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RUSH: You know, I’m getting a big charge here out of the Drive-Bys trying to figure out Trump and little Kim Jong-un. The Drive-Bys, the entirety of the Washington establishment has now become so easy to predict because they are so simple-minded singular. They think they are complex. They think that they are nuanced. They think that they are deeply intelligent. But they’re simpletons! They’re so simpleton, you can predict them. And when it comes to government functions, there’s only one foreign policy.

There’s only one foreign posture, there is only one take on this, and that is the American government — the United States of America — has apologies to make. The United States has been a bully for too long! This was the guiding premise of the Obama years. So with Kim Jong-un or with any other kind of diplomacy, you basically engage in procedures designed to make you look really smart, really brilliant. But you never accomplish anything. All you do is continue to wring your hands over the complexity and nuance of situations, claiming nobody else but you could do it.

And, in the process, they’re unable to follow any alternative approaches. Now, let’s look at North Korea, for example. We’ve had basically one approach with the North Koreans for the last three decades (thirty years, for those of you in Rio Linda), and it’s basically been the same get-nothing-done approach, other than strengthen North Korea. We’ve given them things for promises they never keep and bear arms. We have helped them build up their nuclear power grid, infrastructure, like we are doing in Iran.

Under the premise that if we’re just nice to ’em — if we could just show them that we’re not the big, bad meanies of the George Bush years or what have you — then we could do business together. In the meantime, the world’s evil people and bad guys continue to take advantage of this hubris and arrogance that suffices as American foreign policy run by the American left. You should not trust any foreign policy which does not put America first. Can you imagine that being controversial? Donald Trump make America great, putting America first is controversial to these people?

It’s controversial to career people in the Department of Justice. It’s controversial to people, career people in the Department of State! Can you imagine that? Putting America first? It goes against the grain of the consistent order. So we have a series of events involving a possible summit with Kim Jong-un, and you know what these various events are? First Kim Jong-un takes a train down to Panmunjeom, gets off the train, crosses the border there, hugs President Moon of South Korea. Everybody swoons.

Then there’s news that there’s been an invitation extended to have a summit meeting, extended to Trump from the Norks. It’s accepted. There’s gonna be a summit June 12th in Singapore — and then Kim Jong-un comes out and says some pretty hateful, bellicose things, and Trump says, “Screw you, Buddy! There’s no reason to talk to you.” He writes this letter — which the Drive-Bys nitpick for its grammatical errors, ignoring the substance of this. Ignoring, in many aspects, the brilliance of that letter, but basically what it was, Trump told the guy to go pound sand. I’m not showing up.

Now, the media… This is fascinating. If you go back in this whole North Korea and the potential of a summit first came up, the media… When I say “media,” I’m really talking about the left-wing media-political complex, the political class in Washington. The media are the head honchos. They’re the forward group in this arrangement. And they’re out there saying that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. Trump has no idea what he’s doing. And in the midst of this, Trump had said if he — meaning Kim.

“If he does anything I don’t like, I’m walking out of this. I’m gonna leave. I’m gonna walk,” and the media does story after story, “Trump will never walk out! Kim Jong-un is gonna make mincemeat of Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s so unqualified. Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. Donald Trump’s gonna get us in a war. Donald Trump is inexperienced. Donald Trump is in it for himself. Donald Trump is running The Apprentice reality show out of the Oval Office. Donald Trump this; Donald Trump that! Donald Trump is a big boob,” you name it.

“Kim Jong-un is the brilliant, brilliant international leader. He’s gonna run rings around Trump,” and they all wrote and they said on TV, “Trump will never walk out. Trump doesn’t have the guts to admit that he failed. So Trump is never gonna walk out of any talks! Trump’s not gonna cancel anything.” So here comes Trump with his letter, canceling the summit in Singapore on June 12th, and damned if the media is not doing everything they can to cover up what they said that he would never back out, that he wouldn’t have the guts to admit that he had made a mistake.

Thankfully there’s all kinds of people calling the media out on this. It’s amazing how the media is literally trying to deny what they actually wrote and said in the past month. Now, after Trump writes the letter, a few days go by and then Trump starts tweeting about the summit, as though it’s still on and how much it’s gonna help the North Koreans.

And he focuses on how wealthy North Korea could get if they denuclearize. If they open themselves up to world trade, it could be the greatest thing in the world for the North Koreans. It would be a great thing for the world, world peace, denuclearization, the spreading of wealth to the North Korean people.

And Trump is tweeting and talking as though he never wrote that first letter. And the Drive-Bys, rather than see what’s going on, are actually talking about whether or not Trump’s lost his mind. “Does Trump know what he’s doing? Has Trump forgotten he wrote that letter?” Because they refuse to see Kim Jong-un as he is.

The media — and again, when I say “media,” just think the entire left, the Democrat Party, the entire Washington political class. In their world, Donald Trump is the biggest idiot that there’s ever been and therefore Kim Jong-un in this duo is the brilliant one. He’s the sophisticated one. He is the world leader with lots of experience compared to Trump.

Kim Jong-un is gonna embarrass us, they think. Kim Jong-un is gonna embarrass Trump, because they are so wedded, they’re so poisoned, they’re so sick with hatred for Trump that they look at everything he’s involved in through him only, and they have no idea who Kim Jong-un really is.

And I’ll tell you this. He’s a murderous, despicable, heartless bad guy. But to the media he is potentially a hero if he can embarrass Donald Trump. If the North Koreans succeeded in getting nuclear missiles, the media would be happy because then they could say Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing and Trump has made us and the world at greater risk.

They’re sick, folks. They are sick. They are so poisoned with this hatred, so poisoned that you rejected them in the ballot box in November 2016, so ticked off at you, such disrespect for the American people, such hatred for Donald Trump, that they’re wishing success for enemies of America because they believe the enemies of America are people they have something in common with: Those people are also enemies of Trump.

It is really, really sick. And that’s what you get when you watch CNN or when you read the New York Times or Washington Post. What Trump is actually doing comes after, I’m certain, an in-depth study of who Kim Jong-un is. And if anybody is being caught off guard, if anybody is confused and doesn’t know what’s going on, it’s Kim Jong-un.

One day there’s a summit. The next day Trump accuses the guy of being bellicose and angry and mean-spirited and cancels the summit, writes a letter, would really love to get to know you, was really looking forward to it, you and I could have done some wonderful things together, but you had to go and start mouthing off. Screw you, buddy. Call me if you want to change your mind.

Kim Jong-un doesn’t call, nobody calls, except he goes back and hugs the South Korean president, and then Trump starts tweeting like this is still on. This guy’s head is spinning. And the media doesn’t see who it is that’s actually running this little dance. And who that is is Donald Trump. They are so poisoned here, they believe Trump is insane and a lunatic and is posing a grave danger to the country by not being predictable, by appearing to forget his letter and now acting as though this thing is still on.

I think all Trump is doing is acting in a strategic fashion that has been orchestrated and planned based on an in-depth study of who this guy is, Kim Jong-un. Because the one thing that you can take to the bank with Donald Trump, he’s never gonna sell America out. With Donald Trump, America will always be first. What’s good for America will never be second or third or fourth or fifth. Donald Trump is serious about making America great again. And whatever he’s doing with Kim Jong-un, it’s designed to be good for America.

You know, my wife, Kathryn, says to me — Trump’s on TV constantly, whenever he’s under attack, which is constantly, the one thing Kathryn always says to me, “You know why I believe him, Rush? He doesn’t need any of this. He doesn’t need. He didn’t have to do any of this. He had a great life. He had fun, he had power. He didn’t have to do any of this. He didn’t have to sign on for this ration of excrement that he gets each and every day. So he must mean it. He must be real. He must be genuine.”

I’m reminded of that. There’s a piece at Townhall today by Kevin McCullough: “Dear Democrats, Donald Trump Actually Loves This Country.” And there’s a couple key lines here. “Unlike the vast majority of past presidents — and possibly all of them — Trump is the guy who on day one as President began living a life below the norms of what he had already achieved. His bedroom is smaller. His plane is worse. His schedule is more demanding. His time now belongs to the people — instead of himself.”

Every bit of that is true. Donald Trump didn’t need any of this. So don’t doubt for a moment Kim Jong-un, the Brits, U.K., whatever, what Trump is doing is for America. And it’s under that umbrella “make America great,” and that’s rooted in his belief in the greatness of the American people who, in his view, are the people who make America great. He’s absolutely right about it.


RUSH: You know, here’s Bloomberg. You can just read the disappointment. “What Letter? Trump Proceeds Like Summit With Kim Is Still On.” Top North Korean official may visit U.S., reminiscent of 2000 trip. Of course the thing is still on. It’s gonna happen. You know why it’s still on, gonna happen, ’cause Kim Jong-un will show up and wants it to happen. That’s what’s different. And that’s different because Donald Trump is different.

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