching obstruction of justice.” And that is true.

And then Meadows tweets: “If anything, these memos impugn the judgment of Director Comey.” He’s the one apparently using the media to exaggerate concerns about interactions with the president. He’s the one leaking government and possibly classified documents to a third party. Come on! It’s exactly right. These Comey memos are the latest in a yearlong salvo of things that have been designed to raise public opinion against Donald Trump.

I want to tell you why I think we’re in the final phases of this, and the reason I do is because Rudy is on the case now. The liberals during this entire year — what has this year been about? Let’s call it a year because that’s the length of time that Mueller for, you know, few days here or there has been serving as the investigator. We know the investigation, quote, unquote, predates Mueller being appointed. We now know that Mueller was appointed because Comey wanted him appointed. That’s why Comey wrote the memos and leaked the memos. He wanted a special counsel. He got it.

But prior to that, the media was running its own investigation with leaks from nameless, faceless intelligence people. Let’s call it a year and a half. For a full year and a half, there’s been a premise that Trump stole the election by way of colluding and cheating with the Russians, that Trump knows it, the Russians know it, everybody knows it. They just can’t find any evidence. Well, they can’t find any because there isn’t any. The whole thing has been manufactured, and it hasn’t worked. It hasn’t turned out the way those behind this effort intended it to.

The whole thing begins after Trump wins the election. They take this dossier that was a Clinton campaign work product. It was composed and written and paid for by Hillary Clinton. It’s made up of a bunch of lies, a FISA warrant to spy on Trump and his campaign was secured on the basis of these lies. There has been a tremendous amount of illegality that has gone on here. In this ensuing year and a half, there are a lot of people at the FBI and at the DOJ who have broken the law. They have broken the spirit of the law.

They have conspired to undo a legal and duly constituted election, and the people here who are, I believe, legally exposed are all the people who have been trying to manipulate public opinion into demanding the ouster of Donald Trump. Donald Trump has not been found to have committed any of the offenses that any of those people have alleged in a year and a half.

Now, the effort to get Trump I believe has been — the conspirators, if you will, the people involved in this — if you want to name them, go ahead, the people at the FBI, the people at the DOJ, the deep state intelligence people, Clapper, Brennan, Obama, Hillary, all the people behind this, they end up being the people who are in legal jeopardy, not Trump.

Remember I’ve told you that the objective that these people had, the expectation was that after six months Trump would be gone. Now, they’ve never had any evidence, and they’ve known they never had any evidence. What this has been has been an over-a-yearlong attempt to manipulate public opinion into demanding that Trump be dispatched. This has been an effort to drive Trump’s approval numbers into the twenties. This has been an effort to have the American people, 75, 80% of them admit Trump was a mistake, shouldn’t have voted for him, we need to correct the mistake as soon as possible. That would then have justified whatever legal action these people took.

You still need public opinion in this country. I know some of you think that the deep state thinks they can operate outside public opinion, and they have been, except what they’ve been trying to do for this last year and a half is create and manufacture public opinion. All of these stories for a year, four or five of ’em a day, nameless sources, retired intelligence people, former intelligence people, nobody ever named, every story for a year. And there were sometimes four and five of ’em a day. The news in the stories, if you were a casual consumer of news, “My God, this Trump guy’s guilty. My God, look at what this Trump guy did,” even though every story had hidden in it somewhere a line “to date investigators haven’t yet found any evidence.” They had to put it in.

There’s never been any evidence for any allegation they have been made, for a year and a half, folks. So what was the purpose? I think these people knew that they couldn’t just mobilize and throw Trump out of office. That’s what they wanted to do, but they knew they needed public opinion behind ’em to do it. And this yearlong effort has been, I believe now, an effort to have the public demand Trump’s ouster.

You still need public opinion if you’re gonna do something like this. And they have failed in this effort. There is nowhere near a majority of Americans who want Trump thrown out. In fact, the Democrats now, as we just learned, are no longer gonna even campaign on the premise that Trump should go, that Trump should be impeached, that Trump obstructed or colluded. They’re not even gonna run on those issues, according to Paul Begala. It has been a year, a full year.

This is a dismal failure. Not only are the no closer to getting rid of Trump, they failed big time. And they used every weapon they’ve got. They used Brennan. They used Clapper. They’ve used Obama. They’ve used Hillary. They’ve used nameless, faceless people in the intelligence community, reformed, retired, former this, former that, the number of people supposedly warning the American people how a dangerous thing this was. The Russians have stolen our election, the Russians have tampered, the Russians have defiled, the Russians have invaded.

The American people have not responded the way it was hoped they would. You see, my friends, there are still 300 million guns out there. This is still a country, despite the power the deep state people, despite the power the Washington establishment believes they have, they still cannot, just because they want to, throw a president out of office. They need public opinion. And if you’re talking impeachment, it is purely a political process, and you need public opinion for it. And that’s what this year have been.

Now, there have been ancillary objectives: To ruin Trump, to impugn his reputation. It has been an effort to destroy Trump in every which way with the ultimate objective being to get rid of him. To send him out of town in disgrace. To make him resign. To be able to walk up to Donald Trump like Howard Baker walked up to Richard Nixon and to say, “Mr. President, we don’t have any support for you remaining in the House of Representatives. We don’t have any support for you in the Senate.”

That was the objective.

They did it once.

They did it with Nixon.

They wanted to so destroy Trump — literally and in public opinion — that forcing him to resign, I think, was the objective, and they thought they would be able get this done inside of six months. In the process, they thoroughly misjudged public opinion because of hubris and arrogance. They refused to learn who the American people are that elected Trump. They refused to take them seriously. They refused to learn what makes ’em tick.

They refused to learn anything about them. They refused to even extend complimentary thoughts about them. The conclusion was that these people were a bunch of idiots that we can’t leave the decision to. “This proves that elections may not be the way to run the country. Look what these people did! They elected this reprobate, this boor, this ogre!” They never had a chance at persuading public opinion because they never understood the bond that Trump’s voters have with him. All they did was make fun of it and pretend that they could break it.

‘Cause, after all, hasn’t this all been about separating Trump from his supporters? It’s been the objective from the get-go. They knew they had to do that. If they could do that — if they could break public opinion, break public support for Trump — then it would be over for him. They could engender whatever they needed to to cause a resignation. Well, none of it has worked. And, by the way, if you want more detail on this, I’ll be glad to, but I need to wrap this up because we’re going to a break.

We’re at the point now where it hasn’t worked.

None of it’s worked.

They haven’t destroyed Trump. They haven’t destroyed his reputation. They certainly have not raised public opinion to the point the American people want him gone. So what do they do? Comey’s book didn’t work. Comey’s memos aren’t working. Nothing has worked. The entire U.S. media working in conspiracy-collusion with the intelligence community, with the DOJ, with the FBI, none of it has worked. Trump has survived and thrived through all of it and — insult to injury — he’s implementing his agenda while all this is going on! They are beside themselves. It’s failed. What do they do?

Enter Rudy Giuliani.


RUSH: By the way, let me clarify something. I don’t think that it’s gonna be over in a week or two like Rudy said. I’m not… That is not my point here. I think as we sit here today, Mueller is nowhere near finished, in his mind. But that’s, I think, why Rudy has been appointed. Look, folks, there’s some real damage that has been done here, all in pursuit of something that hasn’t happened. I mean, these people have pursued the objective — single-minded objective — of getting Donald Trump thrown out of office or to resign office.

That has been the objective. In the process, there has been some real damage done to our country. These investigators, the American left, the Democrat Party, everybody — the Never Trumpers who have joined this effort — have all contributed to what I think is tremendous damage. Look at how many people now believe that the Russians can determine who wins our elections. It’s not an insignificant number.

These people conducting this so-called investigation have succeeded in poisoning one institution after another in our country. They have succeeded in creating doubt about the fundamental decency, sanctity, and goodness of much of this country. In the process, they have given aid and comfort to the most sinister of enemies, people like Vladimir Putin. They have puffed him up on the world stage. They’ve diminished our own president. They’ve made Putin look like he was unstoppable, omnipresent, can do whatever he wants any time he wants — and it’s BS.


RUSH: I’ve been thinking about this, folks. You know, the people running this investigation have tried to tell us that a candidate colluded with Putin and the Russians, and it didn’t happen. There is no evidence for it. You and I have known from the beginning that it didn’t happen. And they did, too! They knew it didn’t happen. They wrote the dossier that made it up. They never did believe it. They may have come to believe it because they were so absorbed in it.

But this has been a scam. This has been a political opposition research effort from the get-go. And its design, it’s objective was to raise public opinion so high anti-Trump that he could not survive it. And after a year of this, what have they done in this year? They have attacked, they have weakened, they have come close to doing real damage to the entire American electoral process. In the minds of many Americans, it’s been poisoned.

The American media, the Democrat Party, and everybody in this anti-Trump movement has created doubt. We all have doubts every election of fraud here, fraud there. This is something entirely different. This is a foreign country that now, in the minds of many Americans, determines the outcome of our elections. They have destroyed so many institutions and traditions. And it’s ironic, while they accuse the Russians of having already done this when they haven’t, they have done it themselves in the course of this investigation.

They have built Vladimir Putin up, who is a real bad guy. There is nothing about Vladimir Putin to recommend itself. They have built him up to be unstoppable. They have built him up to be everywhere and all-powerful and that we can’t stop Putin, that if Putin wants somebody to be president, that’s who’s gonna be president. They have done this selfishly. They have done this without regard for the damage to the country they are doing, all the while telling people that Trump did the damage.

All Trump did was win. All Trump did was outwork everybody. All Trump did was talking about making America great again. And it resonated. In the process of trying to destroy Trump and accusing him of destroying our election process and apparatus, they have succeeded in calling it into question. Trump hasn’t. Now, to the extent that there are any adults left in Washington who realize this, this has to stop. It has been a political game. The game has been very vicious. It’s been very mean. It has been destructive.

The game has been to destroy Donald Trump and everybody in his orbit and to destroy Donald Trump’s business. That has been the game. That has been the objective. And the scorched earth that has accompanied this is the price that the scorchers were willing to pay. If there are adults left in Washington, I don’t care of which party, then at some point this has to stop, because they’re pursuing nothing. And if they can’t move public opinion to the point that it forces Trump to resign, then the whole effort’s gonna be a gigantic failure.

Mueller can keep going and he can indict Jared, he can indict Ivanka, he can indict whoever he wants, put Flynn in jail. But that’s all going to be a further bastardization of all this, because the objective has always been Trump. Somebody has to try to stop this. The media isn’t going to. The people in the game are having too much fun getting up every day and looking for this invisible magic bullet.

But somebody has to bring this to a halt, somebody has to step up and try to save our entire electoral process, the assumption that it is aboveboard and that people’s votes count. Somebody has to step up and try to stop it. And I think that person might be Rudy. I’m assuming that Rudy can make some headway, ’cause I think Mueller is also an adult.

I don’t know how deeply Mueller is caught up in all this. I don’t know how much he hates Trump. I don’t know if he’s doing this simply because they asked him to or if he asked for it. I don’t know what his motivations are. I do know that if he’s left alone, that he won’t stop, he won’t stop until the establishment buddies of his tell him to stop. And they’re not gonna tell anybody to stop until they’ve ruined everything.

Their objective will remain “get Trump” no matter what. And nobody is gonna stop them. They will not stop themselves. Somebody is going to have to try to step up and stop this. And in the process of trying to stop it, somebody is gonna have to do come up with an idea that allows all of these people to save some kind of face. Because this has been a travesty. This has been worse than a hoax. This has been one of the most outrageous schemes, political scandals in the history of the country.

This entire so-called investigation is so bogus that it deserves to implode of its own weight, and the people who ran this thing deserve to be criminally and politically charged. It is simply unacceptable what has happened here and what continues to happen, because America is being torn down bit by bit. America’s enemies are being built up. We’ve already had eight years of that with Obama. We had eight years of the country being apologized for, eight years of the Obama administration making excuses for America and believing we didn’t deserve any of our superpower status.

Now we’ve got basically Obama people continuing the destruction under the guise of trying to root out criminality in our elections, i.e., Donald Trump colluding with Vladimir Putin. It is absolutely asinine. But there’s no evidence. There never has been any evidence. And when did that not matter? When did that start not being a factor?


RUSH: Rick in Fort Myers, Florida. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: The brain sex with Hillary is the reason why all the guys on the left are impotent, and that’s why David Hogg is leading the Democrat Party. But that’s not why I called.

RUSH: I thought you were gonna say something about Bill Clinton, of course, not have access to brain sex there for very long. Clinton’s interested in it.

CALLER: Well, he’s a master at foreign relations if you know what I mean. But, anyway, the reason why I called is because, you know, I think Rudy Giuliani came onto this case for a reason, and that is that I think he’s gonna be able to get Mueller to quietly bow out of this situation because I think Rudy knows a lot of what’s coming his way and that, you know, it involves Mueller. And so with the information that, you know, all these papers are gonna be redacted with Mueller out of the picture. So Rudy’s gonna help (unintelligible) Mueller out of the stuff that’s coming and so Mueller is gonna bow out or they may offer —

RUSH: I’m losing your connection here. I’m getting every other word that you’re saying, but I get your drift. You think that Rudy is gonna be able to talk some sense into Mueller, one adult to another.

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