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RUSH: We didn’t get to the Kanye West story yesterday, and I’m kind of glad we didn’t because it is doubled, tripled down over what it was yesterday. And I just want to tell you here, folks, that we actually have two prominent African-Americans. One of them is a superstar, Kanye West.

The other, Candace Owens, from Turning Point USA, an African-American Millennial. Both of these people are in the process of being destroyed, and the speed, the speed at which the Drive-By Media and Hollywood, the music industry, the entire left-wing apparatus, the speed at which they are moving to smear, defame, slander Kanye West for simply deviating from the family. Kanye is off the family reservation. He has deviated from acceptable liberal discourse.

And he is in the process of being destroyed. At least they’re trying to destroy him. Whether they will succeed or not, who knows. Some people think they already have, that he has already suffered great damage in that portion of the population that buys his music. That he’s never, ever gonna be the same and never, ever will be allowed to be the same. This includes being destroyed on three late-night so-called comedy shows last night, further illustrating my point that they’re not late-night comedy shows anymore; they’re late-night hatefests.

In fact, the late-night comedy shows, quote, unquote, have become the Ministry of Truth. The late-night comedy shows are where you go to find out who’s on the reservation and who isn’t, who is permitted to do their work and to do their jobs and who will not be permitted. Some might say that the media has become the Ministry of Truth too. That’s a 1984 term, the book 1984, George Orwell, if you’re confused.

It’s a very, very critical term. Ministry of Truth means it’s the propaganda arm, and these are the people that determine whether you get to say what you want to say or whether you’re sent to reeducation camp to have what you are saying and what you are thinking beaten out of you so as to keep you in line.

I mean, the speed at which they are trying to destroy Kanye West, and by extension the Kardashians, and the Kardashians know full well what’s going on, and it’s gonna be fascinating to watch. You know, Kanye’s married to one of them, and it’s gonna be fascinating to watch how the Kardashian side of this deals with Kanye. Will they abandon him? Will they flee for the tall grass so that they are not associated with him?

Because, see, one of the things that happens here, anybody who might be tempted to speak up in support of Kanye West, anybody that might be tempted to speak up and agree with Kanye, is gonna be scared to death to do it. They’re gonna be scared to death to even squeak out a little one liner on Twitter. They’re gonna be afraid that they’ll come for the same treatment.

And this is how the Ministry of Truth, this is how the left does it: Attack people that leave the family, leave the reservation and scare the hell out of anybody who agrees with ’em into shutting up so that the target remains isolated, so that the target remains alone, so that the target is led to believe he has no friends, he has no supporters.

Part of this has been a massive disinformation campaign. You can find the story all over the place that Kanye West has lost over half of his Twitter followers after one day of pro-Trump tweets. But he hasn’t. Twitter itself has admitted, he’s still got his 27 million followers. He hasn’t lost anybody. Doesn’t matter. The Ministry of Truth and everybody else is out saying that Kanye West is destroying his career, destroying everything about his career simply because of his willingness to speak positively and in support of Donald Trump.

So it’s a teachable moment for everybody. And it’s also a teachable moment for the Kardashians. And I’ll tell you why. And, yes, I’m shocked that I’m talking about Kanye West and the Kardashians. But, folks, it’s all a teachable moment. It is all illustrative. And, in fact, because it’s happening to Kanye West, his target audience, there’s an opportunity here to tell them the truth about some things, for them to see what happens to you if you engage in any independent thought. If you engage in any independent or free thinking, if you abandon the group, if you don’t fall in line with the groupthink, people are seeing what happens to you.

It’s gonna be a very, very curious thing to watch. The Kardashians are used to one kind of media. How would you describe the kind of media the Kardashians are used to, Mr. Snerdley? Loving, fawning, puff piece here, puff piece there. They may get an occasional snarky comment about Kim’s butt, but those are few and far between. They may get a snarky comment about her wardrobe one day on the red carpet, but nothing major.

But this is entirely different, and it’s gonna be new territory for the Kardashians who are used to being loved and everybody around them is a groupie, and now they run the risk of becoming ostracized. We’ll see what happens. But some of the Kardashians, the mom I believe is already trying to distance herself from Kanye. I think I’ve seen that.


RUSH: We start in Vienna, Virginia. This is Mike and you’re up first. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, sir. I told your call answerer that I’m a liberal, so I’m coming at this from a different direction. I just want to say that, you know, I hear “shut up and sing” all the time. And I don’t hear “shut up and sing” when Kanye comes out praising Trump. I also want to say that we on the left can appreciate art. I don’t think this is gonna concern his career at all. You know, R. Kelly was a pervert and had some perverted thoughts just like Kanye West did.

RUSH: Wait. Hold it a minute. What are we talking about, shut up and sing? Are we talking about Kanye? Are we talking about perverted R. Kelly? What are we talking about here?

CALLER: It’s all of a piece. And so is Colin Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick is an entertainer too, and you all want to keep him off the field. You’re like Kaepernick doesn’t agree with us, he can’t play the basketball.

RUSH: He can’t play football, what is this, “you all want to keep him off the field”? It had nothing to do with it.

CALLER: He went to Super Bowl. Don’t tell me he can’t play football.

RUSH: After he went to the —

CALLER: Backup job —

RUSH: The following two years he couldn’t play football, he couldn’t even start! But that’s — okay, look. We gave it a shot. Folks, we gave it a shot. I’m gonna tell you what the caller was gonna say ’cause I want to deal with it. But it was gonna take too long to get there. It sometimes happens to callers, they get so excited to get through here that they want to tell me everything they think. And most of them can do that in 30 seconds, they can tell you the entirety of their mental stores in 30 seconds. This guy’s got about a minute’s worth.

What he wanted to say was that he’s a liberal and about Kanye West, he says he hears conservatives say “shut up and sing” to a bunch of people on the left, shut up and dribble, whatever it is, but now all of a sudden we conservatives are a bunch of hypocrites because now that Kanye has come out for Trump, we love Kanye. Where before Kanye came out for Trump, we didn’t care about Kanye, so we’re a bunch of hypocrites. And he wanted to remind everybody that Kanye’s not this big lib anyway. Even Obama called him a jackass. Which is a classic illustration. This guy heard a couple things I said about Kanye, had a knee-jerk reaction. He missed the point.

I don’t care, folks. I don’t care what people who used to like Kanye and don’t do or didn’t and now do, that’s not the point. The only thing to see here is that people on the left used to think that Kanye was in their family. And they went out and they bought his records and they made him a big star and he married Kardashian, they said that’s okay. But now Kanye is all of a sudden gone off the reservation. Kanye is talking about making America great again, talking about being an independent thinker, talking about getting off the reservation.

My only comment here was look at how fast the people on the left will move to destroy somebody who leaves the family. That’s my only comment. It’s people on the left who think Kanye West is becoming traitorous here. It’s people on the left who are threatened by a black guy going out and expressing individual independent thoughts. There’s also another, there’s a Millennial conservative African-American woman, Candace Owens from Turning Point USA doing the same thing, and they’re trying to destroy her.

There is, there are still plantations in this country where African-Americans are expected to do what Massa tells ’em to do. They expect to say the way the Massa tells ’em to say. They’re supposed to think the way the Massa tells ’em. The Massa is the Democrat Party. The Massa is the Democrat left. And African-Americans are not allowed to leave the plantation. If they leave the plantation and start engaging in individual thought, if they begin thinking, period, if they don’t do anything but simply reflect what they’ve been told to say and be, then they’re in deep doo-doo.

Kanye West has been targeted for destruction simply because he has gone public about liking Donald Trump and wanting to think individually and not have to behave like a slave on the plantation. That’s my point. I’m just trying to point out to everybody else look what happens when you stray from the orthodoxy of liberalism, they’re gonna destroy you. Free thinking? Not permitted. Individual thought, critical thinking? Not permitted. Particularly among African-Americans.


RUSH: Kanye West is dangerous because his followers, low-information voters, don’t watch the news. They follow pop culture. That’s how they end up thinking what they think. That’s why Kanye represents a threat to the left.


RUSH: I mentioned Kanye West earlier. I want to make sure I get to the sound bite here with — we got three of them, two of Candace Owens. Candace Owens is a Millennial conservative African-American female. She’s part of Turning Point USA. She’s the communications director. Turning Point USA, I’ve described it, it’s a Millennial group of conservatives.

They are led by young man named Charlie Kirk and they are focused on anti-conservative bias on college campus and any number of places. They’re just a young Millennial pro-conservative group, and Kirk and his bunch are doing everything they can to get as many young Millennial conservatives to sign up and become politically active as they can.

And Candace Owens is one of these brilliant young Millennial conservatives who has been tweeting and speaking recently of wanting nothing to do with the left. She wants nothing to do with the groupthink, nothing to do with their agenda or their policies. And so she must be stopped. She must be stopped just like Kanye West must be stopped. But she is considered just as dangerous as Kanye. Her audience in pop culture is not as big as Kanye’s, but her influence, potential influence among educated Millennials is something you don’t want to risk.

Now, you have to point this out. We have been told our whole lives that the left is made up of people who have compassion. They love people. They’re tolerant and understanding. And we on the right, we are supposedly intolerant. We are mean spirited extremists. And, of course, we’re racists and sexists and bigots and homophobes.

And yet we on the right are completely tolerant. We will welcome people in that don’t agree with us. And we relish the chance to talk to ’em and change their minds. We’re not threatened by people that disagree with us, not just because they do. I mean, people disagreeing with us does not threaten what we believe.

Conservatives are so well adjusted, so confident. Conservatism’s in your heart. And just because somebody isn’t cannot shake your faith. We’re not afraid of liberals. We’re certainly not afraid to be among them, unless they are prone to violence, which many of them are.

But the point is, hearing contrary points of view doesn’t scare us. We’re not little snowflakes. We’re open to everything. We believe everybody ought to be individuals and the freedom to be individuals should be paramount. Think what you want, learn what you want, think, learn to think, expand your mind. We’re all for that.

Well, notice who it is that is racist, intolerant, extremist, and destructive. The left. One of the great myths in all of American culture and politics is that the left cares about people and that we don’t. And it’s the exact opposite. They don’t care about people. And they don’t love people. They are a hate group. We’re not. We love everybody. We want everybody to be the best they can be. We want everybody to be happy. We want everybody to love being an American. We want everybody to love America.

They don’t love anything. They hate everything. But look what happens when an African-American decides to think independently and as an individual. They try to literally destroy those people. The names are legion; the list is long. Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, it goes on and on and on.

You can add Candace now to the list as well, Candace Owens, Kanye West if you want, whoever. I find it among the most hypocritical things. They are nothing they claim to be. They’re not tolerant; they’re not loving; they’re not accepting at all.

So last night on Fox, Candace Owens appeared. And she was asked to comment on a tweet. “You said, ‘Kanye tweeted seven words, (“I love the way Candace Owens thinks”) and they jumped up and told blacks that they must immediately revolt. How many of you jumped up and did that? How many of you have your minds enslaved?’ Tell me about writing that.”

OWENS: It’s what I’ve been preaching about long before Kanye wrote this seven-word tweet that broke the internet, is that once they enslaved our bodies, the Democratic Party. But today they have enslaved our minds. They have told us who we must love, who we must hate, what we must think, what ideas are unacceptable. In the long run, it just doesn’t add up. Listen, I think differently. Kanye West thinks differently. I can guarantee you if he and I get in the same room, we will have a lot of disagreements. The one thing that we will celebrate is our right to think differently. I don’t understand what’s so controversial for the left to understand this. The way they have demonized him in the last 72 hours is almost sickening. But at the end of the day, it’s going to have adverse effects.

RUSH: Yeah, we hope. I’ve been saying for all these years that this behavior by the left is gonna have adverse affects, and a lot of people think they continue winning each and every day for a lot of reasons which we’re not gonna relitigate here. But you gotta love her confidence and you have to marvel at her intelligence. She says, “I don’t understand what’s so controversial for the left to understand this.” Yes, she does. She understands exactly what it is.

These people cannot take the risk of permitting opposing points of view. People on the left have not arrived at what they believe after having thought about it. That’s not why they believe what they believe. They have been propagandized, they have been conditioned, they’ve been indoctrinated. Part of the indoctrination is to warn them of the insidious evils of people who don’t think this way. They have been educated, they have been instructed to silence these people because they are not legitimate.

They’ve not had debate promoted. They’ve not been told how to critically think. They are the pure products of indoctrination and propaganda. They can’t defend what they believe. They’ve never had to. They’ve never been told they have to defend what they believe. Their task is to eliminate any and all opposition. And that’s what they do. And when anybody comes along and literally challenges what they believe, they have to shut it up. It’s too scary!

It’s too frightening! To realize that what they believe may not be true? They can’t deal with that! They have to silence it. Folks, conservatives are the equivalent of Satan to these people. Next question: “When you look at how the African-American community has been treated by President Trump versus Obama in terms of support, in terms of economic encouragement, in terms of empowerment, who do you think has done a better job?”

OWENS: I think President Barack Obama did a better job at creating a façade, and that’s exactly what it was. It was a facade. It was a mirage, and we were all dying in a desert, is what really happened, okay? He had tons of hip-hop artists. He had Jay-Z and Beyonce there all the time. But at the end of the day, what was going on in Chicago? Nothing got better in the black community. In fact, things got worse for the black community. He stepped out of the office, and the country had never been more divided. I never felt this way about blacks and whites when I was growing up in school. But I feel this way now because that’s what Barack Obama effectively worked on. It was a way to enslave us to the Democratic Party.

RUSH: “…a way to enslave us to the Democrat Party.” Every generation has its members that stray from home, and that’s what Candace Owens and Kanye West are being perceived to do: Stray from the plantation. And every generation… I’ll be honest. Every generation we have been waiting for it to actually count, mean something, and become part of a movement.

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