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RUSH: This is Tommy in Melbourne, Florida. Great to have you, Tommy.

CALLER: Well, thank you, Rush. And obviously a huge honor to talk to you. So my question for you is, why has no one ever, in an attempt to save the world…? Why has no billionaire philanthropist ever just said, “You know what? I am going to flood every niche of everything, of the market, with advertising for the Rush Limbaugh Show”? Like, in other words, why doesn’t the stuff that my kids see on TV and on the internet…? I just wonder why there’s no thing… If I wanted to save the world and I had unlimited money, I would channel more people toward the EIB Network, and I don’t know why no one’s ever thought to do that. Is there a reason that’s never been done by anybody?

RUSH: Well, man! Man, oh, man. Now, this answer is going to be intricate and involved. The first thing I have to ask, have you ever known this to happen with any program in the history of time, where some rich guy came along and flooded the nation with advertising for it?

CALLER: Well, it sure seems like there’s someone paying for advertising that goes in the other direction. I mean, I feel like I could be watching a documentary on the life and times of William F. Buckley and I would somehow see a commercial for, you know, the show with Ellen DeGeneres, whatever it is. No matter where I look, I see advertising for the Jimmy Fallon show and these kinds of things. I just wonder why I never see anything. Just for once, why isn’t there a Rush Limbaugh commercial during The View? I mean, it seems like people only get exposed to you by having people that hate you characterize you do that.

RUSH: I understand your frustration at that. Okay. Now I get what you’re coming at. Okay. Well, in the first place, it’s because we haven’t decided to spend our profits on giving money to The View by advertising there. That’s the only way that would happen.

CALLER: I don’t mean you.

RUSH: There’s no big philanthropist here. There’s no Big Sugar daddy behind all this. I mean, this is a purely capitalistic exercise. There’s no… You know, the Koch brothers aren’t gonna come along and start advertising this program all over the place. I don’t think anybody else would either. I understand your frustration at this. The Drive-By Media characterization of me, I know how it irritates people in this audience, and it irritates me too. I appreciate that you get irritated by it.

CALLER: Yes, sir. And it is irritating, but from a purely… I know obviously that the EIB Network doesn’t need… I mean, I’m saying, if I were the Koch brothers with unlimited money, I don’t know why no one has come and said, “You know what? Everybody has got to be exposed to this guy. I am gonna just dump so much money into it,” regardless of whether or not the show needs it or not, obviously.

RUSH: You know maybe we should hire you to head up the new division to go out there and get this money and direct the advertising of it?

CALLER: (laughing) Well, I mean, there sure are philanthropists spending a lot of money on things. I just feel like it would be money well spent.

RUSH: Well, advertising for this program I doubt would be considered philanthropy for tax purposes and so forth. It would be commercial expenditures. But, look, theoretically, I understand what you’re talking about. You know, it’s a fascinating thing. You’re making me think of my history in radio. It’s amazing. Radio stations, radio networks traditionally don’t advertise themselves. It’s always been that way. The times I have gotten independent advertising support? One time.

One time when I was in Sacramento I had a billboard campaign, and it was a great; it was effective. But it just isn’t done. A business that survives selling advertising never buys any for itself. It’s a phenomenon. Now, when you see promos for Jimmy Fallon, you’re seeing promos run by stations that already carry his show. It’s NBC, and they run promos for every show they’ve got late-night. So you’re watching a prime time show and here comes a little 30-second ditty to watch Fallon later. That’s not paid for. Well, technically, it’s not paid for. It’s NBC running a promotion for an upcoming program. That’s not outside advertising buying that.

CALLER: Oh, I see.

RUSH: You’re not gonna see a Jimmy Fallon commercial in The View. I don’t — have you ever seen a Jimmy Fallon commercial in The View?

CALLER: You know, I’m gonna shock you here, I don’t watch The View, but I know that —

RUSH: Okay. So you don’t even watch The View, but you want me seen in it. You want people that watch The View to be told about this program?

CALLER: Yes! That’s exactly what I want. I wonder why there hasn’t been a… Not the point of view of —

RUSH: Because it’s competitive! You wouldn’t believe the cutthroat competition in all of this, Tommy. You might think that all of the conservative movement would love for, say, this program or any other to be getting a lot of attention, but that’s not the case. Competition is fierce, and it can be bloody. There’s no unanimity in the, quote, unquote, “conservative media environs.” Everybody there is competing against everybody else for their piece of that pie.

CALLER: I see. Well, you know, leading up to the 2012 election, I just remember thinking, “God, if I could only get the word out to people, all these people there are never gonna be exposed to conservatism in their daily life. God, if I could just get info to them!”

RUSH: It’s not just conservatism. It’s a lot of other things too. You’re absolutely right about it. CNN… One of the reasons CNN’s still on the air? They have no audience in the United States, not even a million people. But they are the network around the world. People around the world do not know of Donald Trump’s achievements because they’re not reported.

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