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May 7, 2018


“The special counsel isn’t gonna go dark. The special counsel’s not gonna stop leaking. The special counsel is not gonna stop trying to get Donald Trump. They’re gonna rev it up as we get closer to the midterms, not go dark!”

“I am Rush Limbaugh having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have, mentoring the nation — including the nation’s Millennials — and happily doing so.”

“You can disagree with me all you want, but we cannot deny that Bill Clinton’s a great icebreaker on this Stormy Daniels stuff.”

“You’re paying $20,000, $40,000, $60,000 a year to send your kids away to actually become members of a cult, which is what I think higher education is today. Your kids are being indoctrinated into cults of left-wing radicalism.”

AP: Stormy Daniels to Alec Baldwin’s Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’: ‘Storm’s a Coming, Baby’
YahooNews: Lava Flows Erupt, Engulf Cars and Homes in Leilani Estates
New York Times: Erupting Volcano on Hawaii Releases Life-Threatening Gas, Officials Say
Daily Wire: Mueller’s Russian Troll Farm Indictment Could Face An ‘Embarrassing Dismissal’
The Hill: Federal Judge Rightly Rebukes Mueller for Questionable Tactics – Alan Dershowitz
ZeroHedge: Mueller Investigation In Jeopardy As “Witch Hunt” Accusations Play Out In Court
National Review: Why All the Secrecy? – Andrew McCarthy
Wall Street Journal: The Mystery of Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea
Daily Caller: As It Turns Out, Parkland Shooter WAS Referred To Controversial Discipline Program
HotAir: Reuters/Ipsos: Pay No Attention To This Flawed, Outlier Poll From… Reuters/Ipsos
The Hill: NRA: Annual Meeting Sets Attendance Record
National Review: Outrageous Redactions to the Russia Report – Andrew McCarthy
Washington Examiner: Time to End the Crazy Secrecy of the Trump-Russia Investigation – Byron York
Townhall: Liberalism Must Be Destroyed – Derek Hunter
FOXNews: Trump Rips Kerry for ‘Possibly Illegal Shadow Diplomacy’ on Iran Deal
The Hill: Judicial Order in Flynn Case Prompts New Round of Scrutiny
Forbes: Ted Kennedy’s Soviet Gambit – Peter Robinson
Politico: Hatch to McCain: Invite Trump to Your Funeral
FOXNews: Guy Who Ate 30,000 Big Macs Also Eats Another McDonald’s Treat Every Single Day
FOXNews: Illinois Counties Form ‘Sanctuaries’ For Gun Owners to Thwart State’s Push for Fun Control
CNN: Trump Urges West Virginia Voters to Reject GOP Senate Candidate Don Blankenship


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