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RUSH: Here is Mark in Traverse City, Michigan. Welcome, sir. Glad you waited. What’s happening, what’s shaking, what’s up?

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush. I’m calling on a flip phone from Reo, Indiana. My question, looking at the cost and benefit of the Iran deal, we know what the cost is, but what is the benefit? Why are we spending billions of dollars and our allies also supporting this deal?

RUSH: Well, that’s just it. I asked the question, “Why did we do it? What was Obama so interested in doing this for? Nobody wanted it. Nobody supported it. It was gonna cost a large amount of money. Why? What was the whole point?” I don’t know. Now, your question about why are the allies still on board? Is that what you said?


RUSH: Well, sadly, I think that’s easy. Anti-Semitism. I think European Union hatred for Israel explains why there was a huge alliance of European Union nations with this crazy Iran deal. I don’t think there’s… There may be other economic reasons that we don’t know about. We don’t know what Obama promised these countries. We don’t know anything about this, except we know how upset all these people are that Trump has pulled out of it.

I mean, they are really, really upset, as are the Obama administration figures who were involved in it. It’s a good question. If we pulled out, why are these other signatories…? Well, there aren’t any other signatories since nobody signed it. But why are these other European nations, so-called allies, staying in it? If you take a look, folks, at Europe, you find anti-Semitism is on the rise, and it’s not just because a lot of these countries are allowing open-border immigration from Muslims in the Middle East.

There’s rising anti-Semitism in Germany, native anti-Semitism. Ditto in France. It’s not talked about much, but Israelis, they’re not very popular with a whole lot of people. They never have been. You know, understanding why, you’d have to the bet into detail about anti-Semitism. I don’t think any of this is geopolitical or geo-historic. Some of it may be, but I think that’s the first, top-shelf answer that I would give. I mean, let’s face it. The Iran deal was considered by Israel to be a huge threat.

Israel, as far as we know, is the only Middle Eastern nation with a nuclear weapon. That just rubs people raw like you can’t believe. And let’s face it: The European Union is a bunch of linguini-spined leftists and socialists who really think the region ought to be turned over to the Palestinians. They look at the Israelis as a bunch of mean-spirited extremists the way conservatives in this country are seen by the left and by media, and having a deal and an alliance with Iran was a way to make a statement against Israel. I think that’s a large part of it.

Now, it obviously won’t explain or give every answer to it, still a good question. But that’s the first thing I would tell you.

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