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RUSH: Ken in Los Angeles, you’re next, and it’s great to have you too. How are you?

CALLER: Yes, Russia. My… I’m concerned about your 99%, uh, mistake-free rating. Uh, I have only, uh, heard from your program… Uh, none of the other conservative radio or talk hosts, that the Iranians did not even sign the, quote, uh, “agreement.” And I was concerned that every time you mentioned it — I’ve heard you mention it about two or three times — that that counts against your percentage. It’s important for me to make sure that you know that, uh, your listeners are covering your back. So if you could double-check that, I would greatly appreciate it and pass it on.

RUSH: I’m trying to remember where I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it three times this week or twice, that the Iranians… It was not even… It’s not a formally ratified agreement.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And the —

CALLER: You can research that. I’ve got a couple more things, quickly. Charles Krauthammer, a name from our past. My recollection is when Obama was first elected — this concerns his legacy — that Krauthammer made a statement that Obama’s presidency is going to destroy the ability of blacks to get into, uh, politics. Not politics. The presidency. Does that ring a bell with you at all?

CALLER: Not specifically. Let me understand. You think you remember Krauthammer saying that Obama’s election would then prevent other African-Americans from winning the presidency ever again?

CALLER: Because he’s — because he’s — would do what he has proven to do. I’m not sure how Krauthammer knew that.

RUSH: Now, look. Let me just tell you, and you can get your Rush spies out there to try to tell me I’m wrong about that. My memory is that Krauthammer loved Obama at the first on the sophistication level, that Krauthammer was very eager and open-minded about Obama because of his intelligence and his sophistication, his think tank wonkishness. That’s my impression, that Krauthammer was originally in the David Brooks camp, not quite that he liked him because of the sharp crease in his slacks.

But he, you know, had dinner with Obama at George Will’s house, and these guys were all singing Obama’s praises. Now, that’s not to say that Krauthammer didn’t later say it. I myself have said it. I didn’t say it exactly that way. I said that the Obama presidency is gonna be a setback. If it blows up, it’s going to ruin chances for African-Americans to get elected down the road. But nobody will ever say that because it’d be a racist thing to believe, think, or say, but —

CALLER: As you anticipated, maybe Krauthammer did, too, that Obama would overstep his bounds and clearly he has.

RUSH: Well, the risk always… Now, this may be what Krauthammer said, because you’re talking about early on, before anybody could really know what Obama was gonna do, although I want to tell you: I had no doubt that if Obama succeeded in implementing what he wanted, it was gonna be disaster for the country, and that turned out to be true. But my thought on this is that there were people suggesting that if Obama failed, that it was going to provide an obstacle for future African African-American presidential prospects. But I think it was a generic statement, not related to Obama specifically but rather related to how successful or unsuccessful he might be.

CALLER: All right, and one more question.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: I understand perfectly what you were talking about in connection with the Department of… I mean, the attorney general’s department not disclosing the information that he has. But what’s the endgame? I mean, when does that come out? How does it come out? I have no idea. I mean, if they know all this, why don’t they, you know, bring… bring… bring it out to, you know, bring to light. What are they waiting for? Are they waiting to gather you think more information? I —

RUSH: Now, about what specifically? Are you talking about the informant that we’re talking about today or are you just talking about…?

CALLER: Correct. No, the informant.

RUSH: Okay.


RUSH: Well, here’s the answer to this. The answer to this is that Donald Trump, as president, can force the release of any of this any time he wants. He can force the release of the FISA warrant, the application. He can declassify anything he wants. He can make public anything he wants. So the question is, “Why doesn’t he? Why hasn’t he revealed and declassified what’s in the FISA warrant application so that we don’t have to guess anymore?”

If there is an informant, the FBI hired an informant in his campaign, why doesn’t he declassify this and tell the attorney general to release it? Well, there we have to start speculating and my guess is that there’s two explanations for it. One is that Trump’s in-house counsel — his White House lawyers — have got him convinced that if he orders this, that the media is gonna start shouting obstruction of justice, and that the American people are gonna believe that Trump is obstructing justice about telling the DOJ what to do.

And as a PR thing, they do not want that. Even though he can do it — it’s constitutional through and through — his lawyers have got him convinced that it would be a bad move because it would look to the low-information crowd and a lot of other people like he’s obstructing justice. Even though all he’s doing or would be doing is revealing information that the House is asking to see, and they are entitled to it. The president cannot obstruct by exercising his constitutional duties. But his lawyers, I am told, fear the PR hit.

The second explanation, Ken — and I think this one is very high on the probability list. I think the president likes the perception that they’re out to get him. He loves tweeting about the witch hunt. He loves tweeting that they’re out to get him. “Why don’t they do this? Why are they doing this?” Fake this, Fake Media, fake news. I think he believes — and this is not a criticism; don’t hear it this way. I think he believes that appearing as a victim of this giant deep state effort to get rid of him solidifies the bond he has with his supporters.

At some point, all of this is the basket made public because at some point the Mueller thing is gonna be over. And the interesting thing to me is what report is Mueller going to write when there isn’t any evidence of collusion? And will we ever see it? Mueller will submit his report to Rosenstein, not us. Will that report be absent evidence but a critique of Trump’s lack of sophistication and morals? Who knows what it’s gonna be! But if there isn’t any hard evidence of guilt, this report is still gonna be so critical of Trump, you can’t imagine. That’s my guess. But I think in terms of all this that so far is redacted, unreleased, that’s gonna be totally up to Trump as to how much of it — if any of it — is ever made public.


RUSH: Okay. Attention Ken in Los Angeles. State Department, November 25, 2015: Iran deal is not legally binding. Iran did not sign it. State Department, November 25, 2015. Find it at NationalReview.com by Joel Gehrke. But he’s simply reporting what the State Department has admitted. The Iran deal was not signed by them and it’s not legally binding! It wasn’t a treaty!

Do not doubt me! Sorry. Don’t doubt me.

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