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RUSH: On Sunday, an old geezer turned in a vintage performance on CBS.

Bill Clinton was back and he said he probably couldn’t get elected today, because he doesn’t like embarrassing people the way Donald Trump does.

Then Clinton said his mother would have whipped him for five days straight as a little boy, if he badmouthed people the way Trump does.

I don’t know, maybe it’s senility. Or maybe he’s still a stranger to the truth, which was the hallmark of his presidency.

Either way, folks, it’s poppycock.

As president, Bill Clinton embarrassed millions of people, starting with his wife. Not to mention his entire cabinet, who all went out there and vouched for him after he claimed he “did not have sex with that woman.”

As for badmouthing people, Clinton was the king of badmouth, especially when it came to the guy he considered his main political opponent. That would be me. He falsely accused me of racism. He called me a liar who needed a “truth detector.” He even blamed me for the Oklahoma City bombing! “Angry voices on the right.”

The fact is, Bill Clinton spent his entire political career badmouthing people when he wasn’t poking the intern.

Like I said. Maybe it’s senility. We’re just trying to be charitable here.

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