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RUSH: There was no blue wave yesterday in the elections. Republican turnout was way ahead of Democrat turnout, even in states like California, which is where the Democrats really think they’re gonna retake the House. They think the Republicans can’t win anything anymore, especially in California. I’m sorry, folks, but it just didn’t work out the way that they intended, and I have an entire Stack here of data about this.

Snerdley, did you ask me yesterday about the Starbucks guy running for pres…? (interruption) Oh, you asked me this morning about this, Howard Schultz. Howard Schultz is the guy who runs Starbucks. They just had their sensitivity retraining camps, teaching their employees how to recognize black people and not see that they’re black or some such thing. I don’t know what it was. He wants to run for president out there. (interruption) Well, isn’t that basically what it was? There are black people in the store but, no, there aren’t.

You’re not supposed to notice ’em anymore, basically, is the subject.

Anyway, Howard Schultz — and he is as classically liberal as anybody else is out there — and he started to ask questions. “Wait a minute? Medicare for everybody? Guaranteed income for everybody? How are we gonna pay for this?” (Snort!) Nobody is gonna win the Democrat nomination asking that question. “How are we gonna pay for it?” But I hope he survives long enough to be in a debate with Crazy Bernie. I would love to see the Starbucks guy in a debate with Crazy Bernie over, “Crazy Bernie, how are we gonna pay for this?”

By the way, have you seen the news? There are now… Folks, this is amazing. There are more job openings in America than there are “unemployed workers,” more job vacancies than unemployed people to fill ’em in the country “for the first time since 2000. Data released on Tuesday by the Labor Department showed a record 6.7 million job openings in the U.S. in April, a slight increase from 6.63 million in March. The data also showed just 6.35 million workers categorized as unemployed, down from 6.59 million in March.

“‘Never before have we had an economy where the number of open jobs exceeds the number of job seekers,’ Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta said…” Of course, the reason I bring this up is because this is the biggest — the biggest — blow to this entire new Democrat idea of a guaranteed income, of a guaranteed job. Crazy Bernie’s idea, the Democrats’ idea is that if the private sector doesn’t fill every job opening it has and if there are people left over, then the government will hire them. Of course! Why not?

The government will hire ’em.

People say, “Wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute.”

In fact, ladies and gentlemen, there is a test of this taking place even as we speak, and it’s happening in Stock-TON, California. Now, you and I would pronounce it “STOCK-ton.” But whenever anybody working for PBS or NPR has a story about Stockton, California, they pronounce it “Stock-TON.” I know this because I heard it happen when I lived and worked out there. Stockton, California, is beginning a plan of offering everybody who earns less than 50 grand a year $500 a month.


It’s not open to everybody yet. They’re testing it. And, of course, there is a mad dash of applicants trying to qualify for this. And it’s being run by the Democrat establishment of Stockton to see how it works out. Can I give you some pretty educated guesses how this is gonna work out? One thing that is true about human nature: Objects, things, possessions, homes, whatever, that people don’t earn, they have little regard for. If you earn it, if you’ve purchased it, you care for it. It has deep intrinsic value.

You had to work for it. You had to generate enough work to generate enough income to buy whatever it is you want. Just giving things away… I guarantee you. You can see it in our country today. Wherever something is free, take a look at condition of that thing. I don’t care what it is, if it’s automobiles — whatever we give away — it ends being garbage because there’s no pride attached to it. There’s victimology attached to it. There’s resentment attached to it. “Yeah. Yeah. They gave me this trying to buy me off. They gave me a house, gave me a car.”

You would think people would be pleased with Santa Claus, but there’s no intrinsic value in it. Human nature’s human nature. So that’s what’s gonna happen in Stockton if they stick with this test soon enough. I mean, this is phenomenal. Phenomenal! There are more jobs open than there are people to fill them? And the Democrats are gonna run on a philosophy of what? We need to give people jobs? We need to hire them because the economy’s in such bad shape?

That Trump doesn’t care about people? You know, the minority unemployment levels are at record lows. Just stunning stuff! This is… It’s happening despite oppressive opposition to Donald Trump and his agenda every day since even before he took office. Let’s go to some audio sound bites on the blue wave, just for the pleasure of it. We’ll start this morning CNN’s Newsroom. The infobabe is Poppy Harlow, and she’s asking the senior political analyst, Mark Preston, about the primary elections yesterday all over America.

HARLOW: Not a blowout for Dems. Certainly a sigh of relief this morning. Not a blue wave, either.

PRESTON: Not a blue wave, uh, either. The great untold story — because Donald Trump seems to suck up every bit of oxygen in the room — is that Democratic Party is very much in disarray.

RUSH: Yeah? When did this happen? I mean, it’s true, but when did they start acknowledging this? Remember the first generic ballots on the midterms were issued last December and into January. The first publication of those generic ballot polls showed the Democrats with a 15-point lead, and that begot the blue wave talk, and it kept up. “Big blue wave! Democrats gonna sweep everything. Democrats gonna retake the House.

“Democrats gonna impeach Donald Trump. Senate gonna get rid of Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s gone,” all from the generic ballot poll. Now, of course, the Republicans have a one-point lead in it, and it’s the Democrat Party that’s in disarray. By the way, so is the Republican Party. The Republican Party is in big-time disarray, and I’m gonna explain why that is. It’s very simple.

The Republican Party that you and I have all known growing up is being marginalized out of existence. It is being subsumed by Trump and Trumpism. The Republican Party that we all voted for after Reagan and onward never really believed in the stuff that Trump is doing. They didn’t believe in closing down the borders. They really didn’t believe in these massive tax cuts. They really didn’t believe in putting America first. They were globalists like all the Democrats were.

They were willing to subordinate American dominance for this new global order that we, supposedly, were gonna run. But the Republican Party of the old establishment guys, the Mitch McConnells and the boys? It’s fading away. And, by the way, speaking of that, I think that’s one of the reasons Mitch McConnell is keeping the Senate open in August rather than going on recess. They’re saying that Mitch is doing it so that we can make sure a bunch of Trump nominees get confirmed.

Maybe so. But I think there’s more to it than that, because I think the Republican Party establishment is also circle its wagons like the Democrat establishment is. The Democrat problem is different. They have an internecine battle going on with the radical leftists who are on the verge of taking over that party, and the dinosaur liberals — the classic liberals — who are bad enough, but they’re not radicals like the progressives are. They are trying to hold on.

They’re being aced out. And the reason the Democrats are losing ground and the reason Democrats, there is no blue wave, is because their radical progressives have become the face of the party and are taking over and they are not in any way even close to being a majority not only of the party, but of the country. So they’re left to wring their hands and twiddle their thumbs.

Here’s another sound bite. This is CBS morning news today. The morning anchor is Hena Doba, not to be confused with Hoda Kotb. This is Hena Doba. And the correspondent is Laura Podesta, not to be confused with John Podesta. And they’re talking about the primary elections yesterday. This is CBS morning news.

DOBA: It was the year’s biggest day of primary elections. Voters in eight states cast ballots yesterday for House, Senate, and gubernatorial races. Democrats are hoping it’s the start of a blue wave that will give them control of Congress. Laura Podesta is here in New York.

PODESTA: Overnight we saw Democrats pick up seats they need in order to regain control of the House in November. But it will be an uphill battle.

RUSH: They picked up primary seats. They didn’t win any seats last night. That is classic misreporting. Democrats didn’t win any seats last night. It was a primary election. Finally, before we go to the break, here’s our old buddy Ron Brownstein who’s worked for everything there is to work for in Washington — the LA Times, CNN, you name it, he’s worked there. He appeared on CNN today answering the question, “Are you seeing energy in that blue wave that we’re discussing so much?”

BROWNSTEIN: Yeah, mixed signals on that. One thing that’s really striking to me is how many of the 23 seats, how big a share of them they can win back in states that are essentially blue. If you look at New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Minnesota, California, and the suburban seats around Philadelphia, which have been reliably Democratic since Clinton in 1992, that would take you almost all of the way or potentially all of the way toward the 23. So part of this, a big part of this is finding ways to purge out or beat Republicans who are in these red pockets of otherwise blue places.

RUSH: Wait a minute. See, it goes from, yeah, we got the 23 here, we got it wrapped up, it’s in the bag, we’re almost all there, oh, except — he-he — we’re gonna have to purge some Republicans first. Yeah, because there’s pockets of these Republicans in our districts. They have these little districts in there that they own, we’re gonna have to purge them.

Well, there wasn’t any purging that happened last night. Republican turnout in many places exceeded Democrat turnout, which puts the lie to this bromide out there that the Democrats have all the energy and they’re just chomping at the bit and they can’t wait to get out there and vote. It’s just another media lie. One more. Frank Luntz was on Laura Ingraham’s show last night. And just listen.

LUNTZ: I actually think that now, if you look at the generic numbers, the Republicans are in a better position today than they’ve been at any time in 11 months. You know, I’m a pessimist. But I’ll tell you that the GOP is putting together the ingredients for success. What they better not do is they better not divide themselves and they better focus on economy.

RUSH: Yeah, they better not divide, while the Democrats are doing that. Now, Luntz is an establishment figure. Don’t care what you think, what you say, he’s an establishment figure. That’s who pays him. That’s who hires him. And they’re amazed. I mean, the Republicans thought there was gonna be a blue wave, the Republican establishment, just like they thought Hillary was gonna win in 2016, just like they thought Trump had no chance. Ditto November this year.

They really believed there was gonna be a blue wave. They just don’t see themselves winning, despite what’s happening out in the country, they don’t see Trump emerging as successful. How do you miss it? Well, you miss it if you want to. But that’s about the only way.


RUSH: So more election turn information or data. Thirty-five percent more Republicans turned out in Montana yesterday than Democrats. Steve Daines, the current Republican Senator in Montana, was on Fox Business this morning. Matt Rosendale won the GOP primary last night to run against Tester. There wasn’t any blue wave and the Republican base was highly energized, with 35% more Republicans turning out. “Well, Rush, of course! It’s Montana.” Folks, no.

The Democrats, the media have been telling you that this country is fed up with Republicans because the country is fed up with Trump and that people have realized their mistake in voting for Trump, and they can’t wait ’til November to correct it by electing Democrats en masse. That has been the narrative. That has been the theme. That’s the story. And I’m telling you, it just isn’t true. Republican turnout advantage was present in a lot of primary elections yesterday.

Let’s look at Devin Nunes and his district. He’s California Congressional District No. 22 — and of course, he had to run last night. He’s being primaried. Remember, in the House they run for reelection every two years. Now, the Drive-Bys and the Democrats have been telling us that — and they poured a lot of money in there. They hate Devin Nunes. They despise Devin Nunes! They want Devin Nunes gone. They spent all kinds of money from inside and outside the district. Devin Nunes got 58% of the vote in the primary.

The Democrat candidates combined barely got over 40%, and the Republican turnout was strong. Now, granted, it’s a Republican district. But, again, the Democrats have been targeting Nunes and they have been telling certain people that they thought they were gonna get Nunes. I don’t actually think they were ever going to, but they were trying to act confident about it. Nunes earned 58% of the vote; the closest Democrat got 32% of the vote with barely half the number of votes that Nunes got. And throughout California…

These are not final. At least they weren’t as of the time the show began today. But right now, the cumulative Democrat-Republican percentage for the seven battleground California districts… They’re held by Republicans now. They are won by Clinton in ’16. Republicans outvoted Democrats in six out of seven districts that Nancy Pelosi targeted. The seventh one of these is winnable because the Republican candidate, Diane Harkey, is strong. Now, they’re being… This story acknowledges there has been a blue wave, but there is lots of Republican enthusiasm.

The Republicans are not staying home. This is what the media and the Democrats are gonna miss. It’s what we were talking about yesterday. They have yet to try to find out exactly why this bond that Trump has with his voters exists. All they do is impugn it, make fun of it, laugh at it. They disregard it. If they were seasoned political professionals, they would want to know why. They wouldn’t just sit there and arrogantly condemn it all as beneath them. They’d want to find out why.

If you really want to bust it up — if you want to bust this bond, bust this connection — you’ve gotta find out why it exists. And they’re not spending any time doing that because their arrogance doesn’t permit them to. They don’t think. They think they’re so much smarter than the average Trump voter that it wouldn’t take much to get the average Trump voter to abandon Trump, and they lie to themselves, and they tell themselves that this is actually on the way to happening. Also, Joe Manchin…

Now, I don’t even know how new this is, but Manchin has gone all-in on Trump. I mean, he’s hugging him. He’s talking about how much he loves him and so forth. Democrat from West Virginia. So it’s not playing out the way that the Democrats dreamed, and now they’ve given up all this talk, at least publicly, of the blue wave.


RUSH: We’re gonna start in Chicago. This is Mark. It’s great that you waited, sir. Thank you so much for that. How are you doing?

CALLER: Rush, I’m good, thanks. I’m a first-time caller and a longtime listener. There is no blue wave. I can just tell you conservatives and your listeners will not participate in the polls that drive these opinions, and if we do, we’re gonna mislead ’em anyway. We understand the importance of doing instead of talking. And we finally have a president that’s doing something. And next year the media will spend its time trying to explain what happened to the blue wave.

RUSH: You know, this is a great, great point. Thank you. Mark has made a great point here. And let me summarize in my own inimitable words. The Drive-Bys, just as government does not plan for the dynamic results of policies, such as tax cuts — you know, they’ll sit up there and they’ll devise tax cuts, or tax increases. Let’s stick with tax cuts. The Democrats, “Washington is gonna lose so much money! You’re taking money out of Washington!”

They don’t stop to think what the result of the tax cut’s gonna be. They don’t see that more people are gonna be hired and therefore more taxpayers are gonna be created, more taxpayers paying taxes equals an increase in tax revenue because tax rates were cut. That’s dynamic scoring as opposed to static.

Well, with Trump, the Democrats and the blue wave, the media’s doing the same thing. And again, its root is arrogance. It is arrogance and condescension. The first mistake the media makes is to believe that they still massively shape public opinion. Therefore, CNN, with their paltry audience of barely 800,000, literally every day sits there and thinks that they are creating a nationwide opinion of hundreds of millions of people who think what CNN’s reporting. And I’m not exaggerating. It’s a technique, but it’s also a belief.

They literally believe that everybody watching them will believe what they say and act accordingly. Part and parcel of this is their belief that Trump voters and Republicans in general are stupid. They do believe this. And so they have been reporting negatively on Trump for a year and a half.

They think they have nailed Trump as somebody colluded with Russia. They believe that they have made a majority of Americans believe that Trump obstructed justice. They believe that they have this kind of power to shape and make public opinion. And they believe they do.

And so, when the narrative of the blue wave comes up, to them it becomes a fait accompli because everybody hates Trump like they do. If they hate Trump and they report in such ways that document the hatred for Trump, they think they’re creating hatred for Trump. They think they’re succeeding in moving public opinion against Trump. They do this for a year and a half, and they come to believe it.

And they then believe that the remaining Trump supporters are so dumb and stupid that even they may regret it, and they’re just gonna stay home and not vote anymore because the media believes that they’re depressing them and dispiriting them. So they create this narrative of a gigantic blue wave, which consists of people finally waking up and realizing what a disaster Trump is, what a disaster and mistake it was to elect him.

And the media literally believe — there’s a little hope in there — but they literally believe that they’ve created a majority of Americans regretting that they voted for Trump and eager to go vote against Trump. Best way to do that, vote Democrat. They start talking blue wave, then they go out and do their polls, generic ballot and they say, “Look. Look. We have a 15-point lead.”

Well, Mark here says, “Yeah. Well, we Republicans don’t participate in these polls ’cause we don’t trust it.” So when what they really believe doesn’t happen, they’re in shock. Like Trump winning. If the Democrats don’t take the House back in November, they’re gonna be in literal shock. They think they’ve already made it happen. It’s just a matter of waiting until Election Day. Don’t doubt me on this.

They think they have already accomplished it. Even though they see the generic ballot fading, and even though they don’t see evidence of it, they’re gonna continue reporting it because they will believe that they will ultimately convince people. They live in complete, utter denial. And part of that is a belief that Trump supporters and opponents and Democrats don’t really count, they’re brain-dead, they’re idiots, they’re poor, what have you. That’s how they get caught every time.

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