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RUSH: Last week, the Santa Clarita City Council met to decide whether to join other California cities opposing the state “sanctuary” law.

The meeting room was filled over capacity, with 200-plus residents signing up to speak. Outside, protesters for and against the sanctuary law took positions on opposite sides of the building.

Inside, pro-sanctuary speakers resorted to the usual name calling. They called those who want immigration laws enforced racist. They accused them of sending an unfriendly message that Santa Clarita is anti-family.

Anti-sanctuary speakers defended law and order, pointing out sanctuary cities’ high crime rates, and the burden on taxpayers.

Things grew raucous. Protesters chanting about “hate” were confronted by opponents calling them “socialists” and demanded they speak English.

But, in the end, the Santa Clarita City Council voted unanimously, 5 – 0, to support President Trump’s lawsuit against California’s sanctuary laws. They became the first city in Los Angeles County to do so.

That sends a message, all right. The citizens’ rebellion is spreading, and it’s not going to be crushed! You want to know a stat: Half the population of this country, lives under sanctuary law. I’m not kidding.

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