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RUSH: I had this yesterday, and I wanted to briefly mention it here and then a couple of other really fascinating little interesting ditties.

Gallup has just released survey data showing that the percentage of Americans who are satisfied with how things are going has tied for the highest level since 2005. CNN ran a poll 10 or so days ago; got similar results. In the CNN survey, 57% of the people answered yes when asked if they think things are going well in the U.S. In the CNN poll, it’s the highest since 2007. And I made the point that this is despite — this is despite — the daily, 365, never-ending effort to destroy Donald Trump.

The 24/7, never-ending bombardment of fake news — and still! Here’s another thing: The Democrat advantage in the generic ballot is now down to 3%. And you know what people are chalking that up to? I think this is a crock. But this is how these people think. They think “Avenutti” is causing people to turn against the Democrats. You think that’s…? You really think that people taking a survey…? Okay. Let’s game this out, as they say, and let’s say it’s ten days ago.

Avenatti’s all over TV saying what he’s saying, doing what he’s doing, making fool of himself, coming off as a braggart, obnoxious boob. At the same time, people are planning how they’re gonna vote in November when asked — and a bunch of ’em say they’re gonna vote Democrat. Then after a day of watching “Avenutti,” the pollster comes along and says, “You know what? I watched this guy ‘Avenutti’ on TV; this guy’s making me nervous about Democrats. I’m not gonna vote Democrat.”

Do you think people really…? The Democrats want to come up with some explanation for why they continue to lose their advantage in the generic ballot surveys, and they dealt… They will never admit the problem is them. I’ll tell you what their problem is. And in fact it’s a problem for all of us. The problem is — and this is three days in a row that I have seen stories that allude to this. The problem is that the Democrat Party is being California-ized. The Democrat Party is becoming unabashedly, no attempt to disguise it whatsoever, full-throated socialist.

There is no Democrat Party, or there soon will not be a Democrat Party of your youth, and certainly not the Democrat Party of your parents. It is trending full-throttle socialism, and it doesn’t stop at socialism. Communism never stops at socialism, or socialism doesn’t stop until it gets to communism, and that’s where they are headed. The Democrat Party is being taken over by pure, undiluted, raw socialists.

They are winning primaries. They are determining the Democrat Party agenda. They have taken over California. California has already gone in that direction. California’s lost. There is no Democrat Party of old in California. It’s full-fledged radical and on the border of insane socialism. There isn’t, my friends… There is not an example in human history where socialism has fulfilled its promise. Not even close. There’s not one.

The most recent example of socialism gone amuck? Well, you could pick California. You could pick Venezuela. You could say pick any city in America that’s totally run unchecked by liberals. Now, that’s a problem for all of us, because what if the party keeps expanding on that basis? Right now, it is assumed that 40% of the Democrat Party is full-throated socialist and growing, and many people are attributing that to Bernie Sanders.

That, for whatever reason, Sanders has started attracting people, young people, and then the numbers have grown. And part of it is the Democrats really don’t like Hillary. A lot of Democrats just can’t stand Hillary. So Bernie was the natural choice to turn to if you didn’t like Hillary.

But if the Democrat Party’s able to convert the percentage of its people that we would still consider normal, if there are any left, if the Democrat Party becomes 80, 90% socialist, then we all have a problem. ‘Cause they’re gonna win some elections. I mean, they’re not gonna be shut out consistently. They’re gonna win some. And at some point they’re gonna win the White House back. It’s a major, major concern.

But right now the Democrats find it their greatest concern, and they see their generic ballot advantage dwindling away, and so they’re trying to blame things — like they’re blaming Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer. They’re blaming him. When the answer is — it’s multifaceted, but it’s not Avenatti. Avenatti’s not why they’re losing. I would contend that they never really had the advantage.

I would contend that back in January and December when the generic ballot news was first reported, I don’t believe they ever had a 15-point advantage. And if they did, it didn’t matter because the election was still a year away, but I don’t think they ever really did. I think it’s just now normalizing and getting to the point where it’s accurate, getting close to that point. But the Democrats think they had a big advantage and they’re losing it. They’re coming up with all these cockamamie reasons to explain it, and they’re not getting close.

And you couple this with the Gallup news that details and agrees with the CNN survey ten days ago that a greater share of people in America satisfied with how things are going, that does not bode well for Democrats at all.


RUSH: Let me try something out as a theory. Do you think — by the way, have you noticed how clever Trump is? Trump is manipulating Democrats into defending MS-13. Is this not the most incredible thing? Nancy Pelosi out there talking about, “Well, these people have humanity.” Even the babe that runs Planned Parenthood is out defending the humanity of MS-13 while wiping out humanity in the womb at Planned Parenthood! Which Trump is on the verge of defunding in terms of federal tax dollars. Doesn’t matter. A bunch of leftists will make up the difference. But at least your tax dollars won’t go for it.

But for criminality’s sake. You got Pelosi, all these other Democrats defending MS-13. They are defending Kim Jong-un. They’re hoping he does not get rid of nukes so as to embarrass Trump. The media is inexorably identified with the Democrat Party now. Let there be no mistake about that. I mean, Trump is pulling these people’s chains, and he is forcing them, in their hatred for him, to defend anything he opposes or attacks.

He goes after a criminal gang, an illegal immigrant criminal gang, MS-13. The Democrats defend them. “Hey, they have their humanity too. They’re human beings.” Ha. So are babies in the womb. But we’re not supposed to go there.


RUSH: So I give Andrew Sullivan here, New York Magazine. “Obama’s Legacy Has Already Been Destroyed,” he says, except for two things. You know what the two great things from the Obama administration that have not been destroyed? Legalizing cannabis and gay marriage, and for that we’re to be grateful. But everything else, Trump’s already killed it.

Andrew Sullivan, of course, is shocked, cannot believe this has happened. Never thought it would be possible. Mr. Sullivan, this is what happens when everything is done by executive order and doesn’t have legislative backup or statutory backup. It makes it ephemeral. Obama was governing against the will of the people. We’re just fixing it now. That’s it.

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