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RUSH: Anyone watching the Gina Haspel confirmation hearings for CIA director knows she is something special. That is, anyone except the Democrats on the Intelligence Committee — who really aren’t so intelligent.

For 33 years, this woman has worked her way up the CIA ladder. She’s currently acting director, and a lot of her work remains classified. But we do know she’s a counter-terrorism expert who spent time in the field, risking her life after 9/11.

Democrat Senators tried to discredit and embarrass Ms. Haspel. They complained about harsh interrogation of captured terrorists. Interrogation that got results, and prevented more attacks. And they still attack her.

These Democrats failed. Poor Dianne Feinstein embarrassed herself, attempting to nail Haspel with accusations proven to be false.

The junior Senator from California, Kamala Harris, also demonstrated why she’s not ready for the big leagues. She demanded that Haspel, as acting director of the CIA, recuse herself from deciding what information should be declassified for the Intelligence Committee. She’s running for president, she put on a show, and it wasn’t good.

Democrats were grandstanding, trying to protect themselves from their radical, fringe, unhinged base. Meanwhile, the woman they tried to take down has spent her life protecting America.

The contrast could not have been greater!

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