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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Apr 24, 2018

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence

New York Post: Macron Touts ‘Special Relationship’ with Trump
The Hill: Trump Wipes ‘Dandruff’ Off Macron’s Shoulder
CNN: Don’t Overlook Donald Trump’s Big Win on Mike Pompeo
FOXNews: Mike Pompeo Will Be a Great Secretary of State (No Matter What Democrats Say)
NBC: Trump Travel Ban Returns to U.S. Supreme Court
UK Sun: What Is The London Murder Rate, When Did It Overtake New York and Which City Has The Highest Murder Rate in the World?
CNN: The Man Accused of Mowing Down Toronto Pedestrians is Charged with Murder
New York Times: Will the Court Stand Up to Donald Trump?
Washington Post: Osama bin Laden’s Alleged Ex-Bodyguard Receives $1,400 a Month From German Taxpayers
Daily Caller: Bernie Also Has A Plan To Give Everyone In America A Job
Reason: Penn State’s 98-Year-Old Outing Club Is No Longer Allowed to Go Outside. “Student Safety in Any Activity is Our Primary Focus.”
Hollywood Reporter: ‘Monkey Selfie’ Appellate Ruling Finds Animals Can’t File Copyright Suits
ABC: Starbucks’ ‘Unconscious Bias Training’ Isn’t Enough, Protesters Say
Daily Caller: Shania Twain Caves To Left-Wing Intimidation
Billboard: Kanye West to Hot 97’s Morning Host Ebro Darden: ‘I Love Donald Trump’
Daily Wire: Kanye West Melts Twitter With Conservative Tweets. Ben Shapiro: You Left One Out
BBC: Royal Baby! Prince Charles Feels ‘Great Joy’ for New Grandson
TIME: Texas Man Gets 50 Years in Prison After Scheme to Steal $1.2 Million Worth of Fajitas Unravels

The Eraser of Inhibition and What Makes a Killer


A World Beyond Parody


Kanye West Speaks Up For Trump, Shania Twain Shies Away


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