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RUSH: This week, a New York federal judge gave lawyers for Michael Cohen, President Trump’s longtime personal fixer, a tight timeline. They’re reviewing materials federal agents seized from his homes and office, to determine what’s protected by attorney-client privilege.

Cohen’s lawyer told the court his team of 17 is working round the clock. They’ve already examined over a million documents, but there are more than two million documents left.  Who has that many documents?

Anyway, none of that impressed the judge, Kimba Woods. She gave Cohen’s team two weeks.

That sparked a memory. Two years ago, different lawyers were arguing about different documents. The Republican National Committee had filed a Freedom of Information request to see 450,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s top aides Cheryl Mills, Jacob Sullivan, and Patrick Kennedy. Obama State Department lawyers argued in court that going through that many emails would take 75 years. And nobody blinked.

Nobody blinked an eye.

It’s amazing how the wheels of justice can suddenly grind to a halt when Hillary Clinton is involved. Trump’s lawyers, two million documents, you’ve got two weeks. Who has two million documents? I won’t have that many in a whole lifetime.

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