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RUSH: The New York Times fact-checked President Trump over the Memorial Day weekend.

The New York Times claims that Trump “distorted” Democrat positions on two issues. First, Trump said the Democrats are rooting against his negotiations with North Korea. Second, Trump accused Democrats of coming to the defense of MS-13 thugs.

The New York Times says that both of those claims that Trump made are false.

Maybe they can convince their own readers who live in a Trump-hate bubble. But anybody who’s been paying attention knows better.

The Drive-By Media and elected Democrats pretended that Trump called all illegal immigrants “animals.” They knew damn well he was talking about gangbangers of MS-13. Democrats continued to attack Trump for using the term “animal,” while an MS-13 member nicknamed “Animal” was sentenced for murder! Nancy Pelosi said even gang members have “the spark of divinity.”

So yeah, Democrats came to the defense of MS-13.

And it’s on the record that Democrats, from Pelosi on down, have mad fun of Trump’s negotiations with the Norks at every turn. It’s inarguable: they hope he fails there. They want a nuclear North Korea.

But he’s succeeding beyond their worst fears. He’s succeeding beyond their fake news, and their fake fact-checks. He is succeeding and they’re going crazy.

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