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RUSH: One of the loudest Trump-haters in the “resistance” movement was New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Even before the President was inaugurated, Schneiderman exploited his power to investigate Trump’s inner circle. He and other liberal Attorneys Generals engaged in all sorts of legal shenanigans to thwart Trump’s policies.

Recently, Schneiderman raised his profile by going after a fellow liberal, the notorious Harvey Weinstein.

Schneiderman threatened legal action against the Hollywood mogul for his alleged abuse of women. Schneiderman praised the New York Times and the New Yorker magazine’s joint Pulitzer Prize for covering the “Me Too” movement. He said without the brave women who came forward, there wouldn’t be the “critical national reckoning” that is now underway.

Well, four more brave women came forward. They accused Schneiderman of abusing and assaulting them, in horrific fashion. And threatening their lives if they spoke up.

Within hours of this story breaking, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, running for re-election, called on Schneiderman to resign. Faster than you could say “lying liberal fraud,” Schneiderman was history.

That “critical national reckoning” suddenly became very critical for the Trump-hating former Attorney General of New York. Who was doing exactly what he was prosecuting other people for.

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