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RUSH: I checked the email during the top-of-the-hour break.  “Rush, the news media today seems totally obsessed with Rudy saying that the special counsel’s team told him that they can’t indict a president. Folks, look, I’m sorry but that isn’t news. This has been something we have mentioned on this program on countless previous occasions, and it’s as much a constitutional prohibition as it is legal.  No president has ever been indicted.  If you want, again, the CliffsNotes version of why, the founders were…

These were brilliant people.  They understood factions.  They understood partisanship.  They experienced it.  They understood mean-spirited extremism.  They understood irrationality.  The method, the constitutional method for getting rid of a president — who, after all, is the president because the people of the country elect him.  If it was as easy to get rid of the president as indicting him, you could make up charges left and right. Indict the guy, never convict him, have no evidence. But once he’s indicted, he’s gotta go.

I mean, that would be the reality.  The founders knew you couldn’t permit that to happen.  The president is the head of the executive branch.  The Department of Justice cannot… This is long-accepted legal and constitutional theory.  The Department of Justice simply cannot indict the head honcho of the executive branch.  It doesn’t mean the president’s above the law.  It means that there’s another prescription for getting rid of a bad guy president.  It’s called impeachment.

And if you can find that the guy’s created crimes, if you can find that he’s created misdemeanors — engaged in these kinds of things — there is a proscription for getting rid of presidents.  And it is understandably hard. It is purposely hard to do.  The founders took great steps to ensure the will of the people could not easily be thwarted, because if it could, then there would be no republic.  If the people vote for a president and inside of six weeks of the man’s inauguration some rogue comes along and indicts him? They couldn’t permit that.

I mean, I think they foresaw scenarios just like this one.  Look at Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton lied under oath to a grand jury in the Paula Jones case.  Well, people have been put in jail for lying to the FBI.  Talk to Martha Stewart, Scooter Libby.  But not Bill Clinton!  Never indicted. Never thought of being indicted. No charges brought.  Not indicted.  Instead, they went the impeachment route, and they failed!  There is no constitutional way that Robert Mueller can get rid of Donald Trump, and the reason for that is the constitutional method for getting rid of any president is impeachment.

And for a president to be impeached is rather easy, compared to being convicted.  All you have to do to impeach a president is for the House of Representatives to bring charges.  That’s what impeachment is.  The House of Representatives charges the president with whatever “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  Then the House appoints members (that are called “managers”) to present each of the charges (which is then called a “case”) to the Senate as a whole.  In the Clinton impeachment, there were 12 different charges, 12 House managers, including Lindsey Graham.

It was known before it even began the Senate was never gonna vote to convict Bill Clinton. So those House managers presented their case; the trial happened. Henry Hyde was very much involved.  It ended up being a humongous embarrassment for those House managers, which is why Lindsey Graham — who was an original Newt Gingrich freshman conservative in 1994 — began to distance himself from that conservatism, because he wanted to rehab himself after the embarrassment of the failure to convict Clinton.

Well, let’s bring this forward to Trump.  There isn’t a crime here.  There has never been a crime! The allegation was Trump colluded with Russia.  The only crimes that have taken place were those committed by Hillary Clinton and her minions in her campaign.  Believe me, if they had a crime to charge Trump with, he’d have been charged with it by now.  If they had a crime, if they had evidence of collusion, we’d have known about it long ago and action would have taken.

The New York Times story today even admits that they don’t have any collusion evidence after all this time!  So now, it’s a counterintelligence investigation which permits all this spying activity and permits all of these leaks and permits… I mean, counterintelligence is what you do to catch terrorists.  But counterintelligence cases do not involve crimes.  Intelligence evidence is not evidence that would convict anybody of crimes because that’s not what intelligence is used for!

So Robert Mueller cannot indict, and it isn’t any big news, but he would have to impeach.  He would have to convince… A lot of people think that’s what Mueller is doing, is preparing an impeachment case.  Well, I’m sorry, but who’s gonna present that?  The House of Representatives — and right now the Republicans control the House of Representatives, and there is no way that no matter what Mueller finds, the House of Representatives is gonna impeach Donald Trump.

But even if they did, there is no way that two-thirds of the Senate is gonna convict him, not as he’s sitting there with 50% approval.  It’s just not gonna happen!  It was never the intention… I am convinced — and I’ve mentioned this enough times now that I’m being redundant with it.  The whole point of all of this — and this is irrefutable. These people on the counterintel side, the DOJ, the FBI, they were so full of themselves. They were so convinced.

They thought they were gonna get rid of Trump in six months.  You have to understand the arrogance these people. These people… It’s hard to describe.  I’ve tried I don’t know how many different ways to describe the establishment, the elites, the people in this club, how they think, what they think of themselves, their arrogance and their hubris, their exclusionary existence.  The fact that people who make the country work are nothing more than cogs of dirt to them.

You people, all of us, we’re just plebes.  We’re nameless faces.  We’re interchangeable.  We’re not in their league.  We can’t stop what they do.  We’ll never even know what they do.  The whole game is to prevent us from ever really knowing what they do anyway.  They think they run the world, and they have counterparts in the European Union who think the same thing.  They have counterparts in Asia.  This club of elites is worldwide, and they all have common beliefs.

Among those common beliefs is that the United States of America is not the solution to the world’s problems.  But that takes me into another area that I don’t want to get distracted by.  The point is that these people have no awareness of why Donald Trump is popular.  All they have is resentfulness of it.  They have no desire to know why Trump is popular. They have no desire to get on your good side.  They don’t care what you think because what you think doesn’t matter.

And who could blame ’em?  Look what they’ve gotten away with for a year and nothing happens to them!  Look at all of the illegality, the impropriety, the total absence of ethics that has gone on for the last year, and none of them pay a price for any of it!  Oh, they might get demoted as in Strzok. They might lose their position to the Mueller investigation. They might not last in the Trump DOJ as in Sally Yates. But nothing happens to them!

They’re never charged with violating any laws.

They have been running a spy operation on the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency, and not a single person involved… In fact, not only does nothing happen to them, they’re getting rich in the process!  I gave you James Comey, who is the architect of much of this and who is also the order taker for much of it.  John Brennan, James Clapper, all these former Obama people, Obama himself, Sally Yates — all of these names which have become household to certain of us since Trump began the campaign and since Trump was inaugurated — nothing happens to them.

They get hired by the Drive-By Media. They are paid handsomely to be so-called analysts. They continue the Trump operation on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. They get rich in the process. They write books. How many people you think have read Comey’s book? I’ll bet you not 10% of people that bought it have read it. Reading it was not the point. Buying it was the point.

Getting sales for Comey was the point to show, to demonstrate that so many people supported Comey. It’s all optics! Comey’s book is the kind you buy, you put on the coffee table if you’re a leftist hoping your influential friends see it thinking, “Wow. This guy’s got Comey’s book. He’s cool, up to snuff and so forth.” You think they would ever go buy Salena Zito’s book?

If you really want to know who Donald Trump is and why he got elected and why he’s gonna be rereelected, that’s the book you would buy, Salena Zito’s book. You think they’re interested? They couldn’t care less! The only thing that exists with Donald Trump is the desire and the requirement that he be sent packing to jail, if possible, never to be heard from again.

When I have mentioned to you that they despise Trump because he has so easily exposed who these people are, he has demonstrated how ineffective they are. They’re supposedly the best and the brightest. They’re the people to run our country. They are the people to make sure we’re protected against terrorists. They’re the people that make sure to protect our economy. These are the people that are guaranteeing us they’re gonna administer the education system.

They are blowing everything they touch. They’ve ruined it, they have destroyed it, because most of them are liberals, and that’s what they do. Trump has come in, in less than a year and a half, has turned this country around in a 180-degree fashion and sent it off in a direction these people never wanted our country to go, do not believe, did not believe it was possible.

Trump, in the process, has exposed what a bunch of ineffective liars they are. They’re placeholders! They occupy positions of power and prestige in their club, but they don’t do anything! Except protect the club and protect other people in it. Trump has exposed them. He’s driving them crazy. He is demonstrably improving things they have told us were never gonna be better.

They told us, “Get used to it. This is the new order. This is the new decline. America’s best days are behind us.” They’ve told us that climate change, that we are responsible for, is destroying our planet. All of this is designed to get the American people to accept various forms of punishment. And the various forms of punishment always result in little, bitty losses of freedom here and liberty there. As people accept the blame for causing climate change, they willingly buy into a reduced choice of automobile, they buy into a reduced lifestyle. They accept blame for all these problems they’ve caused, problems that don’t really even exist.

Climate change, man-made, give me a break. If it were, we could stop it, we could change the climate on a dime. All of this is nothing but a pure pack of concentrated, undiluted, raw crap that these people have ladled out year after year, decade after decade, from their auspicious perch as the best and the brightest.

Somebody they think is not even worth mopping their floors has come in and demonstrated not only are they ineffective at what they claim to be the best at, but he can actually improve on what they claim to be the experts in doing. And he can do it at a speed that they don’t want anybody to know is possible.

These people are so invested in illegal immigration because one of their objectives is to eventually eliminate borders, get rid of nation states so that these people are in charge really of the world and not just nations here and nations there. It’s a hideous thing. Some people refer to it as a conspiracy. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy. I think it actually exists, and I think these people are trained and educated for these positions and these roles.

They are not people that have ever succeeded in the private sector at doing anything. They look down at people in the private sector. You know in the early days — I’ll give you an illustration of how this operates — in the earliest days of the game of golf over in the U.K., the best players were not permitted in the clubs. They were considered tradesmen. They were not from the elite upper crust of the population.

The best players, the absolute best players, the equivalent of our professionals, were not permitted to join the country clubs, the golf clubs, because they were tradesmen. They were considered inferior human beings. They were staff. They were people that lived and toiled below stairs. The best people at the game were not admitted, and it exists to this day still in certain areas. And Trump has crashed through all of that.

Anyway, I just noticed the clock. It’s break time again.


RUSH: This is John. John, is it Cheshire Connecticut or Cheshire?

CALLER: Cheshire.

RUSH: Cheshire.

CALLER: Yes, sir. First of all, Mueller isn’t gonna have a problem, really, with not presenting that evidence, because all he has to do is pull the playbook out of the DNC, which is they wouldn’t let anybody look at the servers, so he can just say, “You know, you don’t have a right to look at my evidence –”

RUSH: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. No, no, no. It’s called discovery. And these guys have been sued; these guys have been charged; they have to know exactly what they’re being charged —

CALLER: Ah, what’s that matter to the press, Rush? That doesn’t matter to the press. But I guess the reason I called, the main question I had was, what lengths do you think the Dems and the deep state would go to? I mean, they’ve demonstrated that they’ll cover up. I mean, we had eight years of that with Obama, with Lois Lerner and Fast and Furious and ad nauseam. And, you know, you can go back to the Scooter Libby days when they put an innocent man behind bars. They’ve demonstrated they’ll do just about anything. And I’m wondering just how far they will go. When you listen to people and they talk about false flags and stuff like that, and that stuff is dismissed as kook conspiracy stuff. But when I look at these people, I say to myself, “There is almost nothing that they wouldn’t do in order to protect themselves, to protect whatever the heck it is they have going on in the world.”

RUSH: Obama, do not forget, protecting Obama personally and his legacy to the extent that they can, and themselves in all this. But you want to know how far they’ll go?


RUSH: Okay. Well, let me give you a scenario that I think is entirely possible. It’s been since 1973, DOJ guidelines cannot indict a sitting president, constitutionally can’t do it for the reasons I gave you. These people are perfectly capable of manufacturing crimes. You mentioned Scooter Libby. They manufactured or created a crime for him to commit during the investigation.

There is no limit to what Mueller can investigate. I mean, he’s indicted Manafort for things that happened 15 years ago, 10 years ago. These people are not gonna stop pursuing Donald Trump. If he’s reelected in 2020, in 2024 when he leaves office, they’ll charge him, if they have to. They will charge him with whatever they have found now that they can’t indict him for now, impeach him for now, they will charge him in 2020. They will destroy him. They will stop at nothing to destroy him at the first chance they get. That’s how far I think they’ll go.

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