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May 21, 2018


“You don’t need to go to college to learn to be a journalist. All you have to do to be a journalist is oppose Republicans on everything. That’s it. It’s not much more complicated than that.”

“Another way of defining the deep state is the deep state is the CIA and the FBI interacting with the British MI5 and MI6. It’s Harvard and Yale and our Ivy League working with Oxford and Cambridge and Eton and all of the elite schools in the U.K.”

“People that do what Trump has done have to pay the price for upending the national order like this. This just cannot be permitted to happen, as far as these deep state people are concerned.”

“We’re supposed to think things can’t happen quickly in government. It’s just too important, it’s too massive, it’s too intricate, very few people are qualified to run it, blah, blah, blah. It’s another facet of the deep state. It moves at a snail’s pace.”

“I think Trump won legitimately. I think Trump won fairly. I think Trump won justly. Hillary Clinton was a lousy candidate. Hillary Clinton didn’t inspire or excite anybody. Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the ability to do that. Donald Trump did.”

“We had Jerome from Traverse City, Michigan, who claimed that while in prison, listening to this radio program turned his life around. It was one of the most gratifying calls I’ve had in the 29 years we’ve been doing this. I mean, it’s spine-tingling. I’ve decided I want to re-air the call tomorrow.”

National Review: In Politicized Justice, Desperate Times Call for Disparate Measures – Andrew McCarthy
Daily Wire: Trump Backs Theory That Former CIA Director John Brennan ‘Worried About Staying Out Of Jail’
The Hill: Trump Shares Quote Ripping Brennan: ‘This Guy is the Genesis of this Whole Debacle’
CNN: Polygraph Panic: CIA Director Fretted his Vote for Communist
Twitchy: Panic Time? John Brennan Demands GOP Leadership Stop Trump Before His Admin Looks Into This
John Brennan Fires Warning Shot to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell After Trump Orders DOJ to Investigate FBI’s Campaign Infiltration
FOXBusiness: FBI Informant News ‘Mother of All Leaks,’ House Intel Committee Chair Nunes Says
Wall Street Journal: Where in the World Was Barack Obama? – James Freeman
Daily Wire: Washington Post, New York Times: FBI Embedded Informant In Trump Campaign To Protect Him
Washington Post: The FBI Didn’t Use an Informant to Go After Trump. They Used One to Protect Him – Asha Rangappa
Washington Post: Obama’s Education Secretary: Let’s Boycott School Until Gun Laws Change
UKDM: ‘If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them’: Hillary Trolls Trump with Russian Hat During Yale Commencement Speech as She Admits She is Still Not Over Her 2016 Election Defeat
The Intercept: The FBI Informant Who Monitored the Trump Campaign, Stefan Halper, Oversaw a CIA Spying Operation in the 1980 Presidential Election – Glenn Greenwald
New York Post: Cambridge Professor Outed as FBI Informant Inside Trump Campaign
HotAir: The Russia Investigation Has Exhausted the Public
New York Magazine: Obama’s Legacy Has Already Been Destroyed – Andrew Sullivan
Daily Wire: 26-Year-Old Former Prison Inmate Blows Away Rush Limbaugh In Epic Call: ‘You Saved My Life’
BizPacReview: Ex Inmate Calls to Tell Rush Limbaugh Amazing Story of How His Show from Prison Saved His Life
Washington Examiner: Comey Friend Predicts Rosenstein, Wray Will Resign Before Complying with Trump’s ‘Infiltration’ Investigation
New York Times: China Pledges $200 Billion in U.S. Purchases by Overhauling Trade Rules
Bloomberg: GOP Rep. Gaetz Says Farm Bill Wasn’t Conservative Enough
AP: Cyclists Tried Scaring Cougar But It Attacked, Killing 1
RealClearPolitics: DeSantis: Oversight Committee Should Investigate Debbie Wasserman Schultz, IT/Awan Brothers Scandal
Judicial Watch: Important Update on the Awan Brothers/Democrat I.T. Scandal


Things I meant to get to at some point, but there’s never enough time.


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