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RUSH: I want to get a call in here first, but, man, we’re just burgeoning here again.  Let me go to Manhattan.  Jeff, I’m glad you waited.  You’re up first today.  Welcome to the program.

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush.  I just want to point out, I thought it was really ironic that The View — of all shows, of all people.  Joy Behar is lobbing softball questions to Clapper about did they spy.  And Clapper admits everything!  I mean, Nunes is chipping away, trying to get the information from the DOJ and the FBI, and suddenly Clapper goes on TV and says, “We did it.”  I just think it’s incredibly ironic that Joy Behar from The View would break it open.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah! It’s delicious that of all people, to expose this incontrovertibly, it’s Maude Behar trying to be helpful.  You know, her question to Clapper was (impression), “I mean, if you’re spying and you’re just trying to help the guy, he should be happy with you, right?”  And Clapper said, “He should!  He should!”  Clapper said, “Yeah, we were spying.  I don’t like the word ‘spying,’ but we were spying on the Russians, not the campaign.”  So the caller is absolutely right here.  Jeff is right.  Maude Behar has flushed out James Clapper! 

Maude Behar! (laughing) Ha!  You gotta love it.  All right. 

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