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RUSH: This is gonna allow me to transition into a personal story. This is from something called insidesources.com. “Green Groups Sue to Protect Birds From the Energy Industry While Supporting Bird Killing Wind Power.” Now, hang on. This is gonna transition into something here.

“Environmental groups filed yet another lawsuit against the Trump administration on Thursday, trying to overturn a policy that finds that the ‘incidental’ killing of birds is not illegal. In December, the Trump administration’s Interior Department released a memo changing how the government interpreted the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA).”

This is all about these massive windmills wiping out birds! These massive windmills are killing birds. The left doesn’t care. Well, some of them do. Some of them are now suing to protect birds from the energy industry while supporting wind power. I mean, they’re actually trying to make it look like they care about the birds, but then they are investing further in that which is killing them.

So I wanted to tell you about what happened. We were all away on a golf trip this weekend, a bunch of us. And dinner Saturday night was outside on a patio at the home of the host. It was buffet style inside the house, and it was great, some of the best food, steaks and so forth. Everybody preparing their plates and taking them outside to sit on the patio table outside.

As we began to sit down, something fell from the roof of the patio. And we all noticed it. “What was that?” So we looked down, and it was this tiny little baby bird. I mean, it was no bigger than a golf ball plus its head. No bigger than a golf ball plus its head. I mean, it couldn’t fly. It could barely walk. It was fascinating, though. Its feet were fully sized for what it’s gonna be, you know, like cats’ ears are full size when they come out and dogs’ paws. It was wobbly, so we said, “What do we do with this thing?” ‘Cause obviously it was out of its nest and we didn’t know what to do.

So one of the guys in the group, John McGrath — known as “Taco” because he owns like 300,000 Taco Bells. He said, “Look, I know what to do. We need to put this thing out in the yard here. Its mother is still in the neighborhood. Its mother is still here; its mother will feed it but not when we’re around. So we gotta get it out there.” So we put it out there. We grabbed paper towels and put it out there so we wouldn’t contaminate it and vice-versa, and put it on the yard, and the little thing walked back to us.

The cutest thing, this little… We think it was a wren or a sparrow. But it walked back to us. So we got on the phone. Taco called the bird sanctuary. He called directory assistance, got somebody at the bird sanctuary and asked, “What do we do here?” And the bird sanctuary people said, “Look, did you find it where it is?” “Yeah, we did.” You haven’t moved it from where…?” “No, it’s in the same place.” “The mother is there.”

Taco was right. The bird sanctuary people confirmed that Taco was right. (We named the bird Taco Jr.) We moved the bird, put out a little box on its side so the little bird could get out. We put it out by a tree about 50 feet away, and the next time we looked (which was the next morning) it wasn’t there. So we’re hoping that the mom came and got it. (interruption) What are you putting your head in your hands? (interruption) No, no, no! Nobody…

The point is we stopped dinner to save this bird! We stopped dinner to protect this bird. One of the guys at the group, Mike Hartley, is not particularly fond of birds. He’s got one that attacks him all the time, so he’s not particularly fond of birds. It’s a pet bird. It’s some macaw or something. But aside from that, we did everything we could to save this little thing. It was the cutest thing. I still don’t know if it was okay. It kept toppling over on its left side.

I was just hoping it’s ’cause it was just a chick, a fledgling little baby, but it was chirpin’. It was chirping, going nuts, and it wanted to be where we were. But I can’t tell you how small this thing was. And it had a little head fully — feathers and all that stuff. You could just see it didn’t have its wings yet. And we’re guessing. We went to the websites and checked various species of birds for the geographic area we were. And we think we found out that it was a wren.

But we don’t know what happened to it. But my point is we stopped everything to save that little bird, and the libs — who supposedly love nature and care about nature — are continuing to build these giant windmills, which do nothing but kill birds while claiming at the same time that they were protecting them, which they didn’t and which they don’t. And there wasn’t one person, in case you’re wondering — and there were about eight of us.

There wasn’t one person who was uninterested, disinterested. There wasn’t one, “Come on, throw the thing away! We got…” Not one person had that attitude. We all stopped what we were doing. It was a precious little life down there and wanted to be with us. It was chirping around and it was obvious… It was the essence of innocence sitting there, and we did everything we could to save it.

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