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RUSH: The story on the Schneiderman babe. He had a date with a woman who was told that he would be a cool guy to go out with.

They had dinner at some restaurant in Central Park, and he, apparently, his problems begin with the consumption of adult beverage. Apparently, the one thing or one of the things that is common in all of these stories is that this guy pounds it, like two bottles of wine at dinner and opening a bottle of scotch. So, anyway, she found him at dinner to be charming and nice and funny and felt very good that he was gonna destroy Trump and protect women and all that.

And then she decided to let him take her home — his car, driver, I guess. She wasn’t quite sure because he was clearly inebriated, and he was starting to display the personality characteristics that all these other women have talked about. But she decided it’s not a long trip home; I’ll go home with him. During the trip home her phone rings, she gets a text from a male platonic friend of hers saying there’s a party at his place and why doesn’t she come?

So she tells Schneiderman that she’s been invited to a party, and he lost it. He literally lost it, and she began to fear for herself physically, demanded to be let out of the car, and all it took to set him off was that another guy had texted her — and it was the first date! They’re gonna find a way to blame Trump for this, and I’m gonna show you how here in just a second. I can’t wait to share this. In fact, let me just do it right now.

There’s not enough time left to tease this. What I have here is a… Let’s see. Yes. This is a New York Times story. “Eric Schneiderman Falls, Trump Allies Gloat, Democrats Seethe.” Now, stick with me on this. I’m gonna read you the first paragraph. “The moment of political reckoning began a day after President Trump’s inauguration, when millions of marchers protested his policies and treatment of women. That outpouring of energy has rippled through elections over the last 16 months, as women have turned out in force to vote — and often to punish the Republican Party.”

Now, remember, the Democrats haven’t won anything in these special elections, haven’t won diddly-squat. This is all a myth — and those women that showed up, it was the result of a bot attack on Twitter. It wasn’t legit. It was a bunch of people hired to make a protest, waiting for the go signal, just like Trump’s travel ban. But here’s the point of this story. Let me just summarize this for you. The point of this story (“Eric Schneiderman Falls, Trump Allies Gloat, Democrats Seethe.”) is that sex scandals, even when they involve Democrats, will hurt Trump.

That’s the point the New York Times is trying to say here, and the reason the Times is saying it is because these scandals — these sex scandals — energize Millennial women who vote straight Democrat. Now, you may think the Times has a point about this, that any sex scandal is gonna really tick off and infuriate Millennial women, and they just happen to vote straight Democrat. The Times wants us to believe that Democrat sex scandals are going to lead Millennial women to voting for Democrats and blaming all of this on Trump.

And that this is why media continues to push the #MeToo movement because it’s not hurting Weinstein, it’s not hurting Schneiderman, that in their world, it’s going to hurt Trump. “Christine Matthews, a Republican pollster who recently conducted a survey on the politics of sexual harassment for the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, sees an opposite scenario unfolding. Far from letting Mr. Trump off the hook, Ms. Matthews contends that each new case of sexual misconduct — in either party — is likely to heighten voters’ demand for a comprehensive response.

“And the voters most engaged on the matter, she said, are younger women who lean Democratic. ‘It will probably energize Millennial women, who tend not to vote as often in midterms,’ Ms. Matthews said, adding of the Schneiderman case: ‘It’s just further evidence that this is a widespread problem.'” So this is the New York Times trying to say that the Schneiderman case is not gonna anger Millennial women against Schneiderman. It’s gonna tick them off about politics in general for which Trump is gonna get the blame.

Yet I have a companion story to this. You remember the new…? You may think I’m making a mistake. I’m not. I’m telling you exactly what the Times story says. It’s a roundabout concoction of wishful thinking. The New York Times literally writes a story here that the Eric Schneiderman sexual abuse stories are going to energize Millennial women to vote against Republicans. Does that…? Just on the surface of it, on the face of it, does that make any common sense to you? If you start with the premise that Millennial women routinely vote Democrat…

That’s their belief, that all these sex scandals involving Democrats are just gonna make ’em madder anyway, it’s not gonna change the way they vote, they’re just gonna… I think it’s 180 degrees out of phase. I think it’s wishful thinking. I think it’s wishful thinking that these people think these Democrats are gonna escape any kind of blame. I think it’s wishful thinking that Donald Trump is gonna be blamed for what Eric Schneiderman has done.

The companion story, Vanity Fair: Are Millennial Women Tuning Out the Russia Investigation? —  Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign winds on, the presidency has become a head-spinning choose-your-own-adventure game—one that could end in a constitutional crisis, or the impeachment of a president, if Trump doesn’t fire Mueller first.” Now, Vanity Fair writes about politics horribly. You must… It’s almost… It’s sophomoric, and it’s so left-wing biased, it’s childlike bias. So you gotta keep that in mind.

“Perhaps, as many Republicans maintain, the special counsel will find nothing damning at all. Outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and, yes, theSkimm and Vanity Fair’s Hive, have meticulously followed the proceedings, chronicling new developments and scrutinizing their significance. But according to new data gathered by the Hive, theSkimm, and SurveyMonkey as part of Millennial Takeover 2018, our year-long editorial project in advance of the midterm elections, at least one group is relatively tuned out when it comes to Trump and Russia and the accompanying intrigue: Millennial women.”

Now, wait! The New York Times just told us that Millennial women are counted on to turn out, and they are dead-set locked against Republicans and Trump. If that’s true, how come they’re losing interest in the investigation into Trump? How come Robert Mueller is not able to hold their attention? How come the Drive-Bys are not able to hold theire attention? This is survey of a lot of women by three different outfits: theSkimm, Vanity Fair’s Hive, and SurveyMonkey.

“That’s not to say Millennial women don’t care about dirty politics… But when it comes to Russia specifically, their interest drops off…” Well, wait a minute, now. Why is there interest dropping off about Russia? Because all Russia is is Trump, right? Could it be that their interest is dropping off because there isn’t anything interesting? And could it be that there isn’t anything interesting because nobody’s turned up anything yet that would tend to indicate Trump did what everybody’s accusing him of?

Mueller is losing Millennial women who it’s said are a lock to vote Democrat.

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