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RUSH: The former mayor (and nanny) of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, was on Face the Nation Sunday and he promised to put his own money toward the Paris climate agreement. That’s the scam that President Trump got us out of.

Bloomberg said that America made a commitment. But since the U.S. government will not keep the commitment, he’s gonna step up to the plate. He’s gonna cut a check for $4.5 million-dollars.

Now, the U.N. wants $7.5 million dollars from America. Congress allocated three million before the president pulled us out, and Bloomberg says he’s gonna make up the difference. He said he hopes President Trump will change his mind and rejoin the scam. I mean, agreement.

President Trump was absolutely right to pull out of this. As a treaty, this Paris agreement should have gone to the Senate for ratification. But Obama knew it wouldn’t pass, so he sidestepped Congress, and “ratified” it all by himself, calling it an “agreement.” So, Congress had no business sending the U.N. climate scammers any money at all.

In any event, if Michael Bloomberg insists on honoring commitments made by American presidents, here’s an idea. How about committing a few million dollars toward the wall, Mayor? Fat chance, right? Go for it, surprise us.

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