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RUSH: In the aftermath of the Texas school shooting last week, President Obama’s former education secretary came up with a new strategy. Arne Duncan wants parents to boycott schools nationwide. He says keep your kids home until more gun laws are passed.

Duncan’s family is all-in if other parents join him.

But here’s the thing. There were multiple school shootings when Obama was in office and Duncan ran the Department of Education. He could have called for a school boycott at any time.

He didn’t.

Instead, on his watch we got the Promise Program, which allowed school-aged thugs to avoid arrest in schools. The program’s mission is to “end the school-to-prison pipeline” by reducing the number of minorities with criminal histories. But it enabled the Broward County school shooter to legally buy weapons, because a background check turned up nothing on the guy even though plenty of people knew he was a ticking time bomb.

Nobody in the Drive-By Media or the Democrat Party will ever call out Obama or Duncan for that fatally misguided, race-based plan. Instead, they’ll heap praise on Duncan for this harebrained school boycott scheme which will solve nothing.

Meanwhile? Hey, Duncan! People already are boycotting your schools and everybody else’s. It’s called home schooling and it started a long time ago. Where have you been, buddy?

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