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RUSH: Well, it’s a sound bite, and this is on the White House lawn. The president is making his way to the helicopter before leaving on his trip to Long Island to have a roundtable meeting on MS-13. And Trump, during the Q&A, a reporter said, “Former Director Comey said the word spies is the wrong word,” you idiot. “Comey says spies is not the right word.”

THE PRESIDENT: If you look at all of the lies, the tremendous lies, if you look at all that’s going on, I think James Comey’s got a lot of problems. Now, at some point they have an IG report, and then let’s see what James Comey has to say, but I assume he’s covered in the IG report. But if you look at what he said, all of the lies, all of the fiction, I think he’s got a lot of problems. I did a great service to this country by firing James Comey. I want them all to get together, and I want them, ‘cause everybody wants this solved, but a lot of bad things have happened. We now call it Spygate. You’re calling it Spygate. A lot of bad things have happened.

RUSH: You know, Trump said it himself there. He said, “I did a great service to this country firing Comey.” Now, with Comey’s tweet today, Trump has another reason to fire him. If they knew the Russians were hacking, if they knew the Russians — stop and think of this. Obama said he knew the Russians were trying to interfere, and he told Putin to cut it out. Remember? John Brennan has admitted that they have warned Putin to stop it.

The point is, 2015 and 2016, they knew the Russians were doing it. And yet the FBI sought to only, quote, unquote, protect one candidate. They said that they didn’t put spies in the Trump campaign. Well, they did, but not to spy on Trump, but rather to protect Trump from the Russians. Maude Behar got Clapper to admit that they were spying. But Clapper said, “We weren’t spying on Trump. We were keeping an eye out for what the Russians might do.”

Well, the FBI and the DOJ only extended that protection to one candidate, Donald Trump. So you could say that Comey turned the election. You could say that Comey wanted Trump to win. Using their narrative, using Comey and Clapper’s narrative, they were doing this to protect Trump, but they didn’t extend the protection to Hillary? So you could argue that Comey and Clapper were actually engaging in actions to help Trump, to protect Trump?

Maybe they wanted Trump to win — ahem — I’m just making the point here. I’m poking holes in their argument, is what I’m doing. If you get word that the Russians are trying to tamper the election and you only protect, quote, unquote, one candidate, I mean, they go to all this trouble to protect Trump, they don’t try to protect Hillary? Why, if they’d put just one of these protective spies in Hillary’s campaign, they might have been able to protect her server, they might have been able to tell Podesta that he was gonna succumb to a phishing attack.

I mean, if they had had one of these protectorate spies in the Hillary campaign, look at what they might have prevented. They might have prevented the DNC hack. They might have been able to prevent Podesta from falling prey to the phishing attack. They might have been able to protect Hillary and her private server, but they weren’t trying to protect Hillary. Clapper says they were only trying to protect Trump. Comey says they were only trying to protect Trump. So Comey and Clapper, the FBI, they left Hillary completely exposed to these mean, extremist Russians. They weren’t protecting her, folks. They were only protecting Trump.

Nobody’s looking at it this way. It’s about time we did. The FBI, Clapper, and Comey were showing preference for one candidate, and it was Trump. They left Hillary dangling all by herself out there. They left her naked! Figuratively speaking. They left her naked to Russian attacks. By their own words, they only protected Trump. And, of course, it’s all BS.

But I’m making a brilliant, brilliant, satirical point here, folks. I am nuking everything they are trying to twist this narrative into being each and every day. Protect Trump? Is that what you were doing? Right. Clapper says to Maude, “Oh, no, no, no, we wanted to protect him.” New York Times had a column earlier, “No, they weren’t spying on Trump. They were just protecting him.” They didn’t extend the protection to Hillary. And who lost? Who lost? Who had her email server hacked? Who ended up with his emails all over God’s green earth? John Podesta.

The FBI left the Democrat campaign exposed and the Russians must have gotten in there. All the while, they were trying to protect Trump. Is this not a beautiful, delicious thing? Are you following me on this, Mr. Snerdley? Well, we could turn this around and say that Comey and Clapper wanted Trump to win! Because Trump didn’t get hacked, Trump didn’t get intruded, Trump didn’t have any problem with the Russians, but Hillary sure as hell did.


RUSH:  Well, it is satirical to say that Comey and Clapper and Obama actually engineered the Trump win.  Let me run through this again.  They’re telling us that they protected Trump — they weren’t spying on him — and Comey has come out and admitted it. Clapper admitted it to Maude Behar.  They’re all trying to change the narrative.  “We weren’t spying on Trump.  No, no, no! We were looking out for Russians.”  Okay.  Well, if the Russians are trying to tamper and interfere, why aren’t you trying to help Hillary?

And look who won.

Trump won!

And you’re protecting him and indeed, there isn’t any Russian collusion! There hasn’t been any evidence of any.  There’s all kinds of Russian collusion with Hillary.  They’ve got her emails; they know about the emails. That’s been the allegation.  Who won and who lost?  The candidate the FBI was “protecting” won the election.  That’d be Donald Trump.  Is this not delicious?  The candidate they did not protect got swamped in a shocking, stunning, unbelievable defeat — a defeat for the ages.  The FBI left her exposed to all kinds of Russian interference.

Now, the serious aspect.  Why didn’t they have spies in Hillary’s campaign?  Why weren’t they trying to prevent Russian involvement in her campaign?  Because they were the ones orchestrating the Russian involvement.  They were the ones trying to create it.  They tried to manufacture Russian involvement.  They didn’t warn Trump because they wanted there to be some collusion — and when there wasn’t any, they tried to make some.  Running spies on Papadopoulos, Carter Page…

You know, Trump is not even half right about this.  This is a criminal deep-state plan.  It is deep. Spygate, whatever you want to call it. It is more insidious than anybody knows.  And with each attempt by their people to change the narrative, they’re just digging themselves in deeper.  At some point, the Law of Holes needs to be realized.  You know what the Law of Holes is?  “When you’re in one, stop digging.”  That’s the Law of Holes.

But they keep digging!  Now, this silly narrative, “No!  We weren’t spying.  We were looking out for Russians.”  Well, then why not for Hillary?  Because they knew there wasn’t any Russian collusion.  They were trying to manufacture it.  Not only did they not protect Trump, they “colluded with,” quote, unquote, Russians to smear and incriminate him.

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