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May 18, 2018


“Elton John will be performing an encore performance. After having performed at Kathryn’s and my wedding, he is now also performing at the royal wedding.”

“There’s a new phrase in the media. ‘The conservative press.’ If you see that, it more than likely is a reference to me. For some reason these people don’t want to mention my name.”

“The share of Americans who are satisfied with how things are going in the U.S. has just tied for the highest number since 2005. That doesn’t argue well for Democrat hopes in November, but this is early.”

“There is not an example in human history where socialism has fulfilled its promise. Not even close. There’s not one.”

Orlando Sun Sentinel: Doral Resident Shouting ‘Anti Trump’ Rhetoric Shot in Police Firefight at Trump National Resort
Forbes: Yes, Solar And Wind Really Do Increase Electricity Prices — And For Inherently Physical Reasons
Entertainment Tonight: Elton John’s Royal Wedding Performance Will Likely Include a Tribute to Princess Diana
ABC13: At Least 8 Killed in Santa Fe High School Shooting
Washington Times: School Officials Failed to Send Nikolas Cruz to Court After he Violated Obama-Era Diversion Program
New York Times: School Resource Officer Stopped School Shooting, Authorities Say
Washington Post: ‘Bigger than Watergate’: Trump Joins Push by Allies to Expose Role of an FBI Source
National Review: Spinning a Crossfire Hurricane: The Times on the FBI’s Trump Investigation – Andrew McCarthy
UKDM: They’re Out to Frame Me Says Trump: President Backs Claims of ‘At Least One FBI Representative’ Spying on Him in 2016 but Giuliani Admits ‘We Don’t Know’ If It’s True
Daily Caller: Clapper: It’s ‘A Good Thing’ FBI Was Spying On Trump Campaign
Gallup: Satisfaction With Way Things Are Going in U.S. Rises to 37%
Salon: Don’t Claim Trump’s Doing Nothing: He’s Destroying the Federal Government – Heather Digby Parton
NewsBusters: NYT Runs With Falsehood on Trump Calling All Illegal Immigrants ‘Animals’
FOXNews: Anti-Trump Media Take President Out of Context to Incorrectly Claim He Called Illegal Immigrants ‘Animals’
New York Law Journal: Former White House Counsel Bob Bauer Exits Perkins Coie
FOXNews: Anti-Trump Lawyer Michael Avenatti Hobnobs with CNN Stars in Rare Free Time Between Appearances on Network
New York Magazine: Obama’s Legacy Has Already Been Destroyed – Andrew Sullivan


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