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RUSH: Here’s Jay, Los Angeles. Good to have you. EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush, from Los Angeles.

RUSH: Yeah. Great to have you from Los Angeles. It’s always great to get calls from there.

CALLER: Yeah. I’m surprised they allowed the call to get out here in the first place. As you know, I’m only 386 miles south of your adopted hometown. But the kicker is I’m 43 miles north of that ambulance chaser, the Democratic operative known as Michael Avenatti.

RUSH: (laughs)

CALLER: And that’s why I’m calling, Rush. I’m really sick of this guy. I’m sick of the Stormy-Avenatti Show. Everybody is treating Avenatti like he’s some sort of hero, and Stormy is treating herself like she’s some sort of victim. The only point I want to make to you is we’ve gotta pull a nail in his coffin because it’s severely unreported, but Stormy? This isn’t her first foray into political stunts, and I don’t know if everybody knows about it, but this is the same person — a lifelong Democrat — who ran against David Vitter with another Democratic operative back in the 2009 race against David Vitter down in Louisiana.

RUSH: Was that Stormy? You’re saying Stormy was involved in that?

CALLER: Oh, there’s no doubt about it. Yeah, anybody can search it up. You know, take a look at it, and Stormy ran against David Vitter. Actually, I think she originally… I think some college kids drafted her, but then she formed an exploratory committee — ’cause we know Stormy loves to explore. It’s just one of those things where once she saw that she had a chance to run, she basically put her hat in the ring and said, “You know, I’m gonna… You know, if people are gonna screw people for money,” she said. You know, she had some sort of slogan where, you know, she’s gonna do it honestly. I’m like, “This is not honestly, Stormy.” You basically had a Democratic operative handler that created the media circus to try to get David Vitter knocked out of that race.

RUSH: No, I remember that. I remember all of that. I just didn’t know Stormy Daniels was at the center of it.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. She was. She was. The reason she dropped out was she basically committed a misdemeanor when she physically assaulted what is now her ex-husband. I guess she got mad over how he did the laundry, and so somebody ought to call him and ask him if… You know, I respect the victims of the #MeToo movement. I’m thinking he may be one of Stormy. Someone needs to do more reporting on this, and I know since the networks are monitoring, we’d like you to basically put out the word there that this is a repeat performance. It’s probably be more ropes than a lot of the movies.

RUSH: You seem to be up to speed on this stuff. When did Stormy run into “Avenutti”?

CALLER: Yeah, “Avenutti,” that’s I think where we’re missing in the reportage, because, to be honest with you, Avenatti is one of these guys who… You know, I mean, granted the legal profession, it is a profession; that’s what they say. He seems to want his own show. I just can’t figure out who’s the media whore and who’s the publicity hound. I can’t figure it out for the life of me. So he’s just trying to get —

RUSH: Let me give you the question about “Avenutti.” There’s only one question about “Avenutti.” Who’s paying him? ‘Cause Stormy isn’t. Stormy does not have the money. Who is paying this guy, and how much? And who found him to be her such-and-such lawyer? That’s not even what’s going on! She not even… what “Avenutti” is doing is not even lawyerly here. He’s acting as a political, opposition-research operative — which, in one period of his life, he was. He was an opposition-research expert for Rahm Emanuel, who is now the mayor of Chicago.

So really, if you find out who’s paying “Avenutti,” you’d have a lot of things answered here. You’d have… Well, I don’t know how many “a lot of things,” but you’d have something very relevant, I think, known. ‘Cause then you’d find out who’s really behind all this Stormy stuff and what its abject purpose is. We know what the abject purpose is, and that’s to destroy Cohen and in the process get close so that the shrapnel and the fumes somehow reach Trump. Look, I appreciate the call, Jay. I’m glad that they let the call out of the Los Angeles grid. It’s great to hear from you.


RUSH: By the way, I looked this up, and our caller from Los Angeles was actually correct. I don’t know how I missed this. You don’t understand how embarrassing this is. A guy calls and talks about something and I don’t know anything about it? That’s just not done. But Stormy Daniels was indeed planning on running for the Senate in New Orleans when David Vitter got into trouble. It was back in 2009, and her campaign slogan was going to be, “Screwing People Honestly.”

And I’m not kidding. It’s right here, folks. (shuffling paper) There’s a Newsweek story on it from January of this year, and I didn’t know! How do you not remember the name Stormy Daniels? Make America Horny Again Tour is what she’s currently on. But she wanted to run for the Senate and “Screwing People Honestly” was gonna be her slogan.

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