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RUSH: A little political news. The generic ballot, Democrat advantage continues to evaporate. I think, depending on the poll you look at, the Republicans are even or maybe one and a half, two points ahead now in the generic ballot for the House races in November. And, if you look carefully, you’ll find that there are more and more political consultants who hate Donald Trump and the Republicans, who are acknowledging that the landscape necessary for the Republicans to hold the House is improving by the week.

So this idea that there was gonna be this blue wave, there was never going to be a blue wave. That was every bit a manufactured story, like most of Drive-By Media is. There never was gonna be a blue wave. Nobody could possibly know how the elections in November are gonna turn out, not with polling data today. We’re not even into June yet.

Let’s go back to 2016, the presidential election year. Do you remember what the polls said in June of 2016? I’ll bet you don’t. But, even if you did, did any of them predict Donald Trump winning? There wasn’t one of them. Not in June. I mean, that’s when the FBI had just revved up its spy campaign against Trump and started to get a little concerned over the possibility he might win.

I maintain to you that most of the issues that will determine the November elections have not even happened yet. So predicting what’s gonna happen — but the fact is the blue wave was never gonna happen, but the polling data is a snapshot of the moment, and whatever advantage the Democrats thought they had is evaporated.

In the meantime, the Democrat Party cannot get out of 2016, they are stuck there. Do you realize this? The Democrat Party, as a political machine, as a party, is still mired in 2016. They haven’t even gotten to 2017 yet. They still can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost. And they are still trying to pretend they can do something about it. In the meantime, guess who it is that is on the forward march and who isn’t looking back?

That’s Donald Trump and his agenda. And it is being implemented by the week, in some instances by the day, and the Democrats are not stopping it. They’ve had some success earlier on, stopping Obamacare, but that was largely because the Republicans were not on board. The reason I mention all this is because I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from the U.K. Daily Mail: “Trump’s Support is Increasing Across Key Demographics, Say Pollsters.” But the next line is this: “But he would still lose election to Michelle Obama or Oprah.”

Now, we’re talking Zogby here in terms of polling unit. “New Zogby Analytics poll found President Donald Trump is said to be making gains with base voters, particularly NASCAR fans and Walmart shoppers.” Why do you think those two groups are singled out? Because they’re being categorized, characterized as Trump fans are a bunch of hayseed hicks who get drunk watching races and then after the races go out to Walmart to get more beer! Once again, insulting in large measure the people who make America work.

But what’s really wrong with this? The Drive-Bys are doing everything they can to hide Trump’s popularity. They’re doing everything they can to try to hide the fact that Trump’s support from the American people is increasing in all demographics, not just NASCAR and Walmart. So what do they do? They get this story that they have to admit that Trump’s demographics are improving all over the place, but then they say it wouldn’t matter because he wouldn’t beat Oprah or Michelle.

Well, guess what? Neither of them are gonna be on a ballot. Michelle (My Belle) and The Oprah are not running. And if either one of them did, their supposed polling success right now would not show up at the ballot box. But that doesn’t matter, either. They have to wrap this good news around a temper. “Yeah, he may be doing well, but it’s still not enough to beat our stars.” There’s nothing right now that suggests the Democrats are gonna win and win and win anything. Nothing.

If it weren’t for the media painting such a picture each and every day, there would not be anybody thinking the Democrats are in a position doing — CNN does a — did you hear about this? CNN did a town hall with Nancy Pelosi and she got booed. She got booed big time. Democrat voters don’t want her. CNN’s presenting her as a, you know, savioress, whatever. It was funny. Half the time she didn’t even look like she knew where she was.

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