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RUSH: Comey! Comey just came out and said the NRA uses fear to sell guns. James Comey has made it official. He’s crossed over, and he has now landed both feet inside the Democrat Party — and you know why? Because that’s where he’s gonna sell books. He has written a book for the American left. He has sized it up and he’s figured out that there’s a lot of energy in the hate-Trump crowd out there.

And he’s gonna maximize it, and he’s gonna write a book, and he’s gonna sell the book to them, and then he’s gonna go out and say things to sell this book to let them know he’s on their side. And coming along and jumping Trump the day before Trump’s gonna go to the NRA — Trump’s there now. James Comey comes out and says that the NRA uses fear.

Nope. The NRA doesn’t do anything. The Democrat Party, every now and again, makes a move to try to take guns away from people, and more and more people join the NRA, and more and more people go out and buy guns. There’s over 300 million guns in this country today. I don’t know how many are not in the hands of Democrats, but I’ll guarantee you they’re outnumbered if it ever came to this.

And one other thing. Michael Caputo.

We played a number of sound bites from him yesterday. He’s one of the people that has gone broke having to defend himself in this asinine, offensive-as-it-can-be, so-called special counsel investigation into something that didn’t happen: Trump colluding with Russia. We played a bunch of his sound bites yesterday. We played the sound bite where his children’s future is gone, that he needs to get a job that pays $125,000 to be able to start putting his life back together.

And he’s just a witness! He not even a target. I failed to mention yesterday, we posted a segment on what I did with Caputo on the website, and we linked to a GoFundMe account that he’s established. But I didn’t mention it on the air yesterday, and I meant to. So I’m doing it now. We’ve still got the Caputo section up at RushLimbaugh.com.

And if you missed the show yesterday and missed that segment, you need to go to RushLimbaugh.com and read the segment on Caputo, ’cause it’s… Well, you’ll see. It’s excellent. But he’s also got a GoFundMe page where he’s seeking to try to recoup some of what he’s been forced to lose, as many people have, by the way — Flynn, a whole bunch of others.

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