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RUSH: A few weeks ago, I told you about the huge tax that Seattle’s City Council planned for its businesses. Amazon, the city’s largest employer, would be hardest hit.

Amazon would owe an additional $500 dollars per employee, on top of the taxes they pay already. This new tax would supposedly solve Seattle’s housing crisis. But it wouldn’t.

As in other liberal-run cities, homeless “camps” are everywhere. Thanks to Seattle’s massive over-regulation, available housing cannot keep up with demand. Rents are astronomical.

Whenever liberals create problems, do they fix their policies? No. They punish the productive. This new tax targeted successful businesses, which Seattle liberals assume are just rolling in extra dough and will roll over and pay any new tax.

But Amazon didn’t follow the script and bend over and grab the ankles. Instead, they immediately halted their Seattle expansion plans.

For once, officials backed down, a little. Instead of $500 dollars per employee, the City Council voted to “only” tax big companies $275 per employee.

But here’s a warning for Jeff Bezos. The liberals who run your town are going to be back for the rest of it. Taxes are all they know. Your success made you a target, and you’re gonna stay a target. Guaranteed. No matter how big a liberal you are, no matter how proud they are of you owning the Washington Post, they’re going to get you, Jeff.

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