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RUSH: No, it doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I think just let the Democrats keep going with this. I think it’s fabulous. You know their new mascot is becoming a porn star walking a runway in a G-string with a bunch of dollar bills stuff into it. What could be a better modern-day mascot for the Democrat Party than Stormy Daniels barely wearing anything with dollar bills stuffed into it while prancing around a bunch of drunk guys next to a pole in a place like the Bada Bing? If that’s not the perfect mascot image for the Democrat Party. Let ’em own it!

Proving my point. It used to be Russian collusion. Nothing there. Used to be collusion. Nothing there. Now they’re on to Stormy Daniels and they can’t get rid of it. Stormy Daniels in a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live actually made an AP news story. You wonder why Don Blankenship is surging in West Virginia? The Drive-By Media. The Drive-By Media explains all of this. I mean, this is comical. It makes an AP news story.

So Stormy Daniels shows up as herself on Saturday Night Live. We got Alec Baldwin portraying Trump, and he asked her, “What would it take to make you go away? What would it take to get you outta here?” and she says, “Your resignation,” and that makes an AP news story, a comedy bit on Saturday Night Live. So they have all of their eggs wrapped up in this porn star now. Stormy Daniels is the new mascot of the Democrat Party, and they seem to be eagerly embracing it. So I say, “Let them continue.”

If they really think that’s the route to retaking the House and impeaching Donald Trump, let them have at it.

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