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RUSH: Here’s a shocker. Harvard’s student newspaper, The Crimson, just ran an editorial calling on Harvard to hire more conservative professors.

A month ago, the same paper ran a poll showing that 83 percent of the Harvard faculty identified as “liberal” or “very liberal.” Only 1.6 percent said they’re “conservative” or “very conservative.”

The Crimson said, “These statistics do not reflect America,” says The Crimson. The editors warn that the lack of ideological diversity creates a “perception” that Harvard doesn’t welcome conservatives. They say it’s why many Americans distrust higher education. They also say adding conservative professors would help challenge “prevailing ideas” on campus. The editors believe that’s a good thing.

Why is The Crimson swerving into common sense? Maybe these editors were shocked at President Trump’s election. Maybe they suddenly noticed the giant disconnect between the Ivy League and the rest of the country.

Really doesn’t matter why. Because the people who actually run Harvard are 100 percent liberals, and they won’t listen to a bunch of student editors.

They may talk “diversity,” but they’ll never embrace ideological diversity. Especially if that means hiring conservative professors! Oh, maybe a token here or there. But on a mass basis, it isn’t not gonna happen. I wish it would, but it won’t.

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