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RUSH: According to Politico, California is about to become the first state to offer full health coverage to undocumented adults, i.e. illegal immigrants.

This adds to policies that Governor Jerry Brown implemented in 2015, which granted full healthcare coverage to children here illegally. California already gives illegal adults free emergency room care and free pregnancy care. This costs the state a couple billion dollars a year.

To pull this off, California Democrats plan to simply enlarge the state’s Medicare budget by another three billion dollars a year. I mean, it’s easy, just say it’s gonna happen, I guess.

Some analysts are concerned that once word gets out about the state giving away full health care benefits to illegals, that illegals from everywhere will move to California, which will drive the price even higher.

But I mean it’s only money, right? They don’t have any anyway, really.

 Politico says the free healthcare benefits for all illegals is a “rebuke” to Trump. And it sets up another clash between the blue state’s Democrats and the president.

But they’re wrong. This isn’t a rebuke to Trump. It’s a rebuke to the taxpayers, who will have to bear this massive burden for yet another lunatic liberal policy. It’s not going to hurt Trump at all. It’s only going to hurt people that live in California.

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